Fashion : 5 Style Rules to Live By.

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To many, style is like music – it’s a whole language, a unique way to communicate your preferences, your beliefs and your attitudes to the whole world. And yes, some have a talent for it, while others have to work damn hard to catch with the times and craft their own look.

But just like every Mozart’s cadence has a clear structure, even when it has his famous trill ornaments, a unique style has its own set of guidelines that make it stand the test of time. Let’s see how you can achieve the same with your look!   

Different doesn’t mean better
And simple doesn’t have to be boring. And vice versa for both. It takes time to master this level of finesse, but it boils down to several key things. First of all, whatever you do, you don’t need to dress differently every day, and you should never dress for people, but for the occasion.
Don’t aim to dazzle or impress others, personally. If you’re leading an office life, simplicity can be your most practical, comfortable choice to keep your productivity high and your colleagues to respect you. Simultaneously, you can add a decent touch of flair with the right choice of nail polish, jewelry, or even a powerful Skagen timepiece on your wrist. Be playful, but keep it cool and graceful.

Wear your personality
Life is too short and too wonderful for all of us to wear black socks all the time, or so my significant other claims, and I cannot help but agree. While tighty whities will always be a reasonable garment to own, don’t limit your wardrobe (your undergarments included) to clothes that don’t resonate with your personality!
If you fell in love with that stunning Alice + Olivia mini dress with floral embroidery, then go for it! Or if you simply adore wearing all things plain and monochrome apart from your insanely colorful shoes, what’s stopping you? There’s a need for crisp white shirts and pure black pumps, but don’t be afraid to add some innovation to your style dictionary.

Comfort meets style
Sometimes, trends can be ruthless and dismantle all style choices you otherwise love, and yet there are still enduring items that remain timeless despite (or maybe because) of their simplicity. A great example is our undying love for the hoodie. It’s an icon of youth that we even transformed into an haute garment in the past year, an essential for anyone who loves street style.
Come to think of it, the timeless Birkenstock is practically a family member of every household by now, a must-have, a favorite pick for beach lounging, summer barbecues and casual walks to the store. It’s vacation for your feet, and consequently, a beloved holiday choice for many. And yes, comfort does matter as much as appearance, so don’t throw away your old college sweats or your old flannel shirt – style always makes room for comfort.

Know your size
Ah, the rule many keep forgetting or at least ignoring when it comes to buying your bra size, and picking your dress for the summer wedding (because by then you’ll surely shed those extra pounds off your waist). Always mind your body, not just type, as in choosing the right cut, but also your size, as too tight or too loose doesn’t fly with everything or everyone.
Yes, oversized is popular, and some of you can pull it off, but not all the time and for all occasions. On the other hand, too tight is simply too tight, so if your clothes leave deep indentations in your skin, it’s a clear sign it’s time for a shopping spree!

Posture means style
Supermodels, Instagram stars as well as famous designers all know one dominant truth of a true fashionista – what you wear can only be as good as the way you wear it. No matter your figure, your size, shape or preferences, your attitude is the determining factor of your style.

So even if you’re wearing that hoodie and a pair of torn old sneakers, keep your head held high, your back straight, and all those imperfections we all secretly try to hide will fall into oblivion compared to your resolute posture. Whatever you wear, wear it with pride, and enjoy every bit of that style of yours that adds to your authenticity!  
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