Beauty : Five Trends That Will Transform Beauty in 2018. #fashion #style #beauty

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Body positivity has raised a particularly interesting question among those who still hold up the “traditional” standard of beauty. The question goes somewhat as follows – if what I find attractive will always stay attractive no matter what the social circumstances “impose”, are beauty standards constant? Well, if you look at the history of beauty standards, the answer becomes fairly obvious – attractiveness is as malleable as anything else. The new factors come into play with every generation and these are five trends that will transform beauty in 2018.

Plastic surgery has officially become banal

Medicine and technology have broken new ground, hand in hand, and introduced us to a staggering variety of possibilities when it comes to plastic surgery. Beauty treatments have become a mundane reality, something most people can afford. High-quality medical facilities that provide such services are numerous and their professionals have had enough practice to be easily screened by potential customers and deemed fit. However, this is nothing new. Over the last thirty years, plastic surgery has been on the stratospheric rise, so what will change in 2018?
Interestingly enough, only recently we’ve been through the period of plastic-surgery backlash. Due to the increased media presence of people who have become addicted to going under the knife, a lot of prejudice arose about the treatments. Still, the industry itself was strong enough to shake this off fairly easily and now we live in the time when treatments have become rather common. In 2018, barely anyone thinks plastic surgery is worth mentioning. It’s just something you get done and move on.

Men are getting into it

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In the big cities of the western world, open-minded and vibrant metropolises like Melbourne for example, you will see a particularly interesting phenomenon when you walk down the street. The number of men who have had some work done practically equals the number of women who have gone under the knife. When it comes to men, most popular plastic surgeries are in the face area.
Facelifts, hyaluronic treatments and hair implants are the names of the game. On the other hand, laser-hair removal from the inopportune areas is a big hit among men, as well as botox injections. As far as other parts of the body are concerned, male breast reduction is the most sought-after treatment.

In 2018, it’s a matter of minimalism

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The excess of options was bound to produce a counter-movement eventually. In 2018, we are looking at a particularly interesting trend in the realm of beauty treatments – aesthetic minimalism. Open minded individuals will gladly consider any sort of beauty treatment as long as it’s done tastefully and with minimal necessary intervention. It can be a matter of achieving symmetry and tweaking abnormalities, but it is also about retaining a sense of identity and naturalism. Furthermore, you can even test some of the alterations first before you decide to commit to them permanently. For example, you can try porcelain veneers in Melbourne before you completely redo your teeth. Don’t forget to inspect the visual impact of this in the mirror before you “green light” the treatment.

A factor that brings a true paradigm shift

However, is the “paradigm shift” of beauty standards in 2018 related to the realm of plastic surgery? As a matter of fact, the factor that truly promises to bring change comes from a whole different technological area – information technology. Social networks, especially Instagram, promises to usher a new age of fads and trends. Various influencers now truly have a platform to promote their values and spread their views on what’s aesthetically pleasing. It will be truly interesting to see how this cocktail of opinions changes the landscape of beauty standards in the foreseeable future.

Beauty is in the variety

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Body positivity movement and promotion of diversity are still pretty much a “culture shock” for the western world, but they managed to reverberate in a short time frame with staggering efficiency. Even though it has its fair share of nay-sayers, it’s as close to a tectonic shift as trends go. On the one side, media campaigns are all about racial and ethnic inclusivity. On the other hand, people of all shapes and sizes are promoting open-mindedness and tearing down stereotypical ideas. How this surge of radical trends will go is anyone’s guess. In 2018, just like in the previous year, beauty standards can be transformed in the blink of an eye.
Exposed to the new levels of body awareness and changing the socio-economic landscape, 2018 promises to introduce us to the paradigm shift when it comes to beauty standards. On the one hand, it might appear to some that new ideas of what should be deemed attractive is forcefully stretched and altered. However, at the end of the day, what this new age of postmodern liberalism is trying to promote is fairly simple and actually honorable – deep down, each and every one of us has their own idiosyncratic idea of beauty, and you should not be ashamed to act upon it. Be comfortable with what you find beautiful.

Food : Things to Keep in Mind While Catering for Corporate Events.

For the corporate events like office parties catering is one of the most vital aspects that need to be carefully looked after. For the event to be highly successful, the catering for corporate events should be outstanding. So if you are planning to do the catering stuff for your next office party, these are some of the things that you need to plan and keep in the back of your head.

The table setting – The thing which you need to look after in the beginning is that whether the necessary table setting has been done or not. Any office event can look beautiful if the table contains elements which look decorative and at the same time is functional. Some of the basic that you need to look after are tablecloths, cutlery items, candle or any other decorative items.
•    Serving equipment – Right after you have set the table whole catering for corporate events you need to see whether the right gears 0are present for you. Classic looking serving items like water pitchers and trays are a must in any corporate event.
•    Buffet equipment – If the corporate event is going to have a buffet system you need to have tongs, chafing dishes, matches, plates, cutting boards, knives, dish clothes, spatulas, etc. try to make the list of requirements from a long time before the vent so that your catering services remain top notch and you don’t forget anything.
•    Bar list – If the corporate party will include alcoholic drinks then you need to look for a different set of items like pitchers, glasses, napkins, garbage cans, ice tubs, baskets, etc. make sure not to disappoint anyone if you took the responsibility of catering for corporate events.

Wednesday Motivation: 5 Ways to Get the Creativity Flowing. #Creativity #Inspiration

We’ve become so overwhelmed by everyday worries and duties that we’ve neglected the artists within us. No longer do we take time to simply express ourselves in a creative way, give substance to our ideas and let our creative juices flow. Even when we do think about taking up an activity that will help us express ourselves creatively, we don’t know where to start or we give up after the first obstacle, feeling discouraged. Yet, we fail to realise that we’re surrounded with opportunities for becoming more creative individuals. Thus, if you’ve been searching for a creative output for some time, here are several ideas that can spark your creativity.

Be mindful of the present

Before diving into the creative tides, you should slow down and become more mindful of the present moment. Expressing yourself creatively requires you to fully experience the present moment. You need to focus on the here and now and connect with your environment and your inner self. Not only will this enable you to experience life more fully, but it will also help you find inspiration around you and within you, discover new thoughts and ideas and commit to what you’re doing. Otherwise, you’ll remain trapped in your own mind and burdened with worries and concerns. 

Discover what suits you

No one is good at everything, so you need to take some time and discover which type of creative activity will suit your personality. It’s important that you find something that truly inspires and fulfils you. When exploring yourself, you should think outside the box and not shy away from the unconventional. If you don’t really see yourself playing an instrument or becoming a painter, you can find inspiration in other, seemingly ordinary activities, such as cooking. In fact, cooking can really boost your creativity by helping you become more mindful and discover your own creative process. What starts as following the recipes ends up as improvisation, experiment and following your intuition. 

Surround yourself with creative people

Lifestyle : Interesting Tips For The Perfect Decorations In Small Cocktail Party Venues .

Often times, rich people enjoy small cocktail parties with their friends in order to have some fun-filled moments in life that can give relief from their regular stress of life. They may throw these parties at their homes, clubs or any bar where these professionals can have a really wonderful fun together. The decorations of these small cocktail party venues need to induce cheer among the guests that will help to uplift their party moods. So, it is better for the hosts to take care of the venue decor and may hire efficient professionals for this serving this purpose.

Main Facts to Be Noted Regarding the Decors of Small Cocktail Party Venues
Suitable party furniture: Like all parties, the party venue should contain sufficient numbers of tables and chairs where the guests can rest whenever they would want to. The placements of comfortable seats are also essential for the aged guests that may not like to stand for long in the party. However, the furniture used in the small cocktail party venues should be attractive in shapes and colors to match the lively mood of the parties.
Party decor items: It is best if the surrounding decor of the party is made to be exclusive and thoughtful, which should be different from the usual party decor with only paper streams, balloons, and small plastic decor items. Hence, the small cocktail party venues should be decorated according to the themes of the parties, if any decided. Otherwise, the professional decorators should use artistic items of suitable colors for impressing the guests. The use of various funny images or objects may be a good idea for party decor, mainly for the parties of the youngsters. The door hangings, flowers on attractive vases and other kinds of embellishments serve as brilliant party decor items for welcoming the guests in style.

Fashion : How to Reinvent Your Look – Beauty Edition. #FBlogger

Getting a complete makeover is a great opportunity to reinvent yourself and introduce a lovely change into your life. Whether you’ve decided to turn your life around and begin a new chapter as a brand new you or you’re just tired of the look you’ve had since high school, you can restyle yourself without having to go through an embarrassing episode of What Not to Wear. 

Find Your New Style

There’s a world of inspiration in the fashion and beauty field, so dive in and find a style that fits your personality. It’s important that you feel comfortable with a new look, so take some time to discover who you want to be. If you’ve decided to embark on a business venture, you can go with a classic, elegant style. On the other hand, if you want to relieve stress and become a more relaxed person, you can opt for a casual, playful look. This is an opportunity to enter the new chapter of your life in style, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try something bold. 

Revamp Your Wardrobe.

The fashion scene offers so many inspiring outfits and all you need to do is choose pieces that reflect your style. Start by going through your closet and saying goodbye to articles of clothing that don’t fit your new style. Although giving up some of your favorite pieces will be difficult, don’t give in to the temptation to keep them (unless they can fit into your new style, of course). When choosing new clothes, you should invest in classic, essential pieces that you can wear on different occasions and combine into various looks. From shirt dresses and classic designs to statement jackets and close-fitting leggings, you have plenty of trendy options. This is a simple way to revamp your closet without spending a fortune. 

Experiment With Your Hair.

Even the slightest change in your hairstyle will completely transform your look. What’s even better is the number of choices that you have! From simply parting your hair the other way to dying your hair in another colour, you can experiment as much as you want. You can try a completely new haircut, for example, a short yet chic bob. On the other hand, if you want your hair to look longer or thicker, you can use fabulous clip in hair extensions that will add volume to it instantly. You can also make two braids with some casual yet feminine pieces falling along your hairline. Finally, you can also style up your hair with some chic accessories, such as ribbons or floral details

Reinvent Your Makeup

Another simple way to reinvent your look is changing your makeup style. There are some bold yet classic solutions that will completely transform you. For example, if you’re used to wearing subtle lip gloss, why not try something bolder and more seductive such as the ever-popular red lipstick. If you want something playful, you can try a colourful mascara. Not only will this change your look, but it will also accentuate your eyes. On the other hand, if you’ve featured a bold, eccentric look for years, you can tone it down with some subtle, but enticing choices, such as matte lipstick hues or skin-coloured eyeshadow emphasised by an elegant eyeliner. 

Choose A New Skincare Routine.

Reinventing your look isn’t only about changing the visible details, but also about giving your skin a natural, youthful glow. A simple, but healthy change you can make is switching to organic skin and beauty products. Organic products are based on natural ingredients that will provide your skin with numerous nutrients while regular products may irritate it with their chemical-based substances. Furthermore, you should apply more sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation and prevent premature aging. Finally, you should also consider using night creams and treatments that will nourish your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The transformation starts from the inside and, as soon as you implement some changes in your skincare routine, your skin will become healthier.

From simple, but effective changes to a complete makeover, you have numerous options to reinvent your look and yourself. 
Brigitte Evans
Brigitte is a newbie writer from Australia, with a sweet tooth for makeup and everything sparkly.When she is not drooling over the next big thing in the beauty industry, she is reading mystery novels and making plans for her next trip. She is a proud aunt of Sophie, age 2 who rounded her Chanel lipstick but loves her anyway.

Fashion Interview : Don Benjamin Talks Modelling, Music And His Career In An Exclusive Interview With Linda Bella.

DON BENJAMIN- Music and fashion have always been intimate bedfellows, but neither world has ever heard or seen an artist and presence quite like Don Benjamin.A notable model whose credits include serving as the face for Guess, Moods of Norway, Tilly's, and Pink Dolphin campaigns and finalist on the 2013 season of America's Next Top Model, he grabs the mic and holds tight on his forthcoming debut album. The rapper ignites slick, smart verses via an impressive flow, relaying personal stories with palpable panache. It’s been resonating too. His track "Across the Sky" [featuring Nikki Flores] saw placements on Big Brother, America's Next Top Model, and various MTV programs. It also landed in the iTunes Overall Top Songs chart, officially announcing his arrival as an artist.
Tell Us A Little more about yourself and what inspired you to go into the Entertainment Industry?
Well, my mother got me into modeling at an early age and I always wrote poetry and rhymes growing up as a hobby. But it wasn’t until I realized I wasn’t going to the NBA that I wanted to chase the entertainment dream seriously. After I graduated high school I did a semester in college and decided to move to LA to chase it for real!

 Who are some of your biggest influences in the Entertainment Industry?
Some of my influences in the industry consist of Jay-Z, Tyson Beckford, Denzel Washington, LL Cool J. They all took their talents to the ultimate level of success.

Who or what inspires and motivates you daily?
The main thing that motivated me is knowing that anything in life is possible if you work hard enough for it. I didn’t have much coming up and I want to be able to take care of my family and know that the children in our family and their children will be straight for life.

When you look back to the start of your career, did you ever think you would get this far?
Honestly looking back at the beginning of my career I always knew I would make it. I just had unrealistic dreams that it would happen overnight lol but the one thing about myself is no matter what happens I never doubt myself or what I’m capable of.

How do you stay in shape? and what are your healthy tips?
Well for the longest I was on the studio diet lol up all night recording and eating bad foods. But I’ve become gluten-free due to an allergy so that shed a lot of body fat and then after filming I got back in the gym. Now I go to the gym 5 days a week.

What other hobbies do you engage in when you are not modeling or singing?
I like playing basketball, bowling, going to the movies, shooting pool.

Knowing what you know, what advice would you give to models and Artist who are trying to establish themselves in the entertainment industry?
I would have to say stay light-hearted and don’t take criticism to the heart otherwise you won’t last long. You have to be able to hear No over and over again before you finally get a yes.


What is your Fashion Mantra?
Less Is More.

What has been the biggest hurdle you have had to overcome since the start of your career?
I think trying to balance music modeling and acting. A lot of people chase one but I have been chasing all 3.

Do you have any upcoming project and tell us more about your track “REAL”?
I am currently working on an EP. I have about 4 tracks done. Hoping to release some next month. My single real was mostly inspired by so many people trying to be something they are not and how that eventually comes to light. Also a lot of people judging me by my looks and not really knowing what I’m about or what I’ve been through. I wanted it to show I’m more than a model.

What is your philosophy?
My life is for a season but my time is forever. Meaning I’m not working so people know who I am for now but my name will forever be spoken about amongst the greats