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Hello My Lovelies, 

I am sure we are all preparing to have a lovely Easter Sunday, and this is a time in life where one has to think of their life purpose, lessons and aspire to be greater than there were/are. 

Never let anyone make you feel low or inferior about yourself without your consent, lately we come across people who only dwell on negativity, gossiping, and think backwards, they never see the greater good in life, it’s time for you to take a stand and clear the cobwebs out of your life, like i always say ” Positive Thinking Brings Positive Things“, take this time to reflect on your life, and you will realize you have wasted valuable time on “sadists”, and people who only think one-sided, some are friends,family,colleagues etc

 if you find yourself in this situation and you have done all you can to change this person’s mind of thinking but they choose to stay negative , it is time for you to move on. ” You can take a horse to the stream but you can not force it to drink“. Also HAVE A VERY HAPPY EASTER. :)



This New Year, Live your life and do everything that makes you happy, because it is all about YOU and no one else but YOU, and if you have a colleague,friend or anyone close to you that has a problem with this, nicely show him/her the door, unfortunately in this life no one will ever be like you, no one will ever have your shine,nor your personality, you will meet people who are ready to deceive you, manipulate you, and also mislead you for their own personal gain, but when the universe shows you the light, follow it and then you will find your path.


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