#Quotes Of The Week: If You Can't Love Your Self,How Are You Going To Love Someone Else? #qotd #quotestoliveby #motivation #inspiration

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Life – We are in it, we are living it, and we should never be held back. So many of us have entered a New year with nothing but Bitterness,Regret,Negativity, Hate and Baggage, do me a favour and visit the Recycle Bin.Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.


Learn to always trust your instincts in life, do not be misled and always leave everything to the Universe and Karma,
 Live your life and do everything that makes you happy, because it is all about YOU and no one else but YOU, and if you have a colleague,friend or anyone close to you that has a problem with this, nicely show him/her the door, unfortunately in this life no one will ever be like you, no one will ever have your shine,nor your personality, you will meet people who are ready to deceive you, manipulate you, and also mislead you for their own personal gain, but when the universe shows you the light, follow it and then you will find your path.
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