Meet “Katrina Antonovich” Luxury #InteriorDesigner And OTSM Best Female Entrepreneur Of The Month.


Interior Designer “Katrina Antonovich”  is an icon in the Design world, and she is dedicated her work to creating interiors comparable with works of art. 

Women Fashion : Amarelis Launches Breathtaking New Fashion Collection [Metamorphosis SS20].

I was very excited to see the latest project this lovely Global Fashion Brand "Amarelis" have been working on, They Have Launched a new fashion collection called "Metamorphosis", Now you all know I can be a big baby and I love all things "Fantasy", As a spiritual Goddess myself I adore the name of their new collection, but let me give you a little more information about this Brand.

Amarelis design is an indigenous lifestyle brand, It embodies the personal style and sensibility of its chairman, CEO and designer Omolara Cole. The collections are known for colour, print & eclectic details, including ready to wear outfits, couture, shoes, handbags, accessories, beauty & home decors.
She drew her initial creative designs from her very own love for beautiful things & stylish sister, Also over the years, She has drawn her inspiration from- Travel, Music, Art, Environment and other designers’ work inspires her, She is so full of life and has a big heart, and I am honoured to actually know her on a personal level and I have been in love with her amazing personality and aura.

I am loving this new collection and if you would love to see more please check out and follow their Instagram page (Amarelisatelier) I have to say My girl Lara has done a great job with this new collection and I also had to check out her previous collections, I couldn't stop looking at it, to have a talent such as hers, to be able to visualise and create looks that stand out and look so unique is amazing, Shop The New Collection Here.

The Beautiful Face Behind This Lovely Designs - Omolara Cole (Follow Her On Instagram Here)
Stay tuned my lovely people as I would be doing an exclusive feature on this Beauty and it would be featured here and My Personal Website/Channel. Have a productive day. #GoodvibesOnly

Lifestyle : How To Style Dark Bedrooms To Exude Luxury . #BedroomIdeas #InteriorStyling

Dark bedrooms have become such a trend in recent years and with a good reason, too. Darker hues can make your living space look more luxurious and refined, so it’s no wonder many homeowners decide to follow this trend. If you want to try the trend yourself, there are several tips you can use – read on to learn what they are.

Pick the perfect dark color for your bedroom walls
Darker colors reflect less light and as such appear to be more calming and soothing, which makes them perfect for bedrooms. Colors like navy blue, black, and charcoal are all great choices for painting your room since they add a sense of luxury and sophistication. Rich browns, vivid greens, and deep purples are also perfect candidates for creating a glamorous space. These colors will stand out even more when some brightly-colored accessories are introduced. Pops of color will create contrast and add some interest to your space. Whichever dark shade you pick for your room, it is sure to add some drama and mystery to it and help you create a sophisticated and refined ambience.

Play with textures, shapes, and materials
One way of introducing balance into your bedroom is by using textures. Many interior designers use textures to make spaces look more appealing and visually interesting. Their main aim is to make the room not only look but feel cozy. Textures work best when introduced in a contrasting manner. Use wood, stone, leather, and metal and create a contrast by introducing fluffy pillows and a soft throw to give your room a contemporary vibe and make it feel cozy and refined. Another way you can create a contrast in your bedroom is by adding different shapes. If your room feels somewhat boxy due to strong angles and rectangular shapes, a cozy round rug can make all the difference – its soft design will serve as a contrast to rough, straight lines, adding depth and dimension to your room, thus completing the look.

Introduce focal points by using bold statement pieces
Implementing focal points into your bedroom is another great way to achieve a balanced and sophisticated look. There can be several focal points throughout the room, but you have to be careful not to go overboard. Two or three strategically placed statement pieces will do the trick. A focal point can be your bed, the painting on the wall, or even a bold accent chair. It needs to be something that is eye-catching and interesting to look at. Interior designers usually choose larger pieces of furniture for their focal points, while accessories and other smaller pieces act as supporting elements and serve as a background for those bold, statement pieces.

Use layers to add visual weight to your room
Layers are often used by interior designers to make the room feel richer and more appealing to the eye. An abundance of layers will also add visual weight to the whole room and make it look more complex. There are many different ways to use layers in your bedroom, and the most common way of doing it is by adding layers to your furniture, like adding various throw pillows to your bed and placing a chunky knit blanket over it. Make sure to use a simple, neutral color palette for your bedding, such as black, gray, and blush pink. Neutral colors will elevate the look of your bedroom and make it seem modern and refined.

Use metallics to add a luxury feel to your room

Metallics are a great decorating tool for rooms painted in darker shades. They can instantly make any space look more luxe and stylish due to their shiny surfaces and elegant vibe they create wherever you place them. Silvers mix well with grays, bronze and copper look good when paired with deep browns while gold looks best when you combine it with black or inky blue walls. Mixing metals is also allowed as long as you mix similar tones. Combine tones like silver and chrome for a cool look, or mix copper with gold if you prefer a warmer look.

There are many ways you can rock this trend and use it to elevate the look of your living space and make it more stylish. Use our tips as a guide for creating a luxe-looking dark bedroom that is certain to inspire sweet dreams.

Exclusive Interview With Real Housewives Of Miami Star, Entrepreneur,Philanthropist And Novelist - Lea Black

Mother, wife, philanthropist, author, television personality, political fundraiser and entrepreneurial titan.
A Texas native, she moved to Miami in the late 1980's and brought with her an unbridled passion and compassion, dynamism and focus, business acumen and civic responsibility, that together has left an indelible mark on Miami. As head of a home, a business and community leader, she believes woman can accomplish whatever they set their minds to and what they are passionate about. Lea has a prominent role on the current “Real Housewives of Miami” and has had numerous appearances on CNN HLN; EXTRA; KTLA; NBC6 Miami; and many other national news and entertainment shows. She also blogs for the Huffington Post.
Outspoken and uncompromising in her beliefs, Lea divides her time between fulfilling her philanthropic missions centered around children and teens and furthering her international business interests with her health, beauty, accessory and jewelry endeavors. 
Lea what was life like growing up and what was your Biggest Motivation as a young woman?
I grew up in a small town – very country. I was motivated to see what life in the big city would be like.
You wrote a bestseller- “Red Carpets & White Lies." What inspired you to write this book and would you be publishing any more books in the nearest future?
I have always written for magazines. I loved just being able to create something from nothing. Also, I had a lot of Miami personalities to work from in creating composites of interesting, complex, crazy, fascinating characters. I am considering the next book.
You host one of the most successful charities in Miami once a year "Blacks Annual gala" with lots of glamour and A-listers; I have to say you are amazing! How did you grow from starting your charity in 1994 in your "Backyard" to where it is today? What was your biggest Motivation?
Watching my husband's clients suffer, children and families suffer because of circumstances or bad choices motivated me. I wanted to try help them at an early age to prevent them from a life of crime.
What inspired you to create your Business Empire ""?
I have always worked and been driven. Always had a lot of people I wanted to do things for, and money, when used properly can help a lot of people
Photo By -Greg Lotus Photography
What advice would you give aspiring male and female entrepreneurs hoping to build their own businesses and become independent & successful in their career?
Don’t give up. Do not get in over your head. Be sure it is something you want to do enough, that when times get tough you have the persistence and dedication you will need to see it through. Vet the people who you work with and trust carefully.

What is your definition of “Women Empowerment”?

Women supporting each other and working for them – not being jealous or backstabbing – realizing there is plenty for everyone.

What is your Philosophy and Mantra?
Maintain integrity and character as a foundation for any endeavor.
What are some of your latest and upcoming projects this year?
Filming, details will be announced. Radio, co-hosting on the Jeff Lewis show Radio Andy Sirius XM. Real estate projects. Helping my son get into a college he can thrive in. A new breakthrough in skin care.

What are your top Six Health and Beauty tips on how you keep your skin looking ever so radiant?
No or minimum sun. 
Drink lots of water. 
Minimum sugar and dairy.
Eat clean. 
In the world today, sadly I have noticed women are always very negative towards other females chasing their dreams instead of showing support they derive pleasure in dragging the other woman down and derailing her from her success, what advice would you give to a woman in this situation to help her stay focused on her dreams?
If it doesn’t affect you - why ever think about it. Put your energy into your own projects. Always remember, the only person you compete with is yourself.
You are a very Fashionable woman; tell us about your Personal Style and who is your Style Icon of All Time?
My personal style is basic, simple, practical, timeless and add fabulous accessories. My style icon is Audrey Hepburn, classic, iconic and timeless.

Men's Fashion - Christopher Korey Collective New York [CKCNY] Launches Iconic Menswear Collection.

I am excited to announce the launch of  Christopher Korey's Latest tailor-made project, CKC New York online Store. CKC has developed a new and innovative way to curate your style at a sensible price.

With each collection designed to be paired with one another, it’s not a suit or a jacket or a pair of pants, it’s a wardrobe assemblage to help create your own personal style.

"If you look back at the glamour and style of old Hollywood and if you saw those people walking around today, they would look just as good as they did 50, 60 and 70 years ago. As a society, we have gotten away from grace and glamour. Men and women no longer look their best they just look like everyone else. We are trying to bring back some of what made that era and that look special. It’s really just about making everyone the best version of themselves and being the star of their own movie which is their life." 
~Christopher Korey.
[ My Favorite Collection is the Merlot Flannel Collection- Click Image To View More]
Beginning today, the CKC atelier and the online store will provide you with a new and innovative shopping experience.
I would describe Christopher Korey's Fashion Style As- Old Hollywood With A Modern Twist.
So go ahead guys, click the image below and explore, change your style and wardrobe today, believe me, you will be glad you did, I always say if I return as a male in my next life, I better look this good and be this talented.
Congratulations Again Christopher Korey On the Successful launch of your Website.

Lifestyle - Features of A Luxury Home That Are Just Incomplete Without Lift And Slide Doors. #Interiordesign

All the riches that you own are in vain if you fail to keep your house vibrant! I am talking about luxury here. From the open door to the wide hallway, your home deserves to be such that reflects your class and luxe! Nature's art is undoubtedly beautiful, but it's the humans who can win the ultimate title of creating beauty inside the home.
Here are a few features which you must install in your villa now and invite luxury in:

Lift And Slide Doors-

The time when regular doors were into trend is now long gone. Bid adieu and bring home lift and slide doors. These can be the ultimate beauty and can serve as a fantastic entrance to your garden or the pool area. Every time you take some guest out to show the pool, they won't resist to adore the beauty of these doors first!

Swimming Pool-

Now that we have already talked about the lift and slide doors, it's time for a feature that's the soul of a luxury home in modern times. A swimming pool, whether used or unused, is always like a jewel on the crown. It keeps your villa classy as well as adds a fun spot to your home.

A Recreational Structure

Your house must boast a recreational room for you to hang out with your friends. It can include some games, a TV, a video game machine, and a separate space that stores all your favourite booze in it. You can get it built in the backyard or the garden of your house. You can also equip it with lift and slide doors for a better view of the scenery outside.

Tennis Court

Have you ever pondered on the house that Will Smith calls his villa? Its magnificence is defined by the amenities and the various spots he got built inside.
Tennis is the game of the rich and creating a tennis court inside is no less than buying a Rolls Royce. Your guests are sure to count your home as the next big thing to Will Smith's house once they get a sight of it.

Home Gym

All your riches are useless if you fail to keep yourself fit in the long run. Get a personal gym built inside your house as this will help you save the time and toil from going to a gym outside. Plus, you can also hire a personal trainer who may help you out with your workout and your diet.

A Library Near The Garden

While we have simply accepted the digital era, a hint of tradition into your home can be classy. A library can be a magical place to walk in after a tiresome day. Now you can store all your good reads here and read them whenever you want.
A Home Theatre

High-end homes can have their home theatre, and it's completely natural. Gloomy days can be turned interesting inside your home in a home theatre. Play your favourite movie and enjoy good times with your friends and family. You may also stream your favourite matches which will be the perfect night out with your friends, isn't it?

Custom Garage

If you really want a luxury home, then you need to have a few luxury cars too. Good enough if you already have the beasts with you. Now you need to have a custom garage too. These places can be the perfect home for your beasts, and you can equip these garages with all the essentials that your cars might need. Also, a lift and slide door can help visitors get a view of your babies inside the garage!