Lifestyle: Exclusive Interview With Portrait And Fine Art Photographer Jovana Rikalo.

Today we give you an insight into the whimsical world of Jovana Rikalo's fine art photography.I am always amazed by the depth of Jovana's work and the idea behind each concept/Photoshoot. Jovana teaches multiple workshops and she is a great educator. She wows us every day by producing stunning and evocative images. Her work encourages viewers to dive into a dreamy storyline as it offers you an escape from everyday life.
OTSM: Hi Jovana, Please fully tell us about yourself and your personal background.
My name is Jovana Rikalo and I am based in Serbia. I was studying law when I discovered how much passion and love I had for photography. I discovered a website called Flickr and it made me try creating art series with emotions. After a year of trying, I finally found myself and realized that I wanted to create and work with people.
OTSM: At what age did you discover you had a passion for photography? 
I was 24 at the time I discovered Flickr, I saw so many talented photographers create amazing photos, and I decided that I wanted to give myself a chance to create something amazing.
OTSM: In your own words please describe your style as a photographer?
One Word "Fine Art". My work is full of emotions, fairy tales, magic and artistic finish. I love showing what is happening in life but more with a magical touch. I am also attracted to Portrait photography because I can portray a close-up emotion. One thing with Close-Up shots you are able to see the features clearly, up close and personal and you know what they say about the Eyes - "Eyes speak".
OTSM: Do you remember your first experience with the Camera?
Yes!!, and it wasn't pleasant haha. I had a really hard time focusing and finding the right angle. If only I had known that I have to relax, keep calm, then do what my body and mind say, it would have been much easier. People think too much about what they have to do. My advice today - Don't overthink!
OTSM: How big a role does photography play in your life?
A big one. It has become my life, my career. It's my full-time job. Photography helps me to see things clearly and to express my own thoughts through the creative process.
OTSM: How do you get inspired? And what inspires you the most? Movies, books, or magazines? Or is it just what’s around you?
I trained my mind to the point where I can see inspiration everywhere. Mostly, I am inspired by nature, people, and life. Every situation that is happening, good or bad, awakens some emotion in me.
OTSM: Personally I love photography and creating unusual concepts, I see it as an escape, a way to express what and how I am feeling at that very time. So, in a few words, what does photography mean to you?
Photography helps me to express my emotions, good or bad through photos. I feel like I am telling a story. Everybody understands the story differently, but every time I look at my work, I have the same feeling and emotion I had when I was going through that period in life.
OTSM: I fell in love with you and your personality when you once said these words "I want to continue dreaming because that is my source of breathing. a Camera is just a tool where I capture the moments", Could you explain why you use the word “Dreaming” to describe your photography/Art and please elaborate on what this means to you as a photographer and how it influences your thinking when it comes to picture taking?
When we dream we create. Dreaming is letting your imagination go out of your body and you have the freedom to create whatever you want. If you stick to the rules, you can't create art. Dreaming is breathing and creating together at the same time.
OTSM: What advice would you give to aspiring photographers out there?
Relax, don't force yourself to do something just because someone else doing it. We all have our own path and make sure you wait to see what your direction is because we all have different destinations.
OTSM: If you could change one thing about the photography industry, what would it be? What would you improve?
Rules! People follow rules so much. Yes, in some segments it's important to follow rules but please, don't get stuck on them. We have to give people freedom.
OTSM: I am a huge believer in using one's platform to spread love, light, and positive vibes and this is the same energy I get when I see your work it makes me feel certain emotions, tell us what is the most challenging part of being a fine art photographer?
The most challenging part would be when it comes to awakening emotion in people. People can look at photos multiple times but they will feel emotion only once. It's all about knowing how to tell a story through photography.
OTSM: What are some of the biggest hurdles you have been faced with as a photographer and how did you overcome them?
The hurdles would be when it comes to created how and what I wanted to create. To be able to make a scene turn out how I imagined it in my head. How do I overcome it? With lots of practice and photo shootings.
OTSM: What was the first-ever photography gear you used when it comes to photoshoots and What is your current favorite photography gear - what do you always have in your photography Bag/Kit?
I started with a small camera pocket and later I upgraded to a Canon 600D. Now I use the Canon 5d Mark IV and I love it! My favorite lens is Sigma 105 mm f 1.4.
OTSM: What has been the highlight of your career as a photographer?
I worked with Disney Weddings. It was a dream come true! I love fairytales and this was the biggest fairytale that happened to me! Another highlight is the ability to talk on a big stage to a large audience filled with amazing people and sharing my knowledge with them.
OTSM: This is a question I always love to ask my Queens during interviews what does the word “Women Empowerment “mean to you?
The ability to show the power of every human being including women! I really love to photograph women and portray different stories and concepts with them.
OTSM: When it comes to post-production what tools do you use, and what would you recommend to upcoming photographers?
I use photoshop, sometimes lightroom, and Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.
OTSM: What was the most surreal moment you ever experienced during a photography shoot?
Working with majestic animals such as barn owls, white reindeer, and many others. I really love animals and every experience with them is so magnificent!
OTSM: What are you doing when you are not working?
I always work haha!. I love reading books, enjoying nature, walking my dog, and spending time with my family.
OTSM: What are your latest and upcoming projects?
The latest project I did was from the recent workshop, It was a photoshoot with a beautiful model wearing a crown and the next project will be with a little cute fawn :) Stay Tuned.
 OTSM: Any last words for your fans and dreamers out there?
Don't be afraid to dream, never ever be afraid to chase your dreams! :) 
To See More Of Jovana Rikalo's Beautiful Work Visit Her Website.

Exclusive Interview With Top European Fashion Model - SKOMANTE.

Fashion Model Skomante Also Known As SKY is staging a fashion industry takeover. Blonde, Creative, and Beautiful she takes our breath away with her amazing creativity and personality. She is Originally from one of the Baltic Countries in Europe “Lithuania” and can be described as a “Globe Trotter”, she finally decided to move to the United Kingdom in 2013. She enjoys Modelling, Learning, and gaining new experiences and above all, she enjoys one of her biggest passion which is “Fashion Design”, In her own words “ I started reinventing one of my biggest passion in life which is to create clothing and design them in my own unique way, while also putting myself into new concepts".
(Read The Full Interview Below)
Photo By - Kris Talikowski
OTSM: How did you decide to become a model? Who or what inspired you?
Wow!, It all started long ago at the age of  4 years my Mum took me to Foto atelje in a not very well known Lithuanian City called Mazeikiai, I had my first photo modeling shoot there and I felt like “ the fish into the water “. That was when I decided that I would love to do this again and enjoy as much of this experience as I can, it just gave me that right feeling and vibe that this is what I was meant to do, you know what I mean right?
OTSM: Oh yes I know exactly what you mean, Can you tell us about the people who may have influenced your life and career?
Yes sure. First of all, I was a child who had her own opinion and I was a little creator who liked the things her own way and some of them were very specific as I do create my own rules that included inspirational sources too. Other than that I guess one of the people who inspired me the most was my Mum. She always told me to set my own goals and standards high, love myself, and be kind to others and this is where all magic began.
OTSM: What do you enjoy most of the modeling?
I think it’s a Challenging career, and I enjoy challenges very much, I enjoy discovering new things about fashion and modeling and reinventing myself every time.
OTSM: When you were a child, what career/job/field did you want to go into?
Growing up I had a big dream and goal, I wanted to be a Boss a Queen, and a Dancer. There is never one dream job in my mind even till now, it just never stops as I keep thinking of new ideas and concepts daily, I want to be my own boss and be an inspiration to other aspiring Boss Queens out there.
Photo By- Julian Burr
OTSM: What do you think about the state of fashion today?
I think the state of fashion is in massive produce levels ( If I may include fast fashion into it) I love it but also it scares me because many bad things come to fast fashion including labor, underpaying their workers, etc- and this needs to be fixed. But In terms of Couture creations, the designers are more cautious when they order garments, they are looking into new ways to reinvent and use sustainable materials, and much more, that is why at this point I’m very proud of that.
OTSM: So, has your perception of the industry changed over time?
Yes, it did change indeed. Even though I know that changing Perceptions not as easy as you think, especially because most people are pretty skeptical when it comes to the modeling industry, so you can’t change their perception about something by just telling them to think differently, it's by what people see and experience and due to the experiences I have had in the industry my perception changed. I love how fashion showcases women in a different and unique way.
OTSM: What is your personal style? And what are some of the Hobbies you enjoy doing when you are not working?
Hm! When it comes to my personal style I always say I am still yet to decide because I am in search of something "Unique". I want something personalized to my liking so that when I see it I can say to myself "Yes This is Me" and I need to make sure I am comfortable in it.
My hobbies? I love to play piano, Playing tennis, Reading books, Practice the act of Meditation, and also exercising. Lastly, I do create dress designs and love to recycle old clothing.
Photo By - Lina Ruzauskiene
OTSM: What does “Women’s Empowerment mean to you?” Is this about gender equality, or is it more than that?
Women empowerment means a lot to me. It’s way much more than Gender equality personally for me. Women need to rise and stand together, taking back all that belongs to them, and I am not saying this in a condescending way, I just mean women need to stand together in solidarity, Women's empowerment is about promoting women's sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others.
OTSM: What are the qualities of an empowered woman? 
And how can women be empowered while maintaining their femininity?
One and only quality of an empowered woman is the real Boss statement that includes a lot of skills,  endless capabilities for various different things in life overall. Honestly. In my own strong opinion, I could say that women are already powerful because femininity is power and a gift that every woman has, obviously yes you have to maintain it. I think it's about choosing what's best for each and every one of us, Whether it about maintaining femininity by going to a beauty salon once a week or more or someone choosing to do yoga or daily run or breathing exercises. To me, I feel It’s a very personal thing with personal ways on how to maintain femininity that empowers you.
OTSM: Can you share your personal icons of empowered women and what sets them apart?
Honestly, I don’t have a single icon from the stars or well-known people. I couldn’t choose anyone from them. The only idol for me is a very powerful woman and she is my Mother, she is my number one Idol.
OTSM: How do you keep in shape? Can you share some of your favorite health and beauty tips
How do I keep in shape? I’m quite picky and actually, I'm very critical of myself. I do criticize myself a lot - I always start from looking within myself. Also, I do choose only foods that have low levels or no sugar, drinking a minimum of 1l cups of water daily, I also exercise quite often. My favorite beauty tip for gorgeous lips would be Lithuanian pure honey ( put honey on your lips before going to sleep ) it does nourish your lips overnight and stops them from cracking and they end up feeling/ plump for the rest of the day! Another one of my tips that would be connected to spiritual healing is meditation or breathing exercise daily if possible and if you can't do it daily try to do it at least 3 times a week, go outside if the weather lets you do that, Go to nature in the park and connect yourself to nature it does really help to maintain balance when it comes to keeping a clear mind and it really takes away toxins from your soul.
OTSM: I really love how you explain the connection to nature and how meditation and spending time with nature is healing for the soul, Can you name one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses?
Kindness is one of my biggest strengths and wanting to do many things in life. As for my weakness, I should say over multitasking.
OTSM: Do you think it’s fair that social media is a big part of these models’ jobs today?
I can’t say it’s fair but I think social media is a very huge thing when it comes to modeling lately, honestly, I couldn’t imagine modeling without it anymore.
Photo By - Lina Ruzauskiene
OTSM: What advice would you give other beautiful young women like you just starting their career?
My advice would be to make them aware of the fact that It’s so much more than modeling when it comes to the career of a Model - Always be very careful especially when you are just starting out as a model, there is a saying that goes- where there is beauty there could be loads of danger too. Other than that I would say stay bold and if you really know what you want in life keep going for it, don't stop, and don't give up on your dreams no matter what people try to say or do to discourage you, stay strong.
OTSM: Who are your favorite designers? And Favorite photographers?
My favorite designer brands would be -Chanel, Pierre Cardin, Dior, and Versace, and my favorite photographer is - Milton. H Green 
OTSM: What would be your choice of superpower and why?
What my choice of superpower would be? Hmm, that’s a good question… Flipping bad to good instantly everywhere I go, If I see or I feel it, I say this because there are too many bad things happening in this world and to many people become unkind - and being kind to each other Is exactly what we need more especially right now.
OTSM: I absolutely love your answer, I am very passionate when it comes to the topic of "Kindness", Kindness is free and I just wish many people in the world will practice more of it lately. What advice would you give to aspiring models in this day and age?
It’s always good to aspire to something If that is what you really want - Honestly I would say go for it, just don’t lose yourself in the sparkle, glam, and fame that comes with it.
Photo By - Kris Talikowski
OTSM: Why is it so important for you to run a business that empowers women?
I’m creating things at the moment that's why I’m taking time off from social media and from many other things - because I’m creating a product and much more that could help women feel and look their best and most importantly for them to feel Confident without any fear! It’s all about helping each other up as women. I think this is extremely important.
OTSM: What are your latest and upcoming projects?
As I mentioned earlier, I love creating new concepts and working on numerous projects, It's a surprise so all I can say for now is "Stay Tuned".

Fashion : A Mini Interview With Stella The Corsetière Behind The Amazing Luxury Fashion Brand - Champagne Corsets.

There is nothing like wearing a bespoke corset, custom-tailored for your body and your personality. Champagne Corsets and Designs are on a mission to bring back bespoke. It's their greatest belief that in life and in fashion you can create exactly what you want. They are great believers of the saying "Nothing Is Impossible", they don’t subscribe to the beliefs that one needs to conform to a specific size or fleeting fashion trend. They encourage and are delighted by breaking down stylistic barriers and creating something that’s truly one of a kind.
I am a huge lover of corsets myself, Corsets may seem like the perfect night out outfit, but don’t let their sexy silhouette stop you from wearing them in the daytime, too. You can throw on a corset over your favorite outfit if you feel like leaving less to the imagination or wear one on its own underneath a  blazer. You can also wear one with a nice pair of jeans, Or Over a t-shirt dress, the possibilities are endless when it comes to wearing a corset.
Award-winning designer Stella has had a love affair with lingerie for as long as she can remember. Stella studied Intimate Apparel at the Fashion Institute of Technology in the heart of New York City’s garment district and received her BFA in 2003.
Read our Mini- Interview with The Creative Director - Stella (Also The Corsetière) Interviewed By Linda Bella.
OTSM: Please tell us a little bit more about yourself.
Hello everyone, my name is Stella. I am the Founder, Designer, Creative Director, and Corsetière behind the brand Champagne Corsets & Designs, LLC. 
OTSM: Your passion and flair for fashion is obvious tell me what inspired you to go into fashion design?
My love affair with fashion began when I was about 7 years old and my dream was to move to New York City and become a fashion designer. I put together a portfolio while I was in high school, took a few sewing classes at my local fabric store, and applied to the one fashion college I wanted to attend in the heart of New York City’s garment district, The Fashion Institute of Technology. I got accepted and graduated after 4 years with my BFA in fashion design.
While studying at The Fashion Institute of Technology I learned everything from tailoring, sportswear, knitwear, eveningwear, and so much more. My specialization in intimate apparel led me to corsetry and I immediately fell in love with the art. I studied both historical and modern-day corsets and really became fascinated with the exaggerated hourglass silhouette. When I realized corsets help create that shape I was hooked! Corsetry can also crossover into other categories such as evening wear, bridal, and for people with medical conditions or back pain. So although this is a niche market, I’m certainly not limited in any way.
After graduating, I spent years designing lingerie for many well-known labels and companies such as Kohls, Target, JCPenney, Wal-Mart, Victoria’s Secret, Bloomingdale’s, Lane Bryant, etc., just to name a few.
OTSM: Wow, You are amazing! When did you launch your lingerie boutique “Champagne Corset”?
After working for about 11 years in New York as a fashion designer, I opened my own corset and lingerie boutique in 2012 in the neighboring state of New Jersey. I offered a collection of specialty lingerie brands in hard-to-find sizes and of course, a large sewing studio completely dedicated to bespoke custom corsetry where Champagne Corsets & Designs, LLC was born. I deepened my expertise in fit and design techniques and now with over 19+ years designing intimate apparel and corsetry, my journey has taken me back to my home state of Connecticut where I am on a mission to help my clients create one-of-a-kind, unique bespoke corsets of their dreams.
OTSM: How would you describe your Brand “Champagne Corsets”?
Champagne Corsets is a lifestyle brand. I design and create one-of-a-kind, timeless corsets that accommodate personal needs with the goal of contributing to the client’s way of living. I don’t just sell corsets, but rather the way of life behind it. For example, when someone puts on their Champagne Corset they immediately adjust their posture upright while holding their head up high. They feel ready for life’s experiences and opportunities. They lead with elegance and seduction. They are in a luxury state of mind.
OTSM: What was the inspiration behind your Latest Corset design?
The inspiration behind the corset dress was to create an edgy design for the woman who isn’t afraid to take fashion risks and who really knows how to exude confidence. I worked with @briannalobrien who hand-painted the two dragons onto the corset.
OTSM: This Corset above is absolutely beautiful, what was the inspiration behind it too?
The black and tiffany blue corset was inspired by the large jewelry appliqué that is sewn on the front of the corset. 
The jewelry company is based out of Venezuela and I worked with the owner to incorporate his one-of-a-kind, hand-made jewelry piece with my design. And from that jewelry piece, I hand-beaded other gems and crystals to create an elegant and glamorous corset. 
OTSM: You are known as an admirer of unique clothing and design styles. How vital is it for a fashion brand to exude bespokeness and originality in order to stand out in a fiercely competitive market?
What I love most about bespoke work is having the ability to discuss any design ideas because I believe nothing is impossible. I don’t subscribe to the beliefs that you need to conform to a specific size or fleeting fashion trend. I encourage and am delighted by breaking down stylistic barriers by creating something that truly is one-of-a-kind. Every piece that I create is as beautiful and unique as the wearer.
My brand is feminine, girly, and effortlessly chic. My corsets make you feel confident and sexy, without being too revealing. I am a trendsetter who loves mixing fashion with the perfect corset that accentuates and highlights women's strengths.
OTSM: What does the word Women Empowerment mean to you?
To me, women empowerment means celebrating ourselves and all of the women in our lives daily. It means to support each other without any judgment and without competing or comparing yourself to other women. We need to hear each other’s voices and what we stand for while lifting each other up. It means to inspire, encourage, respect, and influence social change for others and ourselves. We need to live our purpose while improving the lives of those around us.
OTSM: Where do you look when seeking creative inspiration?
Traveling always inspires me, especially when I am able to shop for special materials and trims. Sometimes it’s even as simple as a color. Walking around big cities and admiring the people, architecture, and skyscrapers also brings a burst of inspiration. 
Lastly, my clients inspire me too. I work with both women and men of different demographics and ages. It all varies because no two clients' bodies or designs are ever the same, and that makes it very exciting.
OTSM: There’s so much pressure for designers to come out with their greatest collection season after season. What advice would you give to aspiring Corsetières just starting out and hoping to make it in the Fashion industry?
I would absolutely encourage anyone who wants to start their own fashion business. There is room for everyone and we all have our own unique talents to share with the world. Most importantly, don’t compare yourself to any other designer. Educate your audience and don’t assume everyone knows what you know about your products. The corset is probably the most controversial garment in the history of fashion, but what most people don’t realize is that corsets also have mental, emotional, physical, and societal benefits. 
To find out more about this amazing luxury brand click the links below.

Fashion Interview : Naima Mora” [ANTM Cycle 4 Winner] Talks Fashion,Modelling and Music. #ANTM

Photographer-Curtis Moore
Hi, Naima, Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what was life like growing up?
Hi Everyone! Well I grew up in Detroit city… I grew up in a musical household as both of my parents are musicians. They really allowed and supported us in developing creative sensibilities that led my sisters and I to pursue careers in the arts. My sisters and I had this hub of love and art at home, but we also grew up amidst dangerous surroundings. Detroit has some of the highest violence and illiteracy rates in the country. Albeit that the case, my parents also raised us as Nichiren Buddhists which gave me a sense of strength and courage to pursue my dreams despite any circumstance.

Amazing! So how did you start Modelling and what inspired you to go into the fashion industry?
I think I was naturally drawn to fashion because of the art within it. The art of design, photography, makeup, styling and even performing on the runway. I kind of stumbled upon being a model. When I moved to NYC to be a ballet dancer, my good friend who is a makeup artist asked me to do some tests shoots with her. And from there on I was very intrigued with Modeling. A couple of years later after being rejected by many agencies in the city, I was scouted for America’s Next Top Model

photographer- Curtis Moore
What was your first big break in the modelling and fashion industry?
My first big break in the fashion industry was - winning ANTM. With that, I landed being one of the faces of CoverGirl Cosmetics. I was a spokesmodel for the company. 

If you weren’t modeling, your career choice would be?
If I weren’t modeling I would be doing exactly what I’m doing now. My career is not limited to modeling at all. I have actually been performing as a singer for the last several years. Of course, I would like to explore more of the performing arts like acting per say. I published a book as well. I went to college for Creative Writing and I really got to put those skills to the test with my first book “Model Behavior“.

How did it feel to win ANTM Season 4 and what impact did it have in your life?
I never imagined winning a hit reality TV model competition. Winning ANTM changed my life dramatically. I think I was a little lost at what I would do in life. I had just left the ballet company I had been performing with right before filming. I didn’t know where life would take me. But after winning I became a role model, using my career to inspire people and to keep growing as an individual.

Fashion: Exclusive Interview With New York Based Model - Amir Shaygan [OTSM'S Male Model Of The Month].

Tell Us more about yourself and your personal Background.
Hi All, I am Amir, I am originally from Iran. The first time I came to the USA was in 2017. I came here with a 6-month Visa and 6 months turned into 3 years.
Lol! I can imagine, So how did you first get into modeling? And how long have you been modelling? 
I got scouted for modelling by a clothing brand on Instagram when I was 22 years old in Tehran. Suddenly Modelling led to acting where I got booked for two movies. In a nutshell, I have been modelling for 8 years.
What do you enjoy most about your career?
I love being in front of the camera. It makes me feel different and creative. It’s my dream job.
What’s your most memorable shoot since the start of your career? 
My first photoshoot ever was definitely the most memorable because I had no idea what I was doing. Haha! I was so scared and nervous. I remember the photographer walking me through different ideas and poses to help me get and feel more comfortable. I’ve been a posing master ever since.
What are the pros of being a model in the fashion industry today?
Modeling has become so diverse. Fashion isn’t about the color of your skin or the gender you were born with. It’s about you as a person. Even for myself, I am a Persian man from Iran who has come to New York to live my dream.
And Cons?....
It’s a really competitive industry. There are so many people, especially in New York, who want to be models.
What do you consider your biggest professional success so far?
My biggest professional success is honestly where I started from to where I am now. I moved to New York by myself, not knowing anyone. Just because I had a following in Iran, didn’t mean that I would have one here. It wasn’t easy at first, but I’m still here.
What were the Major Milestones that gave you that extra motivation boost to pursue modelling as a career?
There were times where I seriously thought about leaving modelling in the past. It’s a tough market to be in. You’re not always guaranteed to get a job. But, I would always stop and think to myself “You’ve come this far. You cannot give up!”
What are your other passions outside of modeling?
I love acting and singing.
What are some of your best tips for someone who wants to break into the modeling world?
There is only one advice I would give you because it's the same advice I would give myself - Just be yourself.
Any upcoming projects you are working on?
I am waiting to hear back from 2 jobs that I’m on hold for. So fingers crossed.
Wow, that's nice, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you too. What are your future goals, dreams and plans?
I would love to create my own fashion brand.
If you could change anything about the fashion and modelling industry what would it be?
That’s a really tough question. I think fashion and modeling are slowly evolving. They should continue to give more people chances in the industry. They need to keep designing clothes for all shapes and sizes. They should Continue on the path of diversity.
I completely agree with you, I believe we are all equal and should all be treated as such, no one is better than the other, yes some people get lucky and have the right connections in the fashion and modeling industry however I feel the chances of everyone having a chance to chase and achieve their dreams should be equal regardless of one's skin colour or ethnicity. Okay I really need to ask this -  How often do you Work out and what are some of your best Health and Fitness Tips?
I work out at least 4-5 times a week. I make sure to always eat breakfast, have a big lunch and for dinner something light. Never go to bed with a really full stomach.
Since the start of your career what has been the biggest hurdle you have had to overcome?
Moving to a country not knowing anyone and only knowing very little English.
What’s the biggest misconception about the male modeling industry?
I think people assume that male modelling is easy, but it’s not. Female models sometimes have so much more to work with. They can play with their hair or do so many different poses. Male modelling can be limiting sometimes. 
Which city do you consider your favorite?
New York City of course!
How has the current pandemic affected you as a Male Model and also as a Person?
The pandemic has made me feel more alone and it’s definitely affected my jobs, but I have still kept my faith and will try to always remain positive. 
B/W Photo By- Jacob Sadrak @jacobsadrak
Cover Photo By - Stephen Hill @stephenjameshill
Outdoor Photos By- Nicole Wilson @nicolewilsonnyc @nicolewilsonphoto

Daily Motivation: Happiness Is A Journey - Not A Destination.

 No one is in charge of your happiness except you, positive thinking Invokes More Energy, Initiative, Happiness. Happiness is like a “Kiss” you must share it to enjoy it, Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness is the proof of your moral integrity since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values. In this brief post, I will be highlighting a few ways on how to stay happy in life.

So many people have spent a lifetime trying to search for the meaning of Happiness, I believe Happiness is in the Heart and we are as happy as we make our minds up to be. The world today is filled with so much Negative Energy and vibes it's so draining and one can easily fall into a deep depression, Anxiety, Into a very Dark and Draining state which will be very difficult to come out of, so before we become victims of this state of mind we must think of ways to help ourselves back up if we feel we are about to fall.

Positive thinking raises energy levels, creativity and productivity by as much as 30%. The secret is to use positive thinking now, rather than when you are rich and famous. It's easy to focus on the Negative experiences but we must try not to let our past experiences ruin our future, think of things that make us happy, do things that keep us occupied and focused on our goals and dreams, The world we live in if filled with a lot of negative experiences and it makes thinking positive a hard task, I won't sit here and try to make it sound like a walk in the park especially with platforms like Social Media, it's very easy to see things that immediately affect our mood that is why I stress on the fact that we must make it our responsibility to stay happy, No one Can Make You Happy except you choose it- so "Choose Happiness Today".
I always tell people to be grateful for every experience they have gone through in Life, What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, practice self-love and also practice the act of kindness.
Remember whatever energy you put out to the universe will come back, put out good vibes and it will come back, put out Animosity and it will return to you, being kind to others takes nothing away from you rather it gives you a purpose and a good feeling knowing you have been able to help someone else.
So if life presents you with an opportunity to help others even if you are going through your own trials and tribulations do not hesitate to help, you never know what lovely surprise the universe will have for you.
 Do you practice the "Law of Attraction", do you believe in the saying (Your vibes attract your tribe), if you don't then now will be a good time to start. A mind is a powerful tool and when used right you can use it to attract the kind of life you want to live, you can draw the kind of energy you deserve yourself, I will never tell you to forget your past experiences because I can never forget mine, however, I will say don't dwell on it because it will do you more harm than good, instead of living life in regret be thankful for the experience and ask the universe to bring the life you deserve your way, if it's friends that drain you and make you feel depressed or negative, then it is time to change things, learn to let go of whatever doesn't bring you peace of mind.
Do you practice the "Law of Attraction", do you believe in the saying (Your vibes attract your tribe), if you don't then now will be a good time to start. A mind is a powerful tool and when used right you can use it to attract the kind of life you want to live, you can draw the kind of energy you deserve yourself, I will never tell you to forget your past experiences because I can never forget mine, however, I will say don't dwell on it because it will do you more harm than good, instead of living life in regret be thankful for the experience and ask the universe to bring the life you deserve your way, if it's friends that drain you and make you feel depressed or negative, then it is time to change things, learn to let go of whatever doesn't bring you peace of mind 
To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.”
– Buddha