Healthy Living : What Is the Significance of Pressure Relief Cushions in Minimizing Pain?

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Bedsores and pressure ulcers are huge issues which elevate the sufferings that a patient goes through.  Other than trying to combat the bedsores, patients have to suffer from the pain and discomfort that are resulted due to the disease. However, patients can relieve themselves from such ailments by using pressure relief cushion that can be used on designed beds for treating bedsores and cushions.

Pressure ulcers are caused due to the prolonged contact with different kinds of chair and bed cause a great deal of pressure on patients’ body. The supply of oxygen is greatly affected, and the skin of the entire body is greatly damaged. 

Reasons for Occurrence

 The reasons for the occurrence of bedsores and ulcers are caused due to aging skin and limited mobility. This also results due to restricted supply of blood in the body parts. Decreased sensation in the body leads to poor nutrition, immobility, shearing of the upper layer of the skin, circulatory issues, and constricted blood vessels.  These factors lead to the formation of various types of sore in the body.  The surface often bed gets wet due to the sweating which further makes the skin very soft that it results in bedsores. Gel-filled pressure cushions or high-quality fabric woven into the outer surfaces of pressure cushions can lead to a relief from pain, and also allow a patient to have a sound sleep. 

Need for Pressure Relief Cushion

 This is when one needs to understand the need for pressure relief cushion. These are mentioned below:
•  Pressure relief cushions facilitate continuous and good blood flow in different parts of the body.
•    The pressure relief cushions that provide low pressure provide a great amount of relief to the individuals who suffer from the intense severity of the ailments. These cushions or mattresses are structured for continuous airflow to minimize the pressure and maintain the freshness of the body.

Benefits of Using Pressure Relief Cushions

                 The upper surface of the pressure relief cushions facilitates greater pressure to be released to make the patients feel comfortable.
                 These pressure relief cushions are designed with various channels in a cross-cut manner which assist in increasing the flow of air and reduce the level of moisture.
                 The material that is used in the pressure relief cushions in CMHR foam which is vapor permeable and stretchable in two ways.

What are the different features of pressure relief cushions?

                 The pressure relief cushions that have high tech features are stable, durable and firm for providing a rigid base for the patients who have overweight.
                 These pressure relief cushions are completely free of bacteria and are fire retardant along with being waterproof.
                 Pressure relief cushions are very easy and convenient to clean as they come with a zip cover that can be easily removed.
                 There are different types of pressure relief cushions available in the market, and some are especially designed for using for wheelchair patients also. The pocketed foams give the best elasticity to the cushions which makes it easier for patients to relax or to move about.

What medicinal impact do these pressure relief cushions have?

 Sores and ulcers are huge concerns for individuals in the industry of health and social care. The carers of the patients along with the nurses have to fight constantly either to treat them or to prevent them.   Sores and ulcers due to pressures may convert into complications that also lead to the death of many patients. Additionally, the pain that the patients go through during these times cannot be tolerated. There is much pressure relieving equipment and devices that have memory foams which control the pressure and temperature by the requirements of the patients.

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