Exclusive Mini Interview : Alexander Masson On Life As A Fashion Model.

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Photography -Jennifer Massaux

Alexander Masson (born Jan 1, 1993) is a French/Colombian male model born in Arlington, VA and moved to France, where he lived for six years before returning to a small town in Michigan, near the border of Indiana, named Quincy.”

Hey, Alexander please Introduce yourself to the Readers telling us more about you, what was life like growing up? Also tell us how you were “Discovered”. 
My name is Alexander Masson, I was born in Arlington, VA, my father is French and my mother is Colombian. Before I turned one, I moved to France for six years. When I came back to the States, I lived in Michigan for 10 years where I went to school until my sophomore year. After that, I moved to Florida, where I currently reside and graduated high school with a 3.7 GPA. I decided college was not for me and wanted to pursue my passion for modeling. Growing up I enjoyed playing sports and played on several school teams. I played soccer, football, basketball, and wrestled.
I began doing small gigs for TV (episode of The Glades) and music videos; I was discovered through a Jennifer Lopez music video. I was in her “Adrenalina” video and was selected by JLo herself for her other music video “I Luh Ya Papi” which gave me my big break.  It has given me the career I have always dreamed of having. I appreciate every day the opportunity she gave me and the doors it has opened for me.
What has been your favorite shoot or modeling work till date?
My favorite gig to date has been the music video for Jennifer Lopez’ “I Luh Ya Papi”, besides the fact that I got to meet JLo, it was the best opportunity thus far. It was an amazing experience working on set with her and her team, it also provided me the exposure necessary for my career to develop.

How would you describe your personal style, where do you pull your inspiration from?
My personal style is very laid back, there is nothing like just kicking my feet back and being comfortable. Having said that, I very much enjoy dressing in some of my favorite designer clothes. The tailoring is amazing and it is impossible not to look good. I get my inspiration from movies, photographers, magazines, family, and friends, but mainly it comes from within.
When you look back to the start of your career as a model, did you ever think you would get this far? 
This has all been a surreal experience; never did I think it would happen so quickly.  However, I have always believed in my work ethic and myself.  I thank everyone every day who has believed in me. I am truly grateful for all the opportunities. There is only going up from here.
Alexander Masson Was Recently Featured In -Xander Magazine “The Body Issue” www.xandermag.com
What healthy tips would you give Males & females looking to have shredded “Abs” and look fit or just stay in shape? 
You have to motivate yourself and have enough discipline to obtain those abs. Don’t go for drastic changes, start gradually whether it’s drinking more water, eating cleaner, exercising more, things like that will produce results. Most importantly, “Abs are made in the kitchen”
What other hobbies do you engage in when you are not modeling or working?
I play basketball and tennis recreationally. Aside from sports, I love weight training and anything health/fitness-related, watching movies, reading, going to the beach, and occasionally I go fishing.
Photography- Cynthia Ottuso
Knowing what you know, what advice would you give to models and models that are trying to establish themselves in the fashion and modeling industry today?  
My advice for other models is don’t ever give up! You have to stay persistent, especially dealing with rejection. If it is your passion, find a means to achieve your goals.
What is your Fashion Mantra and who are some of your favorite designers?
 You make the clothes, not the other way around. It has to come from within.  Having confidence in yourself and being comfortable in your own skin will always help you pull off whatever you want to wear. Some of my favorite designers include -Versace, Armani, and Coach just to name a few.

What were the Major Milestones that gave you that extra motivation boost? 
I would have to say rejection. Rejection gives me the courage and willpower to focus on my career goals and what is truly important to me.
 What are some of your latest and upcoming projects? 
I have some more editorials coming out soon, along with a swimwear campaign.
What is your philosophy? 
Stay grounded and focused. Never give up and follow your passion, dream big and fight for what you want.
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