Fashion Interview: Shane Burnell “Best Male Tattoo Model Of The Year” Tells It All In An Exclusive Interview With Linda Bella

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Meet Shane Burnell "The Pirate", And Find Out More About This Business Man, Tattoo Enthusiast, And Lover Of Life.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?
Well I've been a skateboarder for about 24 years and the guys I used to hang out with were mostly skaters and graphic artists, so I have always been very street smart and not your average Joe. I love extreme sports...anything extreme really haha!. And now I'm taking my tattoo modeling and acting to levels that fit my personality. As extreme as it can go haha. [He Laughs]

Lol Cool! I assume that your childhood dream wasn't to be a model, so how were you discovered?
Lol I had no idea I was going to end up looking like this or becoming a model. I have however always been comfortable in front of a camera but usually acting the fool. Once I took the first step in getting my first tattoo, I realized that wasn't going to be the end. After thinking hard about where I wanted to go In life, after many jobs cool ones and not-so-cool jobs, I was found by a local clothing co-play to do a campaign for them. I ended up shooting 3 campaigns for them and was then found by a professional modeling agency. During this time I had also started my own alternative agency as I had tried in the past to sign to an agency yet none would take me.

 So Tell us About your Modeling Agency (SHOW OFFS), and why you launched your own Modeling Agency?
I started Show Offs because modeling was a direction I wanted to go in and no other agency would accept me, so I thought about the idea and said: "lets just create our own agency" for myself and other models out there like me.

So Nice of you to do that, I am sure there are other models out there, that went through the same thing, been turned down by Agencies and all, so at what age did you start getting tattooed?
 I got my first tattoo at the age of 16 and clearly haven't stopped.
Tattoo trends are bigger than ever. Talks us through how you go about choosing your tattoo?
Yes tattoos are becoming more acceptable, yet, as a fashion sense people are running into tattoos too fast and making mistakes as they do not think about the commitment or repercussions. I have also gone through life, and an exciting one at that, putting events or life happenings, emotional occurrences etc. as memories and advice or wisdom. All my tattoos are custom drawn.

 If you weren't modeling, your career choice would be?
I would probably go into defense security, military or something to do with nature and animals.
What about your style do you believe makes you most distinctive?
Style, in general, is something that one's self-pulls off. Everyone has their own style it's just about how good you can wear it.

 Photo By- Dominique Spruch

What tips and advice would you give to male and female models wanting to go into modeling? 
The industry is hard! Try to stand out, be different and unique at all times. Do not let the industry take advantage of you as there are sharks out there. Be very careful while signing contracts too.
Very true!.Shane, what do you think about men fashion right now?
It's going in a few directions. Personally, I have always liked the old school James Dean look with ripped jeans and leather jackets. Let's call it classic. Otherwise, I always enjoy putting on a good suit, looking smart but at the same time, pulling off some  'thug life' never hurt anyone either. I Love fashion and I love where it is going.

 What are your latest and Upcoming Projects?
Well, I have recently just finished shooting for Puma international. I just shot for their two new campaigns worldwide  [winter and spring collection]. I am constantly doing interviews, write ups and flying to local cities for live TV show interviews. I have also been called to Thailand to model for 3-6 months which will be happening soon and hopefully take my career to the next level.
Brilliant Shane, So happy for you! How would you describe your personal style, where do you pull your inspiration and motivation from? 
I've always just been me! I think that's the best thing anyone can be "Yourself". Style can only come once you are In sync with yourself. Health is a huge motivation for me which certainly helps in this line of work.
 Let’s take you back in time - What was your first ever modeling job?
My first professional modeling job was for Climacool Adidas which was maybe 15 years ago.

 Photo By- Dylan Kruger

What are the pros of being a Tattoo model?
The pros of being a tattoo model? Hmmm... Many I'd say haha[he laughs]. Already you stand out amongst other models and the way my career has taken off I have somewhat become a public icon or local celeb. Two top companies made me their Ambassador : Style and Fashion for  Scotch and Soda and Sport Lifestyle for Puma. This has also put me in the spotlight and created me as a brand itself.
Amazing!! So what do you do to stay in shape?
I hit the gym and train as much as possible. Eating right is certainly top of my list. Work hard, train hard so you can party hard, haha!!.
Biggest Pet peeves?
Eish.. (Shouts in African slang for Sh*t/wtf) -Taxis, annoying loud humans, drunk people who spit, drunk people In general...

Is there any other Tattoo Model out there that has inspired you since the start of your career?
Never inspired but at the moment Spizoiky is doing really well and I love the work he puts out there.
And Finally, Shane Will you be visiting the UK anytime soon? 
Yes! when I am done traveling to Thailand, I will be visiting the UK for a short while before my journey to the United States begins.

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