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Fashion : Best Winter Outfits for Men’s Wardrobe

The summers are gone, and the rainy season is about to end soon, so, before the Autumn begins, you need to brace up to fill up your closet according to seasonal dressing. While planning for the Autumn purchase, add winter to it too since it is also knocking at the door. But the contention is winter is devoid of many options to stack up clothes to make a perfect hipster wardrobe. Don't worry; we have got your covered for that! Let's quickly look at a few trending choices to pick.

A Stylish Parka

The parka is a new jacket with a hood and composed of the generous furry outer surface, which is quite beneficial to keep your head warm and comfortable in the cold winters. The parka jacket is quite long, just above the knee and probably the best cold-shield that can be donned right outside to give the best style and fashionable look to inner-wears such as shirt or t-shirts. The parka jacket looks the best when it is worn with slim-fit jeans and high leather boots.


Though we love to wear wool sweaters in winters in countries like India, we have witnessed a massive trend for the puffers in the last few years. The puffers are incredibly lightweight and made up of high quality that make your chest warm in the chilling winters, especially in the northern region. The puffers look gracious and stylish when donned with dark jeans and sneakers. 

Dark jeans

We understand that jeans are the best bottom wears for any season, but color matters when you want to choose them according to seasons. In summers, light color jeans end up more comfortable, which is vice-versa in the winter wardrobe. It would be best if you racked up your wardrobe with all options. These denim types are suitable to wear with sweaters, shirts, jackets, or other winter outfits. You can also try jogger pants jeans to look cool in winter.


Sweat-shirts can be a fantastic choice to wear and pair with any bottom wear during the initial onset of winters. They are stylish, lightweight, and keep your body warm from the cold. They come in different ranges of colors and prints that you can solely pick depending upon your choices. But they are unquestionably amongst the best recommendations for the winters. 

Wool overcoat

The wool overcoat is one of the prominent choices for you if you work in a company because it is the best formal winter overcoat that makes your personality classy and stylish. You can easily do your fashion experiment with a coat. It can be donned with formal trousers and also looks great with your denim jeans. You can style with your dark jeans and a standard white shirt to exhibit your class and style for the best look.


Again, it is a very comfortable and timeless option that must be bought during the winter. A cardigan is simply a lightweight sweater made of high-quality wool to provide warmth to the chest during winter. However, it is not for extreme winter temperatures. You can don it during the initial onset of winters when mercury doesn’t fall significantly. Wear it over the shirt for the chic style. 


Last but not least, the hoodies are also one of the best picks for the winter season. They are stylish, casual, and, most importantly, quite warm to keep the body comfortable in a chilly season. There are a vast number of hoodies coming in the market with different styles and prints. So, try out to find out your perfect fit and color to look great in the winters. is the real home for the winter lovers. Here, you will find a countless number of stylish and genuine quality winter outfits within your budget. The store also offers winter outfits with superhero merchandise collaboration. It means you will also get the winter wear with your superhero printed on them.


You can’t make your winter great without a timeless wardrobe for the winter season. These were the best men's fashion outfits that you must buy for the fabulous and fashionable winters. 

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Fashion: Exclusive Interview With New York Based Model - Amir Shaygan [OTSM'S Male Model Of The Month].

Tell Us more about yourself and your personal Background.
Hi All, I am Amir, I am originally from Iran. The first time I came to the USA was in 2017. I came here with a 6-month Visa and 6 months turned into 3 years.
Lol! I can imagine, So how did you first get into modeling? And how long have you been modelling? 
I got scouted for modelling by a clothing brand on Instagram when I was 22 years old in Tehran. Suddenly Modelling led to acting where I got booked for two movies. In a nutshell, I have been modelling for 8 years.
What do you enjoy most about your career?
I love being in front of the camera. It makes me feel different and creative. It’s my dream job.
What’s your most memorable shoot since the start of your career? 
My first photoshoot ever was definitely the most memorable because I had no idea what I was doing. Haha! I was so scared and nervous. I remember the photographer walking me through different ideas and poses to help me get and feel more comfortable. I’ve been a posing master ever since.
What are the pros of being a model in the fashion industry today?
Modeling has become so diverse. Fashion isn’t about the color of your skin or the gender you were born with. It’s about you as a person. Even for myself, I am a Persian man from Iran who has come to New York to live my dream.
And Cons?....
It’s a really competitive industry. There are so many people, especially in New York, who want to be models.
What do you consider your biggest professional success so far?
My biggest professional success is honestly where I started from to where I am now. I moved to New York by myself, not knowing anyone. Just because I had a following in Iran, didn’t mean that I would have one here. It wasn’t easy at first, but I’m still here.
What were the Major Milestones that gave you that extra motivation boost to pursue modelling as a career?
There were times where I seriously thought about leaving modelling in the past. It’s a tough market to be in. You’re not always guaranteed to get a job. But, I would always stop and think to myself “You’ve come this far. You cannot give up!”
What are your other passions outside of modeling?
I love acting and singing.
What are some of your best tips for someone who wants to break into the modeling world?
There is only one advice I would give you because it's the same advice I would give myself - Just be yourself.
Any upcoming projects you are working on?
I am waiting to hear back from 2 jobs that I’m on hold for. So fingers crossed.
Wow, that's nice, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you too. What are your future goals, dreams and plans?
I would love to create my own fashion brand.
If you could change anything about the fashion and modelling industry what would it be?
That’s a really tough question. I think fashion and modeling are slowly evolving. They should continue to give more people chances in the industry. They need to keep designing clothes for all shapes and sizes. They should Continue on the path of diversity.
I completely agree with you, I believe we are all equal and should all be treated as such, no one is better than the other, yes some people get lucky and have the right connections in the fashion and modeling industry however I feel the chances of everyone having a chance to chase and achieve their dreams should be equal regardless of one's skin colour or ethnicity. Okay I really need to ask this -  How often do you Work out and what are some of your best Health and Fitness Tips?
I work out at least 4-5 times a week. I make sure to always eat breakfast, have a big lunch and for dinner something light. Never go to bed with a really full stomach.
Since the start of your career what has been the biggest hurdle you have had to overcome?
Moving to a country not knowing anyone and only knowing very little English.
What’s the biggest misconception about the male modeling industry?
I think people assume that male modelling is easy, but it’s not. Female models sometimes have so much more to work with. They can play with their hair or do so many different poses. Male modelling can be limiting sometimes. 
Which city do you consider your favorite?
New York City of course!
How has the current pandemic affected you as a Male Model and also as a Person?
The pandemic has made me feel more alone and it’s definitely affected my jobs, but I have still kept my faith and will try to always remain positive. 
B/W Photo By- Jacob Sadrak @jacobsadrak
Cover Photo By - Stephen Hill @stephenjameshill
Outdoor Photos By- Nicole Wilson @nicolewilsonnyc @nicolewilsonphoto

Fashion : If Fashion is your Passion, take it Forward.


Men's fashion clothing has been evolving from the past couple of years. The clothes you wear illustrate your personality, and it is essential to purchasing clothes that mirror your style.
India is the nation of celebrations, and the festive season is here, and you would want to put your best self forward, wouldn't you? Get yourself some bright vests, kurtas, or ethnic coats and flaunt your style at each celebration. 
Although online shopping for men is not an easy job, it is the most effortless one. Along with the fine quality and popular design items, we present an incredible collection of men's online clothing. Adding on to that, bags, accessories, footwear, and many more are available at It's an ideal opportunity to modernize your wardrobe with the trendiest and most stylish men's wear ever.

Work-at-Home Lifestyle: Master It Like a True Boss Lady. #FemaleEntrepreneurs #Bosslady

Working from home can be the right choice for a confident and independent woman. You're already the boss of your own home, why not take full advantage of it? Understandably, that can be quite a drastic change for some.

The truth is: with a bit of effort and discipline, everyone can master it. You already have what it takes to be a true boss lady.

And, if you're missing something, you'll learn it along the way. Here's what it takes to work from home like a pro.

Wake Up Ready

Working from home doesn't mean you get to sleep in when you feel like it. Freedom comes with responsibility. The night before, write your to-do list for the next day. Set a fixed working schedule.

You don't want to wake up thinking about what you've planned for that day. Make sure you already know your plans. Putting plans on paper beforehand helps.

That way, when you wake up, you're ready to kick start the day. As Mark Twain put it, "The secret of getting ahead is getting started." The simple act of jotting your plans down can increase your productivity tenfold.

And, now that your office is in your house, you can reclaim your commuting time. One of the best parts of the work-at-home lifestyle is that you don't have to commute to the other part of town.

Commuting sucks, for sure. But the question is, what do you now that you have some extra time in the morning? Do you stay in bed for a bit longer? No way!

Think about the ways you can use that time productively. Let's say your commuting time used to be one hour. Use the first half of that time to read, answer, and write emails, and the second half to specify objectives for the next day and set long-term strategic goals.

Design Your Space

If your company office clutter was suffocating you, you don't have to put up with it anymore. You'll be spending most of your time in your home office, make sure it's a comfortable environment to work in.

Use the ancient Chinese principles of Feng Shui to get rid of clutter and distractions. It's a proven way of establishing balance. But remember: minimalism is not a set of rules, it's a state of mind.

Being a minimalist means having more of what you need. Carve out a dedicated corner in your house that you'll only use for work. Ideally, it will have a door and natural light. The door allows you to separate your work life from your home life.

Find a piece of elegant art for your space to improve the energy in the room and keep you motivated. Something to keep in mind: having an exclusive and separate work area in your house makes you eligible for a tax deduction for a home office.

Some people even recommend dressing up like you're working in a brick-and-mortar company surrounded by dozens of coworkers. That's perhaps a bit too far.

Dress comfortably, but in a way that will make you come across as reliable and professional when you're having a video conference. Consider having a dedicated area for video calls. Hanging a backdrop should also work well.

Become an Affiliate

If you have a home-based job, chances are you're running a blog, vlog, e-commerce platform, or some other kind of website. Make your site works for you. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn some extra cash.

The basic principle behind this concept is promoting the products and services of the companies you've partnered up with in exchange for a commission. There are many ways you could go about it: from promoting e-books, over video series, to partnering up with Amazon.

Let's say you're a seasoned poker player that knows the game inside and out. On your way to becoming a hold'em' queen like Vanessa Rousso, you can join an online casino affiliate program and promote online casino brands by putting up banners and other types of advertisement on your website.

Men's Fashion - Christopher Korey Collective New York [CKCNY] Launches Iconic Menswear Collection.

I am excited to announce the launch of  Christopher Korey's Latest tailor-made project, CKC New York online Store. CKC has developed a new and innovative way to curate your style at a sensible price.

With each collection designed to be paired with one another, it’s not a suit or a jacket or a pair of pants, it’s a wardrobe assemblage to help create your own personal style.

"If you look back at the glamour and style of old Hollywood and if you saw those people walking around today, they would look just as good as they did 50, 60 and 70 years ago. As a society, we have gotten away from grace and glamour. Men and women no longer look their best they just look like everyone else. We are trying to bring back some of what made that era and that look special. It’s really just about making everyone the best version of themselves and being the star of their own movie which is their life." 
~Christopher Korey.
[ My Favorite Collection is the Merlot Flannel Collection- Click Image To View More]
Beginning today, the CKC atelier and the online store will provide you with a new and innovative shopping experience.
I would describe Christopher Korey's Fashion Style As- Old Hollywood With A Modern Twist.
So go ahead guys, click the image below and explore, change your style and wardrobe today, believe me, you will be glad you did, I always say if I return as a male in my next life, I better look this good and be this talented.

Congratulations Again Christopher Korey On the Successful launch of your Website.