Beauty And Lifestyle : 5 Hair Care Life-Changing Tips. #HairCare

If you are not part of the lucky 1% that has consistently strong and thick hair strands through their entire lifetime, you will almost certainly reach that dreaded point when your hair makes you feel miserable. Sooner or later, your hairline and overall strand quality will alter your appearance for the worse and make you look considerably older – unless you take a few steps in the right direction and adhere to these five hair care life-changing tips that will make you beam with confidence once more.

Say no to blow drying

Taking blow drying out of the equation is one of the most common hair care tips out there, and it is definitely a solid one. Its widespread nature can be found in the fact that it relies on common sense – if you expose your hair to such intense heat on a regular basis, it will get damaged. There is a good reason our hair gets greasy over time – it is the body’s biological mechanism of keeping the strands protected and healthy. However, it is also really hard to eliminate blow drying from our everyday routine. Try to air-dry hair whenever you can and if it’s too cold outside, you can use stylish head-scarfs to keep your head warm while it dries. Your strands will be eternally grateful for it.

Coconut oil is your elixir

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Coconut oil is one of the most amazing things you can introduce into your life – a life hack of sorts which has multiple uses in nearly every aspect of life. When it comes to hair, coconut oil boasts hydrating and natural conditioning properties that rejuvenate hair strands and protect them from splitting. If you want to stop the thinning of your hair, coconut oil is the best and most natural go-to solution. The best course of action is to apply it to your hair before you hit the sack, so it can work its magic overnight. The result is smooth and silky hair that still retains its strength and thickness. 

Keep it simple with the products

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There are countless hair products on the market. Once you walk into a supermarket, you are greeted with an endless array of brands that offer different types of shampoos for a variety of purposes. Try to look beyond the marketing ploys and think long-term. If a particular hair product truly fulfills the promise right now, imagine its effects on your hair in the long run. As we use a variety of products, our hair becomes oversaturated with silicone-based chemicals and other atrocious compounds – and this goes without mentioning that it also becomes desensitized to their effects.
The key tip is to keep it simple with the products. Use a hair growth shampoo made with natural ingredients to stimulate your skin and your strands and detox the top of your head. From then on, use the simplest products you can find on the market – they will not damage your hair in the long run and they are almost always cheaper than their “miracle-working” counterparts.

Coloring should be extremely limited

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Changing our hair color is one of the most popular appearance changes because it shows immediate and drastic results without being invasive. However, if this tweak turns into a habit, you are putting your strands in danger. After all, most hair coloring products are filled with toxins that do not only dry your hair but enter your body through pores on your scalp. Even if you use “organic” coloring products, some ill effects are still inescapable. Natural balayage is a good solution if you truly cannot stand the grays, but limit such procedures to three times a year at most to preserve the integrity of your hair.

Beauty : 5 Ways to Get Summer-Body Ready. #summer #Fitness

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One of the best things about summer in addition to great weather is the cute, breezy fashion that shows off our bodies. One of the worst things about summer? Well, the cute, breezy fashion that shows off our bodies. If you’re feeling fit and sexy you’ll jump at the opportunity to wear short shorts and tiny bikinis. If not, well, the situation becomes quite different. While your friends run around in skimpy things, you sit all covered up, looking awkward as you cook in your own sweat and feel insecure. However, you don’t need to worry too much. We all forget ourselves during the cold months and spring is pretty much the perfect time to get our mojo back and work on our body. Want to be ready for the heat of summer and feel confident in your own skin? Here’s what you need to do.

Get a personal trainer

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There’s no easier way to get in shape than by having a professional trainer help you. You don’t need to always work with one when you’re at the gym, but finding someone who can show you the ropes and tell you what kind of exercise you can use to achieve your specific goal makes a huge difference. A trainer can teach you how to do every single exercise correctly, how to give your muscles better definition, and how to build endurance over time. They can also motivate you and push you to work harder. Alternatively, you could also simply find a gym buddy with more experience who can give you tips and help you out with your fitness journey. Working in pairs has also been shown to be very effective at keeping you motivated.

Do a workout challenge

Not everyone can afford a personal trainer, and some people just hate going to the gym. That’s okay. What you can do instead, is start a fitness challenge that lasts anywhere from 30 to 90 days. This will give you a very clear plan to stick to and marking down the days on your calendar after a finished workout can be very inspiring and make you feel proud of yourself. You can pick a premade challenge like the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, or create your own custom challenge by combining some workouts from Darebee. Don’t worry, these are free and a lot of them are very beginner friendly. From yoga to cardio, pick any kind of exercise that you enjoy, print out your challenge, and then stick it to your fridge or your bedroom wall where you’ll see it every day.

Eat clean and do a detox

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Of course, there is absolutely no way to lose weight unless you create a caloric deficiency, and dieting is going to be necessary if extra pounds are your main issue. This, however, does not mean starving yourself. Quite the opposite, in fact! By simply cutting down on sugar and processed food and replacing all that junk with more veggies and lean meats you can see a significant improvement both in your weight and your overall health. Another thing we recommend is going on a little detox to help with bloating and fatigue. To do this, simply start drinking more liquids, particularly water and tea. Something like the Edible Beauty Golden Glow tea is a great choice for summer because it helps your body balance out hormones and gives your skin a healthy, radiant glow. So, switch your sugary soda drinks and coffee for this tea, cut down on alcohol, and let your liver rest.

Full-body scrub

Want smooth, silky skin? Then you need to start it off with a good scrub, and we’ve got just the recipe: white sugar and coffee. That’s it, just those two ingredients! They will not only slough away the rough texture, but coffee will also help reduce cellulite on your thighs and glutes and make your skin feel like velvet.

Tan for the beach goddess

Now that you’ve scrubbed, it’s the perfect time to give yourself a nice tan. We absolutely do not recommend ever going to a tanning salon, but getting your tan from a bottle is perfectly safe and it looks absolutely natural if you apply it the right way. Getting that scrub really helps because it makes smooth, even application easier, and using a good product like the Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer is also important. We recommend that you apply a layer of regular lotion to your palms and let it dry first and that you avoid applying self-tanner to your knees and elbows if you don’t want them to look muddy. You could also add a few drops of the Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster to your daily moisturizer to tan your face in a natural, gradual manner.
There you go ladies, all-natural ways to get your body ready for summer! Jump right in and start preparing because your vacation is just around the corner and you’ve got a chance to look fit and fabulous when the time comes.

Fashion Trend : Clear Frame Glasses- The New Trend in The Market.

Do you notice a change in trend these days? The celebrities these days are seen wearing transparent frames. Clear frame glasses have gained popularity recently. These days, the clear frame glasses add style to your personality and have become a hot trend among the youngsters and adults alike. These glasses are in trend and will always be due to their classic look. These transparent frames and glasses do not hide your face. Rather they bring out the natural beauty without making face look too small or too big!
Clear frames are usually colorless or come with a slight tint of color which is invisible when viewed from far. The best part of wearing these glasses is that no one will understand that you are wearing glasses. These glasses look very attractive. Transparent glasses are underrated by most of the people but yet are very stylish and are the perfect combination for each type of attire you wear.
How wearing clear frame glasses add style?
If you wear clear frame glasses, you will look like a star of the show because of the funky and trendy look of the transparent glasses. However, if you prefer a classic look even then clear glasses are just for you to wear and to look stylish as always. While they add style to your personality they are also very comfortable to wear. You don’t have to look for a party to wear transparent glasses as you can wear these frames in your daily routine as well. Whether you are going for a trip or you are going to a party, these eyeglasses make you feel special and people will automatically get attracted towards your classic personality.
The classic and the modern look by wearing clear frame glasses
Clear frame glasses offer you retro inspired both classic as well as modern look. The flexibility of wearing these eyeglasses with each type of dress whether ethnic or western will add beauty to your personality. If you wear these glasses, you will be a trend setter for others and people will love your style. The plastic body of the glasses is low weight and sturdy.  This is an accessory that you will love due to its weightlessness.
Whether you are going to your office with formals or whether you are going on a holiday, these eyeglasses are perfect for all types of clothes.  The clear frame glasses are a hit with people who do not wish to change the frames with each occasion or dress type. The best part of these glasses is that they don’t make you look nerdy at all.

Perfect for both men and women
These clear frame glasses are unisex and are perfect for both men and women.  The reason why people love these glasses is that it suits all face types and gives a classic look to the person. These glasses look cool and can elevate the personality of anyone.
Whenever you feel lazy and don’t want to wear makeup then these clear frame glasses come as a rescue. They help you to look smart without wearing makeup and any accessories to look great. One doesn’t have to bother about their glasses looking too girly or too manly as they are for meant everyone.

Beauty : Five Trends That Will Transform Beauty in 2018. #fashion #style #beauty

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Body positivity has raised a particularly interesting question among those who still hold up the “traditional” standard of beauty. The question goes somewhat as follows – if what I find attractive will always stay attractive no matter what the social circumstances “impose”, are beauty standards constant? Well, if you look at the history of beauty standards, the answer becomes fairly obvious – attractiveness is as malleable as anything else. The new factors come into play with every generation and these are five trends that will transform beauty in 2018.

Plastic surgery has officially become banal

Medicine and technology have broken new ground, hand in hand, and introduced us to a staggering variety of possibilities when it comes to plastic surgery. Beauty treatments have become a mundane reality, something most people can afford. High-quality medical facilities that provide such services are numerous and their professionals have had enough practice to be easily screened by potential customers and deemed fit. However, this is nothing new. Over the last thirty years, plastic surgery has been on the stratospheric rise, so what will change in 2018?
Interestingly enough, only recently we’ve been through the period of plastic-surgery backlash. Due to the increased media presence of people who have become addicted to going under the knife, a lot of prejudice arose about the treatments. Still, the industry itself was strong enough to shake this off fairly easily and now we live in the time when treatments have become rather common. In 2018, barely anyone thinks plastic surgery is worth mentioning. It’s just something you get done and move on.

Men are getting into it

Photo by Berwin Coroza on Unsplash
In the big cities of the western world, open-minded and vibrant metropolises like Melbourne for example, you will see a particularly interesting phenomenon when you walk down the street. The number of men who have had some work done practically equals the number of women who have gone under the knife. When it comes to men, most popular plastic surgeries are in the face area.
Facelifts, hyaluronic treatments and hair implants are the names of the game. On the other hand, laser-hair removal from the inopportune areas is a big hit among men, as well as botox injections. As far as other parts of the body are concerned, male breast reduction is the most sought-after treatment.

In 2018, it’s a matter of minimalism

Photo by Kyle Loftus on Unsplash
The excess of options was bound to produce a counter-movement eventually. In 2018, we are looking at a particularly interesting trend in the realm of beauty treatments – aesthetic minimalism. Open minded individuals will gladly consider any sort of beauty treatment as long as it’s done tastefully and with minimal necessary intervention. It can be a matter of achieving symmetry and tweaking abnormalities, but it is also about retaining a sense of identity and naturalism. Furthermore, you can even test some of the alterations first before you decide to commit to them permanently. For example, you can try porcelain veneers in Melbourne before you completely redo your teeth. Don’t forget to inspect the visual impact of this in the mirror before you “green light” the treatment.

A factor that brings a true paradigm shift

However, is the “paradigm shift” of beauty standards in 2018 related to the realm of plastic surgery? As a matter of fact, the factor that truly promises to bring change comes from a whole different technological area – information technology. Social networks, especially Instagram, promises to usher a new age of fads and trends. Various influencers now truly have a platform to promote their values and spread their views on what’s aesthetically pleasing. It will be truly interesting to see how this cocktail of opinions changes the landscape of beauty standards in the foreseeable future.

Beauty is in the variety

Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash
Body positivity movement and promotion of diversity are still pretty much a “culture shock” for the western world, but they managed to reverberate in a short time frame with staggering efficiency. Even though it has its fair share of nay-sayers, it’s as close to a tectonic shift as trends go. On the one side, media campaigns are all about racial and ethnic inclusivity. On the other hand, people of all shapes and sizes are promoting open-mindedness and tearing down stereotypical ideas. How this surge of radical trends will go is anyone’s guess. In 2018, just like in the previous year, beauty standards can be transformed in the blink of an eye.
Exposed to the new levels of body awareness and changing the socio-economic landscape, 2018 promises to introduce us to the paradigm shift when it comes to beauty standards. On the one hand, it might appear to some that new ideas of what should be deemed attractive is forcefully stretched and altered. However, at the end of the day, what this new age of postmodern liberalism is trying to promote is fairly simple and actually honorable – deep down, each and every one of us has their own idiosyncratic idea of beauty, and you should not be ashamed to act upon it. Be comfortable with what you find beautiful.

Food : Things to Keep in Mind While Catering for Corporate Events.

For the corporate events like office parties catering is one of the most vital aspects that need to be carefully looked after. For the event to be highly successful, the catering for corporate events should be outstanding. So if you are planning to do the catering stuff for your next office party, these are some of the things that you need to plan and keep in the back of your head.

The table setting – The thing which you need to look after in the beginning is that whether the necessary table setting has been done or not. Any office event can look beautiful if the table contains elements which look decorative and at the same time is functional. Some of the basic that you need to look after are tablecloths, cutlery items, candle or any other decorative items.
•    Serving equipment – Right after you have set the table whole catering for corporate events you need to see whether the right gears 0are present for you. Classic looking serving items like water pitchers and trays are a must in any corporate event.
•    Buffet equipment – If the corporate event is going to have a buffet system you need to have tongs, chafing dishes, matches, plates, cutting boards, knives, dish clothes, spatulas, etc. try to make the list of requirements from a long time before the vent so that your catering services remain top notch and you don’t forget anything.
•    Bar list – If the corporate party will include alcoholic drinks then you need to look for a different set of items like pitchers, glasses, napkins, garbage cans, ice tubs, baskets, etc. make sure not to disappoint anyone if you took the responsibility of catering for corporate events.

Wednesday Motivation: 5 Ways to Get the Creativity Flowing. #Creativity #Inspiration

We’ve become so overwhelmed by everyday worries and duties that we’ve neglected the artists within us. No longer do we take time to simply express ourselves in a creative way, give substance to our ideas and let our creative juices flow. Even when we do think about taking up an activity that will help us express ourselves creatively, we don’t know where to start or we give up after the first obstacle, feeling discouraged. Yet, we fail to realise that we’re surrounded with opportunities for becoming more creative individuals. Thus, if you’ve been searching for a creative output for some time, here are several ideas that can spark your creativity.

Be mindful of the present

Before diving into the creative tides, you should slow down and become more mindful of the present moment. Expressing yourself creatively requires you to fully experience the present moment. You need to focus on the here and now and connect with your environment and your inner self. Not only will this enable you to experience life more fully, but it will also help you find inspiration around you and within you, discover new thoughts and ideas and commit to what you’re doing. Otherwise, you’ll remain trapped in your own mind and burdened with worries and concerns. 

Discover what suits you

No one is good at everything, so you need to take some time and discover which type of creative activity will suit your personality. It’s important that you find something that truly inspires and fulfils you. When exploring yourself, you should think outside the box and not shy away from the unconventional. If you don’t really see yourself playing an instrument or becoming a painter, you can find inspiration in other, seemingly ordinary activities, such as cooking. In fact, cooking can really boost your creativity by helping you become more mindful and discover your own creative process. What starts as following the recipes ends up as improvisation, experiment and following your intuition. 

Surround yourself with creative people