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Summer is the season when we need to pay special attention to our skin considering the amount of sun
exposure. Winter months have left our skin a bit dry and flaky and it is imperative that it gets sufficient
moisture before the summer sun hits it. This is why adjusting your skin care routine is essential as the
warmer weather approaches. And here to help you are top 5 summer skin care tips.

Let's start by removing all the dry skin

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate, this is definitely the first to getting rid of old dry skin and opening up your pores
so that your skin can absorb moisture far better. And this does not mean just your face, you need to use pilling
on your entire body since you will be exposing it to sunlight when wearing a bathing suit. Make sure that your
body scrub contains caffeine as it will rejuvenate your skin as well. Just make sure you don’t do it too often,
during the summer months, once a week will do so that you don’t damage your skin as it will be exposed to
harsh sun rays and perhaps salt water on the daily basis.  

Get rid of all the imperfections

As most Australian women will tell you constant exposure to sun rays can leave some unwanted marks on your
skin. This can be in the form of sunspots or pigmentation. This is why most Australians opt for
trusted pigmentation treatment in Sydney prior to summer season. That way their skin is looking its best
when it's time to flaunt it on the beautiful Australian beaches. Another important sumer preparation
treatment is laser hair removal, it is a much more elegant solution than having to shave daily and or getting
skin irritation after waxing. Silky smooth skin is perfect for wearing light summer dresses.

Bring on the hydration

Sun, wind and sand along with the increased number of daily showers can really dry out your skin, and this is
why hydration is essential during the summer months, and not just for your face but rather for the entire body.
Of course drinking more water is a must, but so is using the right body and face creams.
Apply a hydration cream after every shower so that your skin gets the most of it. In addition make sure
you put on a hydrating face mask at least two times a week to ensure the best possible effect.
Finally, refresh your face with a revitalizing toner spritz as often as you can.

There is no such thing as too much sunscreen

During the summer months you really need to protect your skin from the sun a lot more than during other
seasons, especially because much more areas are being exposed for longer periods of time.
So make sure you apply it several times a day, especially after spending time in the water.
Your sunscreen will keep your skin protected, and hydrated so that it can remain healthy and smooth
throughout the whole season. In addition, don’t forget to apply lip balm regularly, and make sure that
it is one that has a high SPF as your lips need as much protection as your skin.

Make sure you have a soothing kit at hand

So you have forgotten to apply your sunscreen, and now your skin is red and tender. In order to avoid any
lasting damage, it is essential that you apply soothing and cooling gels as soon as possible.
That way you can reverse some of the damage and help your skin heal more quickly.
One of the best options are natural products that contain Aloe Vera, which is the perfect natural remedy for a
bad sunburn and can help prevent peeling. Finally, try to stay out of the sun for the next few days and don’t
forget to apply sunscreen in case you absolutely have to go out. Remember, regular sunburns can at times be
one of the reasons for contracting melanoma, so why risk it if you don’t have to.

Your skin is now ready for the summer, and these five tips will ensure that it stays healthy and smooth the
entire time.

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