Lifestyle - Features of A Luxury Home That Are Just Incomplete Without Lift And Slide Doors. #Interiordesign

All the riches that you own are in vain if you fail to keep your house vibrant! I am talking about luxury here. From the open door to the wide hallway, your home deserves to be such that reflects your class and luxe! Nature's art is undoubtedly beautiful, but it's the humans who can win the ultimate title of creating beauty inside the home.
Here are a few features which you must install in your villa now and invite luxury in:

Lift And Slide Doors-

The time when regular doors were into trend is now long gone. Bid adieu and bring home lift and slide doors. These can be the ultimate beauty and can serve as a fantastic entrance to your garden or the pool area. Every time you take some guest out to show the pool, they won't resist to adore the beauty of these doors first!

Swimming Pool-

Now that we have already talked about the lift and slide doors, it's time for a feature that's the soul of a luxury home in modern times. A swimming pool, whether used or unused, is always like a jewel on the crown. It keeps your villa classy as well as adds a fun spot to your home.

A Recreational Structure

Your house must boast a recreational room for you to hang out with your friends. It can include some games, a TV, a video game machine, and a separate space that stores all your favourite booze in it. You can get it built in the backyard or the garden of your house. You can also equip it with lift and slide doors for a better view of the scenery outside.

Tennis Court

Have you ever pondered on the house that Will Smith calls his villa? Its magnificence is defined by the amenities and the various spots he got built inside.
Tennis is the game of the rich and creating a tennis court inside is no less than buying a Rolls Royce. Your guests are sure to count your home as the next big thing to Will Smith's house once they get a sight of it.

Home Gym

All your riches are useless if you fail to keep yourself fit in the long run. Get a personal gym built inside your house as this will help you save the time and toil from going to a gym outside. Plus, you can also hire a personal trainer who may help you out with your workout and your diet.

A Library Near The Garden

While we have simply accepted the digital era, a hint of tradition into your home can be classy. A library can be a magical place to walk in after a tiresome day. Now you can store all your good reads here and read them whenever you want.
A Home Theatre

High-end homes can have their home theatre, and it's completely natural. Gloomy days can be turned interesting inside your home in a home theatre. Play your favourite movie and enjoy good times with your friends and family. You may also stream your favourite matches which will be the perfect night out with your friends, isn't it?

Custom Garage

If you really want a luxury home, then you need to have a few luxury cars too. Good enough if you already have the beasts with you. Now you need to have a custom garage too. These places can be the perfect home for your beasts, and you can equip these garages with all the essentials that your cars might need. Also, a lift and slide door can help visitors get a view of your babies inside the garage!

Work-at-Home Lifestyle: Master It Like a True Boss Lady. #FemaleEntrepreneurs #Bosslady

Working from home can be the right choice for a confident and independent woman. You're already the boss of your own home, why not take full advantage of it? Understandably, that can be quite a drastic change for some.

The truth is: with a bit of effort and discipline, everyone can master it. You already have what it takes to be a true boss lady.

And, if you're missing something, you'll learn it along the way. Here's what it takes to work from home like a pro.

Wake Up Ready

Working from home doesn't mean you get to sleep in when you feel like it. Freedom comes with responsibility. The night before, write your to-do list for the next day. Set a fixed working schedule.

You don't want to wake up thinking about what you've planned for that day. Make sure you already know your plans. Putting plans on paper beforehand helps.

That way, when you wake up, you're ready to kick start the day. As Mark Twain put it, "The secret of getting ahead is getting started." The simple act of jotting your plans down can increase your productivity tenfold.

And, now that your office is in your house, you can reclaim your commuting time. One of the best parts of the work-at-home lifestyle is that you don't have to commute to the other part of town.

Commuting sucks, for sure. But the question is, what do you now that you have some extra time in the morning? Do you stay in bed for a bit longer? No way!

Think about the ways you can use that time productively. Let's say your commuting time used to be one hour. Use the first half of that time to read, answer, and write emails, and the second half to specify objectives for the next day and set long-term strategic goals.

Design Your Space

If your company office clutter was suffocating you, you don't have to put up with it anymore. You'll be spending most of your time in your home office, make sure it's a comfortable environment to work in.

Use the ancient Chinese principles of Feng Shui to get rid of clutter and distractions. It's a proven way of establishing balance. But remember: minimalism is not a set of rules, it's a state of mind.

Being a minimalist means having more of what you need. Carve out a dedicated corner in your house that you'll only use for work. Ideally, it will have a door and natural light. The door allows you to separate your work life from your home life.

Find a piece of elegant art for your space to improve the energy in the room and keep you motivated. Something to keep in mind: having an exclusive and separate work area in your house makes you eligible for a tax deduction for a home office.

Some people even recommend dressing up like you're working in a brick-and-mortar company surrounded by dozens of coworkers. That's perhaps a bit too far.

Dress comfortably, but in a way that will make you come across as reliable and professional when you're having a video conference. Consider having a dedicated area for video calls. Hanging a backdrop should also work well.

Become an Affiliate

If you have a home-based job, chances are you're running a blog, vlog, e-commerce platform, or some other kind of website. Make your site works for you. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn some extra cash.

The basic principle behind this concept is promoting the products and services of the companies you've partnered up with in exchange for a commission. There are many ways you could go about it: from promoting e-books, over video series, to partnering up with Amazon.

Let's say you're a seasoned poker player that knows the game inside and out. On your way to becoming a hold'em' queen like Vanessa Rousso, you can join an online casino affiliate program and promote online casino brands by putting up banners and other types of advertisement on your website.

Lifestyle And Fashion - Insta-Worthy Vacation Outfit Ideas. #fashionblogger #fashion #inspo

“Sometimes, you got to do some things for the gram,” revealed Kim Kardashian West while being a star guest on the Ellen show recently, and we couldn’t agree more. If it isn't on Instagram, did it really happen? These days, capturing your best outfits without posting them on social media is considered a major crime. I mean, who in their right mind could ever forget to post a cute selfie? Even more, while planning a vacation, our worries of looking cute all the time get doubled, so we must carefully plan our outfits in advance, in order to maintain our Instagram-worthy self-image. Here's a list of a few vacation outfit ideas that will certainly get you likes, and also acknowledge your fashion sense.

Let's talk about autumn essentials, shall we?

How many of us would spend the colder days living in a gray woolen coat, Dr. Martens classic leather boots, and a bunch of turtlenecks? These are the ultimate autumn/winter staples that one must own. To sugarcoat the whole look, you would have to put on a black sailor hat or a red beret and let your friend or bae take some super cool pics. If you are visiting some of the most incredible European cities, then this outfit is perfect for the portrait mode pictures. So, strike a pose, 'cause your Insta is getting lit, girl!

Mark these words!

Wherever you go, there’s a great chance you’ll run into a spa centre, and name a better reason to bring your luxury swimwear and prove them you’re hotter than the hot tub. Take some time to relax, and don’t forget to hashtag that you’re living your best life.

Where the sun warms the sky...

So it's basically winter already, and you suddenly decided to fly somewhere tropical. While most of us mortals are bound to freeze back home, you'll finally get to wear the new bathing suit you bought during the end-of-summer sale. How lucky! On the other hand, you are dying to wear your new, violet Balenciaga boots that are this season's hottest. For the best shot, use the following idea. Put on your sexy little bikini and jump into a pair of those stretch pointed-toe over-the-knee boots and you're done! Find a neutral background because your 'outfit' shouldn't be overshadowed by too many details behind. Strike a pose on the balcony wall, or next to the pool and try not to overedit the pictures! Filters are no longer cool, and a little brightening effect will do just fine.

Color composition makes awesome pics

Just because it's autumn, it doesn't mean we won't get to enjoy sunny days from time to time. If you are heading to a place with plenty of white architecture, then think of the patterns and colors that match the blue skies as well. If you think this is crazy, remember it's for the aesthetics only. Get a red coat, cute suede ankle boots in mustard yellow, a white cable-knit sweater, some very light mom jeans and put on a rectangular Ray-Ban sunnies. If this doesn't get you double hearts, nothing will. So, the next time you think this was totally pointless and unnecessary, remember how many likes your cute outfit has earned, and thank us.

Home And Lifestyle: Luxury Dark Bedrooms Style To Inspire Sweet Dreams. #Interiordesign #interiordecor

Dark bedrooms have become such a trend in recent years and with a good reason, too. Darker hues can make your living space look more luxurious and refined, so it’s no wonder many homeowners decide to follow this trend. If you want to try the trend yourself, there are several tips you can use – read on to learn what they are.

Pick the perfect dark color for your bedroom walls
Darker colors reflect less light and as such appear to be more calming and soothing, which makes them perfect for bedrooms. Colors like navy blue, black, and charcoal are all great choices for painting your room since they add a sense of luxury and sophistication. Rich browns, vivid greens, and deep purples are also perfect candidates for creating a glamorous space. These colors will stand out even more when some brightly-colored accessories are introduced. Pops of color will create contrast and add some interest to your space. Whichever dark shade you pick for your room, it is sure to add some drama and mystery to it and help you create a sophisticated and refined ambience.

Play with textures, shapes, and materials
One way of introducing balance into your bedroom is by using textures. Many interior designers use textures to make spaces look more appealing and visually interesting. Their main aim is to make the room not only look but feel cozy. Textures work best when introduced in a contrasting manner. Use wood, stone, leather, and metal and create a contrast by introducing fluffy pillows and a soft throw to give your room a contemporary vibe and make it feel cozy and refined. Another way you can create a contrast in your bedroom is by adding different shapes. If your room feels somewhat boxy due to strong angles and rectangular shapes, a cozy round rug can make all the difference – its soft design will serve as a contrast to rough, straight lines, adding depth and dimension to your room, thus completing the look.

Introduce focal points by using bold statement pieces
Implementing focal points into your bedroom is another great way to achieve a balanced and sophisticated look. There can be several focal points throughout the room, but you have to be careful not to go overboard. Two or three strategically placed statement pieces will do the trick. A focal point can be your bed, the painting on the wall, or even a bold accent chair. It needs to be something that is eye-catching and interesting to look at. Interior designers usually choose larger pieces of furniture for their focal points, while accessories and other smaller pieces act as supporting elements and serve as a background for those bold, statement pieces.

Use layers to add visual weight to your room
Layers are often used by interior designers to make the room feel richer and more appealing to the eye. An abundance of layers will also add visual weight to the whole room and make it look more complex. There are many different ways to use layers in your bedroom, and the most common way of doing it is by adding layers to your furniture, like adding various throw pillows to your bed and placing a chunky knit blanket over it. Make sure to use a simple, neutral color palette for your bedding, such as black, gray, and blush pink. Neutral colors will elevate the look of your bedroom and make it seem modern and refined.

Use metallics to add a luxury feel to your room

Metallics are a great decorating tool for rooms painted in darker shades. They can instantly make any space look more luxe and stylish due to their shiny surfaces and elegant vibe they create wherever you place them. Silvers mix well with grays, bronze and copper look good when paired with deep browns while gold looks best when you combine it with black or inky blue walls. Mixing metals is also allowed as long as you mix similar tones. Combine tones like silver and chrome for a cool look, or mix copper with gold if you prefer a warmer look.

There are many ways you can rock this trend and use it to elevate the look of your living space and make it more stylish. Use our tips as a guide for creating a luxe-looking dark bedroom that is certain to inspire sweet dreams.

Food For Thought : Want To Keep Your Skin Looking Hydrated ? Try Watermelon. #foodie #foodblogger #foodporn

I love eating watermelon because it Hydrates and cleans the body, watermelon contains about 6% sugar and 92% water by weight. It is a diuretic and was a homeopathic treatment for kidney patients before dialysis became widespread. Watermelon is a very good source of potassium; it helps muscle and nerve function. It can ease inflammation that contributes to conditions like asthma, atherosclerosis, diabetes, colon cancer, and arthritis.


If you have dry skin you should know that watermelon is the perfect fruit to solve your problem. Thanks to the high amount of water it hydrates really fast. It also reduces Body fat and keeps the body feeling hydrated.

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Fashion: How to Look Great on New Year's Eve. #OOTD #FashionBlogger

NY's Eve is another perfect excuse to look even hotter than on regular days, so let your imagination run wild, and end a party with style and grace. Real beauty comes from within, and if you know how to nurture your inner self, it will reflect on your looks as well. Listed below, there are a couple of suggestions you might want to consider while prepping for the craziest and the ultimate night out in 2018.

Prep your skin

One week before New Year's Eve, it's essential to start different beauty treatments since your body and skin deserve a healthy glow and a great foundation for the makeup. Book the best facialist in town and follow their skincare tips. On the other hand, you could do your own beauty regime at home. It takes only 5 minutes to treat your skin to a much-needed level of moisture. Sheet masks are very popular, and they soften and smooths the look of your skin. Place them over your entire face, and leave them on for 5 minutes or longer. There's no need to rinse and the serum will fully absorb into the skin. What's more, rejuvenating eye gels are the best way to heal your under-eye area. Place one pair of gels onto dry under eye area and wait for five minutes. After use, massage the remaining serum into the skin, just like you did with your sheet mask. Also, every modern girl knows the value of a beautiful smile. Since most of the time, you'll be cheering to your fabulousity and smiling, it's important to take care of your teeth by visiting your dentist previously. In Australia, for instance, women know how to take care of their pearly whites by regularly visiting a dentist in Bondi junction, so it's no secret why they all look good on their Instagram photos. Take these things into account and enjoy the new and improved version of yourself.
Epic hairstyle
The wavy beach hairstyle is always chic and unmistakable, so make your hair loose and effortless. First, wash your hair and after blow drying,  spray some dry shampoo, and massage your scalp a little bit. Make sections so half of your hair should is up, and then brush the rest. Use the curling iron to wrap your hair around it, and wait for a couple of seconds. If you're blonde or have damaged hair always put on a heat protectant before styling it. Hairspray the first layer because every hairdresser would tell you to do that. It's important that curls go out and not in because nobody wants to end up looking like Cinderella's ugly sisters with banana curls. When the curling part is over, use your magic fingers to comb the hair down to make it loose and natural. To keep your curls fresh, massage some argan oil to your ends, and there you go. Easy, natural yet very effective.

 What to wear?

Surprise the crowd with a plunging sequin romper or a mini turtleneck dress. Even better, break the rules and wear somebody shaping leather pants and a silky shirt with puff sleeves. If you have a great taste, no outfit is wrong. Period.

The ultimate holiday makeup look

Thank god for the latest fresh makeup trends, because we're all tired of putting extra layers of makeup to achieve that all glammed-up New Year's exaggerated look. To start off, prep your skin with a face primer, which is a great base for your makeup. If you hate being too heavy on your skin, use a BB cream for an overall coverage. Use a beauty blender to blend it all over your face and down to the neck, to make it even. Conceal your under eye area with a liquid concealer, and also your nose because there are always blemishes just in time for the New Years Eve or any other special event. Use your brush, or dab it with your finger as you would normally do. Bronze your cheekbones and your forehead to get that natural sunkissed glow. Apply some blush and a highlighter. If you go overboard with your highlighter game, don't be upset and enjoy your unicorn status. Fill in the brows with gel and make them bushier. Draw the lips with some nude lip liner and go with a burgundy eye shadow since it's lit this season. 
The clock is ticking, so make sure you've done everything in advance and have a stress-free holidays!