Home And Lifestyle : Choose the Best Kitchen and Kitchen Renovations . #Interiordesign #interiordecor

Trendy Kitchen A domestic or commercial kitchen has to be modern in today’s time. Trendy decorators insist that well-designed interiors can inspire people. To make your kitchen an easy place to cook, ensure that all the tools and ingredients are handy, and your work surface is clean. If your kitchen has become dull you can opt for best kitchens and kitchen renovations to give it a fresh look.

The kitchen is a beautiful and necessary part of any home. Those in the food business also have to furnish their kitchen spaces with care. Food and beverage are integral to any celebration or joyful occasion. Restaurants and eateries have to assure tasty menus for higher profits. A state of art modern kitchen is a valuable addition to any home or business. The equipment, supplies, and servings will have the much-deserved space. This way, the residents, cooks, or chefs will be able to use the space efficiently. The best kitchens and kitchen renovations are elegant and functional. Also, the renovation designs that are used by professionals add to the beauty of the place. They use high-quality materials that are strong and durable. The plan or blueprint is also perfectly executed to render a stunning scullery.

Exquisite Designs

The sophisticated decor is a combination of trendy art and modern science. The designers focus on fashionable forms and effective functions. They add personal flair or customize the room to satisfy the customer's taste. The best kitchens and kitchen renovations are innovative and stylish. They are designed for a unique look without comprising functional efficiency.

Advantages of Getting Your Kitchen Renovated from Professionals

· Customized decor can create a unique touch to space. The appliances are also comfortable and up-to-date with global standards.
·The counter tops, floor cabinetry and wall mounts are technically built. Machine crafted cabinetry appears to have superior polish and attractiveness.
·Colors and textures enhance the visual appeal of the entire space. The room's dimensions are factored into a design for space optimization.
·Professionals carry out many steps while renovating the kitchen. They include inspection, material selection, and precise fabrication. The stunning installation is also delivered without any difficulties.
·The best kitchens and kitchen renovations get to the heart of the matter. Backsplashes, chimneys, trolleys, modular and island designs are used to beautify the whole room.
·Technicalities like structural integrity and detailed elevation are also considered carefully. The furnishing and finishing enhance cooking experience and visibility of the kitchen equipment. 
·Decorative effects, multi-purpose accessories and space-saving utilities are added to ensure better functionality.

Renovation Ideas

People who cook deserve clean, trendy, and creative spaces. Their cooking efficiency gets a boost if the kitchen has visual appeal and accessibility. The best kitchens and kitchen renovations assure quick access to tools and food items.  Have a look at these fashionable, new models –

1.      Painted Cabinets - Give a sleek and stylish look to the cabinetry. Install freshly minted shelves for bright and hygienic quality. Paint white or light colors and dark handles.
2.      Open Spaces - An L-shaped design is spacious and visible. Sliding drawers can extend from the floor to the kitchen top level. Open shelves should be fixed 1 ½ feet from the oven.
3.      Elegant Countertops - Dark and flamboyant countertop has a stunning effect. Stylish granite is not only robust, but also attractive and eye-catchy.
4.      Modern Appliances - Best kitchens and kitchen renovations are done to upgraded appliances. Get an energy efficient fridge or microwave, and water saving dishwasher to enhance the functionality of the space.
5.      Durable Floors - A beautiful transformation is achieved with delightful floors; opt for durable and easy to clean materials like hardwood, ceramic tiles, and vinyl.

Exclusive Interview With Real Housewives Of Miami Star, Entrepreneur,Philanthropist And Novelist - Lea Black

Mother, wife, philanthropist, author, television personality, political fundraiser and entrepreneurial titan.
A Texas native, she moved to Miami in the late 1980's and brought with her an unbridled passion and compassion, dynamism and focus, business acumen and civic responsibility, that together has left an indelible mark on Miami. As head of a home, a business and community leader, she believes woman can accomplish whatever they set their minds to and what they are passionate about. Lea has a prominent role on the current “Real Housewives of Miami” and has had numerous appearances on CNN HLN; EXTRA; KTLA; NBC6 Miami; and many other national news and entertainment shows. She also blogs for the Huffington Post.
Outspoken and uncompromising in her beliefs, Lea divides her time between fulfilling her philanthropic missions centered around children and teens and furthering her international business interests with her health, beauty, accessory and jewelry endeavors. 
Lea what was life like growing up and what was your Biggest Motivation as a young woman?
I grew up in a small town – very country. I was motivated to see what life in the big city would be like.
You wrote a bestseller- “Red Carpets & White Lies." What inspired you to write this book and would you be publishing any more books in the nearest future?
I have always written for magazines. I loved just being able to create something from nothing. Also, I had a lot of Miami personalities to work from in creating composites of interesting, complex, crazy, fascinating characters. I am considering the next book.
You host one of the most successful charities in Miami once a year "Blacks Annual gala" with lots of glamour and A-listers; I have to say you are amazing! How did you grow from starting your charity in 1994 in your "Backyard" to where it is today? What was your biggest Motivation?
Watching my husband's clients suffer, children and families suffer because of circumstances or bad choices motivated me. I wanted to try help them at an early age to prevent them from a life of crime.
What inspired you to create your Business Empire "LeaBlack.com"?
I have always worked and been driven. Always had a lot of people I wanted to do things for, and money, when used properly can help a lot of people
Photo By -Greg Lotus Photography
What advice would you give aspiring male and female entrepreneurs hoping to build their own businesses and become independent & successful in their career?
Don’t give up. Do not get in over your head. Be sure it is something you want to do enough, that when times get tough you have the persistence and dedication you will need to see it through. Vet the people who you work with and trust carefully.

What is your definition of “Women Empowerment”?

Women supporting each other and working for them – not being jealous or backstabbing – realizing there is plenty for everyone.
What is your Philosophy and Mantra?
Maintain integrity and character as a foundation for any endeavor.
What are some of your latest and upcoming projects this year?
Filming, details will be announced. Radio, co-hosting on the Jeff Lewis show Radio Andy Sirius XM. Real estate projects. Helping my son get into a college he can thrive in. A new breakthrough in skin care.

What are your top Six Health and Beauty tips on how you keep your skin looking ever so radiant?
No or minimum sun. 
Drink lots of water. 
Minimum sugar and dairy.
Eat clean. 
In the world today, sadly I have noticed women are always very negative towards other females chasing their dreams instead of showing support they derive pleasure in dragging the other woman down and derailing her from her success, what advice would you give to a woman in this situation to help her stay focused on her dreams?
If it doesn’t affect you - why ever think about it. Put your energy into your own projects. Always remember, the only person you compete with is yourself.
You are a very Fashionable woman; tell us about your Personal Style and who is your Style Icon of All Time?
My personal style is basic, simple, practical, timeless and add fabulous accessories. My style icon is Audrey Hepburn, classic, iconic and timeless.

Lifestyle - Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations for Meditation Lovers. #Innerpeace #Meditation

If the hectic nature of modern, everyday life is starting to weigh you down and all you can think about is
escaping for a few days into a serene, natural setting where you can unwind and recharge your batteries,
then you’ve come to the right place. Sure, you could book a holiday at one of the popular vacation hotspots
teeming with tourists, but that wouldn’t be very restorative for your mind, body, and soul, would it?

Instead, if you’re really looking to unwind, you’ve got to be on the lookout for those hidden gems of peace
and mindfulness that can be found all over the world if you just look closely. So here to make your search way
easier is a short and sweet list of the five best off-the-beaten-path destinations for meditation lovers.
Patagonia Park, Chile

Shared by Chile and Argentina, Patagonia is a vast region that encompasses the southernmost tip of South
America, a beautiful natural setting perfect for a mindful holiday escapade into the tranquil world of meditation
and serenity. This is truly an isolated place where you will have the chance to reconnect with nature and
rejuvenate your senses.
Don’t let the seemingly peaceful setting fool you, though, this place also offers diverse outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, fly fishing, and of course, plenty of peaceful spots for mindful meditation. Located in Valle Chacabuco, the park remains an untouched natural setting save for a few lodges and amenities, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy an uninterrupted vacation.
Halibut Cove, Alaska, US

Alaska is quite different from anything you might have seen before, as it is a state that emphasizes the
preservation of nature, and it’s not exactly a bustling urban region. Instead, Alaska boasts a picturesque
landscape rich with diverse flora and fauna, safeguarding the in-touch-with-nature lifestyle. Needless to say,
Alaska is a wonderful place to lose yourself deep in the tranquility of your own thoughts.
In Halibut Cove, a secluded lodge resides nestled between mountain ranges and the open sea, providing
plenty of outdoor activities as well as beautiful natural spots where you can enjoy your restorative sessions.
You can also enjoy the spa, and an occasional yoga class here as well.

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

If you’re looking for a fully healing, active, and serene package, then the Land Down Under has got you covered.
This perpetually warm and sunny part of the world is famous for its honey-hued beaches, breathtaking natural
scenery, and dynamic outdoor activities to please every taste and preference.
This is a place that nurtures and emphasizes mindfulness, privacy, and total body healing.
Above all, modern Byron Bay accommodation offers packages specifically designed for mindful travelers,
offering tranquil rainforest walks, outdoor Yoga sessions, professional massages, healthy eating, and
much more. This is a place you should definitely visit at least once in a lifetime.
Plus, Chris Hemsworth lives here, so what are you waiting for?
Big Sur, California, US

Traveling back across the globe, we find ourselves in the sunny state of California. Big Sur is a famous 90-mile
stretch of breathtaking beaches and mountain ranges that provide the traveler with plenty of activities ranging
from trekking, hiking, and rock climbing, all the way to peaceful meditation overlooking the expansive
Pacific Ocean.
This is another place for an active vacation where you want to combine mindful activities such as yoga and
meditation with outdoor fitness and exploration of the surrounding countryside. With that in mind, be sure
to hike up to the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and enjoy the tranquil sounds of McWay Creek.

Half Moon Caye, Belize

Lifestyle - Tips On How To Choose The Best Wedding Caterer. #Weddings #Celebration

Wedding is a celebration of a lifetime and great food makes the day even more memorable. There are many wedding venues that provide onsite catering services. So, while looking for a wedding caterer there are few tips to follow that will surely help in choosing the best services for the occasion. You need to choose the best wedding caterers who have enough knowledge in this field and they must provide you best dishes at affordable prices. You can taste their preparations and then choose the best one for your wedding. Rather an individual wedding catering service, you can choose the wedding planners because they can arrange the catering, venue, decoration, invitation and guest relation at a fixed rate.

#6 tips to choose the best wedding caterer:

  1. Know your Budget
A planned budget will also help to get the best proposal from the catering team and it can also help
you to avoid waste. When every amount is carefully calculated, the couple will know whether they a
re making any unnecessary expenditure or not. Once the budget has been created, look for catering
options that fit your budget and needs.

  1. Ask the Venue management Company for Ideas
You should ask the venue management team for any suggestions related to catering and they should
be able to add up ideas and requirements relating to food and beverage for the day. Many banquets,
hotels, and restaurants have their own catering services and if your book their venue then they can
provide you their catering at an affordable rate.

  1. Look for options to fit your needs
There are many options available in the market and the couple can go for the one that fits their needs.
After thorough research, shortlist some options to discuss your ideas and plans with them to come to
a decision. Grab all the proposals from caterers and compare them to choose the best from the
bucket list.

  1. Ask about the dining theme
Weddings are beautiful time and when a particular theme is incorporated into the wedding,
it becomes more memorable. Similarly, food can also be decided according to the theme.
Ask the wedding caterer to make sure they are up to par. If the wedding venue does not offer the
dining tables, linens, chairs, and dinnerware then ask the wedding caterers to arrange all these things.
Make sure the cost of dinnerware is covered in the proposal and they should provide you a complete
estimate for your wedding.

Beauty Tips :The 5 Best Summer Skin Tips Ever. #beautytips #LBlogger

Summer is the season when we need to pay special attention to our skin considering the amount of sun
exposure. Winter months have left our skin a bit dry and flaky and it is imperative that it gets sufficient
moisture before the summer sun hits it. This is why adjusting your skin care routine is essential as the
warmer weather approaches. And here to help you are top 5 summer skin care tips.

Let's start by removing all the dry skin

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate, this is definitely the first to getting rid of old dry skin and opening up your pores
so that your skin can absorb moisture far better. And this does not mean just your face, you need to use pilling
on your entire body since you will be exposing it to sunlight when wearing a bathing suit. Make sure that your
body scrub contains caffeine as it will rejuvenate your skin as well. Just make sure you don’t do it too often,
during the summer months, once a week will do so that you don’t damage your skin as it will be exposed to
harsh sun rays and perhaps salt water on the daily basis.  

Get rid of all the imperfections

As most Australian women will tell you constant exposure to sun rays can leave some unwanted marks on your
skin. This can be in the form of sunspots or pigmentation. This is why most Australians opt for
trusted pigmentation treatment in Sydney prior to summer season. That way their skin is looking its best
when it's time to flaunt it on the beautiful Australian beaches. Another important sumer preparation
treatment is laser hair removal, it is a much more elegant solution than having to shave daily and or getting
skin irritation after waxing. Silky smooth skin is perfect for wearing light summer dresses.

Bring on the hydration

Sun, wind and sand along with the increased number of daily showers can really dry out your skin, and this is
why hydration is essential during the summer months, and not just for your face but rather for the entire body.
Of course drinking more water is a must, but so is using the right body and face creams.
Apply a hydration cream after every shower so that your skin gets the most of it. In addition make sure
you put on a hydrating face mask at least two times a week to ensure the best possible effect.
Finally, refresh your face with a revitalizing toner spritz as often as you can.

There is no such thing as too much sunscreen

During the summer months you really need to protect your skin from the sun a lot more than during other
seasons, especially because much more areas are being exposed for longer periods of time.
So make sure you apply it several times a day, especially after spending time in the water.
Your sunscreen will keep your skin protected, and hydrated so that it can remain healthy and smooth
throughout the whole season. In addition, don’t forget to apply lip balm regularly, and make sure that
it is one that has a high SPF as your lips need as much protection as your skin.

Make sure you have a soothing kit at hand

So you have forgotten to apply your sunscreen, and now your skin is red and tender. In order to avoid any
lasting damage, it is essential that you apply soothing and cooling gels as soon as possible.
That way you can reverse some of the damage and help your skin heal more quickly.
One of the best options are natural products that contain Aloe Vera, which is the perfect natural remedy for a
bad sunburn and can help prevent peeling. Finally, try to stay out of the sun for the next few days and don’t
forget to apply sunscreen in case you absolutely have to go out. Remember, regular sunburns can at times be
one of the reasons for contracting melanoma, so why risk it if you don’t have to.

Your skin is now ready for the summer, and these five tips will ensure that it stays healthy and smooth the
entire time.

Brigitte Evans
Brigitte is a newbie writer from Australia, with a sweet tooth for makeup and everything sparkly. When she is not drooling over the next big thing in the beauty industry, she is reading mystery novels and making plans for her next trip. She is a proud aunt of Sophie, age 2 who rounded her Chanel lipstick but loves her anyway.

Beauty And Lifestyle : 5 Hair Care Life-Changing Tips. #HairCare

If you are not part of the lucky 1% that has consistently strong and thick hair strands through their entire lifetime, you will almost certainly reach that dreaded point when your hair makes you feel miserable. Sooner or later, your hairline and overall strand quality will alter your appearance for the worse and make you look considerably older – unless you take a few steps in the right direction and adhere to these five hair care life-changing tips that will make you beam with confidence once more.

Say no to blow drying

Taking blow drying out of the equation is one of the most common hair care tips out there, and it is definitely a solid one. Its widespread nature can be found in the fact that it relies on common sense – if you expose your hair to such intense heat on a regular basis, it will get damaged. There is a good reason our hair gets greasy over time – it is the body’s biological mechanism of keeping the strands protected and healthy. However, it is also really hard to eliminate blow drying from our everyday routine. Try to air-dry hair whenever you can and if it’s too cold outside, you can use stylish head-scarfs to keep your head warm while it dries. Your strands will be eternally grateful for it.

Coconut oil is your elixir

Photo by terricks noah on Unsplash
Coconut oil is one of the most amazing things you can introduce into your life – a life hack of sorts which has multiple uses in nearly every aspect of life. When it comes to hair, coconut oil boasts hydrating and natural conditioning properties that rejuvenate hair strands and protect them from splitting. If you want to stop the thinning of your hair, coconut oil is the best and most natural go-to solution. The best course of action is to apply it to your hair before you hit the sack, so it can work its magic overnight. The result is smooth and silky hair that still retains its strength and thickness. 

Keep it simple with the products

Photo by terricks noah on Unsplash
There are countless hair products on the market. Once you walk into a supermarket, you are greeted with an endless array of brands that offer different types of shampoos for a variety of purposes. Try to look beyond the marketing ploys and think long-term. If a particular hair product truly fulfills the promise right now, imagine its effects on your hair in the long run. As we use a variety of products, our hair becomes oversaturated with silicone-based chemicals and other atrocious compounds – and this goes without mentioning that it also becomes desensitized to their effects.
The key tip is to keep it simple with the products. Use a hair growth shampoo made with natural ingredients to stimulate your skin and your strands and detox the top of your head. From then on, use the simplest products you can find on the market – they will not damage your hair in the long run and they are almost always cheaper than their “miracle-working” counterparts.

Coloring should be extremely limited

Photo by Kyle Loftus on Unsplash
Changing our hair color is one of the most popular appearance changes because it shows immediate and drastic results without being invasive. However, if this tweak turns into a habit, you are putting your strands in danger. After all, most hair coloring products are filled with toxins that do not only dry your hair but enter your body through pores on your scalp. Even if you use “organic” coloring products, some ill effects are still inescapable. Natural balayage is a good solution if you truly cannot stand the grays, but limit such procedures to three times a year at most to preserve the integrity of your hair.