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Movies have “taught” us that every single office in the world has the same dress code. In other words, if you are planning on working at the office you should stack up on your pencil skirt and blazer collections. If you are more into jeans, you’ll just have to wait for casual Fridays. The reality, however, is a little bit different.

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Before we start, let’s get one thing straight here. Nobody said that you should wear your micro skirt, shorts, flip flops etc. to work, no. But managers generally complain about younger generations and their dressing habits. The key is in sticking with that perfect line between casual and professional. Why? Simply, as much as clothes don’t make a man, in business world they do. And sadly, people ARE going to judge your professionalism based on your clothing and your entire look.

First things first

Wait. Before we get to the outfit part, there are much more important things to be discussed. Ask yourself:
  • Am I wearing too much makeup?
  • Do I have a visible tattoo?
  • Is my hair neat? When was the last time I dyed it?
You just have to look neat. If you have a visible tattoo, cover it with some foundation. Know that you don’t need a lot of makeup for work, it is daytime and you are at the office - you will just end up looking ridiculous. Some foundation, a soft eye shadow and some lip gloss will do the trick. Next, your hair. Our hair can either frame or completely ruin our entire look, so we have to keep it as nice as possible. In order to make it sleek, make sure you treat it with vitamins and keep simple.

Know where you are

Every workplace is different. At some places you will be able to casually wear your oversized T-shirt, while at other places everyone is going to look at you like you are some sort of a clown just because your tie is a little bit brighter. You have to look around and be completely aware of the dress code in your company. By that, I mean looking at people you admire, and people you want to be sitting in a meeting room within a few years.

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