Featured: Exclusive Interview With Male Fashion Model Isaac Moreno.

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Spanish Fashion Model Isaac Moreno takes the cover story of OTSMagazine‘s Fall 2022 digital edition lensed by photographer Maurizio Montani
Isaac can be best described as one who is beautiful inside out, he is hardworking with a great sense of humor, just to name a few of his many qualities.
In this interview, he talks about his journey as an international model and his transition from life as an engineer to life in front of the cameras.
The interview is also available in Spanish version|Here
Photography|Maurizio Montani
Hi Isaac, Please fully tell us about yourself and your background.
I was born in a small neighborhood in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. My childhood was very good despite growing up in a very humble family. My parents and siblings always provided me with what I needed to be happy. I played football and rode my bicycle while doing the typical pranks of a young boy of my age. I graduated with a degree in Accounting but eventually got an opportunity to become a Structural Engineer, which I did for 15 years drawing earthquake foundations for houses in California and Nevada.
Wow! So how and when did you discover you had a passion for modeling?
It was after I lost my job as an engineer that I became interested in taking pictures, but I never thought I would do this as a career even though people have asked me several times to go into modeling, I just wanted to open an Instagram and upload some pictures on the beach...hehehe.
Yep, that's the story of life, it surprises you when you least expect it to, In your own words please describe your style as a model?
I think I have a fashionable and sensual style, very masculine and I always try to transmit a lot of strength with my attitude when I work, although, in the end, each person receives what they want to feel.
I completely agree with you, the way a photo resonates with me might feel different to the next person, but I know most people will agree with me when I say you are the "Adonis" of our time.
Can you tell us about the people who may have influenced your life and career?
Haha.Professionally I really like David Gandy and Christian Hogue. There are also some photographers from whom I have learned a lot and whose advice I carry with me. But the person who has influenced my life the most is my brother; his humility, simplicity, and discretion are a model for me in all aspects of my life.
How big a role does modeling play in your life?
I make a living from this so it's very important to me. In the end, it influences your personality, your attitude, your confidence, and being in front of the cameras for so long, you become a model 24 hours a day... hahaha.
Who or what is your biggest motivation in life?
My son..even while working I sometimes think of him and this helps me to do my best.
Do you get to travel a lot for your work? If so what’s your favorite city that you have visited?
Yes, being an international model I can have a campaign on the other side of the world tomorrow and you must always be available for it... There are many wonderful places in the world but if I have to choose a city I think Rome is the most beautiful I have ever seen.
What advice would you offer to other aspiring models who wish to set their own style and not be like everyone else?
I would tell them that they should never think about what others will say, they should not take into account the opinion of others, they should take the plunge, without fear because in life you have to do what you want, what you love... and that happiness depends on you alone.
Brilliant advice, I always say: Be you, do you for you because only you can make yourself happy.
What Would You Consider the Most Important Components of Your Style? And Do You Feel You Have a Signature Style as a model?
I think my attitude is a little thing that makes a difference. In front of the camera, you have to believe it, be very confident, and think you are the best. Behind the camera, you have to go to the other extreme and be the most humble, unassuming person, in the world.
Photography|Maurizio Montani
If you could change one thing about the fashion and modeling industry, what would it be? What would you improve?
I believe that much has improved, but the industry must reduce its environmental impact and its products are not the result of labor exploitation in developing countries, this is a goal to be achieved.
What is the most challenging part of being a model?
Be prepared not to be liked. I know a lot of models who fall apart, who get depressed and quit because brands don't choose them, but that doesn't mean you're not good for it, it just means that the client is looking for something specific. You have to keep trying and be very strong mentally. Opportunity always comes and this industry is very huge.
What are some of the biggest hurdles you have faced as a model and how did you overcome them?
Loneliness and distance from the people you love. In the end, you are a nomad who goes from city to city and spends most of your time alone. But you get used to it and you value all that time you spend with yourself. It helps you to grow, to know yourself, and to improve yourself.
Photography|Maurizio Montani
What do you consider your biggest professional success so far?
I've done some very big productions and some very small ones, but I think in the end success is determined by your happiness. If you're happy with what you do, you've already achieved success, no matter how big the job is. I've done shoots that have made me very happy and feel very fortunate to be in this industry. I remember a small job with a very humble brand that was a huge success.
How has your perception of the industry changed over time?
Good question... Most people have a very wrong idea about this industry, even I did. This industry is very professional, being a model is a job like any other. They call you at a certain time and take pictures, and videos and that's it, that's all there is to it, you just do your job and go on with your life, which should be as healthy as possible. Being professional is the most valued thing.
What are some of your latest and upcoming projects?
I recently filmed for a well-known perfume, a hairdressing brand with a lot of repercussions, and also for a very famous Japanese brand in the automobile industry. My next projects are some fashion shows, some other projects for TV and cinema, and a campaign for a very well-known brand that will be produced in Cancun. But don't tell anyone...hahaha.
Photography|Maurizio Montani
Oh, definitely your secret is safe with us lol...
How do you prep for a shoot from an exercise and nutrition perspective? Any tricks of the trade? For how long?
I take great care of my body. I go to the gym 6 times a week and I am very strict and disciplined with my diet. I fast every day, I control my calories per week and I never drink alcohol or go out partying. My goal is to stay at 8 or 9% body fat for the whole year and this requires a big sacrifice... but eventually, you get used to it.
What are you doing when you are not working?
I move around the city a lot, I like to find new places and sit down for a coffee. I go to the cinema a lot, I love reading and learning new things. Every weekend I try to do something different and discover good restaurants to break my diet...haha.
Photography|Maurizio Montani
Any last words you’d like to add?
The world of fashion is very beautiful and allows you to learn new things and acquire a lot of cultures. It is a very rewarding way of life but at the same time it is a sacrifice, you must be willing to sacrifice many things and be prepared to maybe "tomorrow" be in another place with another culture totally different from yours... But that's the beauty of this job, in the end, you realize that all human beings are equal and that we all seek the same thing: happiness, eat well, enjoy life, love, and lead a life of peace and tranquility... and that is the true Success in life.
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