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If you are not part of the lucky 1% that has consistently strong and thick hair strands through their entire lifetime, you will almost certainly reach that dreaded point when your hair makes you feel miserable. Sooner or later, your hairline and overall strand quality will alter your appearance for the worse and make you look considerably older – unless you take a few steps in the right direction and adhere to these five hair care life-changing tips that will make you beam with confidence once more.

Say no to blow drying

Taking blow drying out of the equation is one of the most common hair care tips out there, and it is definitely a solid one. Its widespread nature can be found in the fact that it relies on common sense – if you expose your hair to such intense heat on a regular basis, it will get damaged. There is a good reason our hair gets greasy over time – it is the body’s biological mechanism of keeping the strands protected and healthy. However, it is also really hard to eliminate blow drying from our everyday routine. Try to air-dry hair whenever you can and if it’s too cold outside, you can use stylish head-scarfs to keep your head warm while it dries. Your strands will be eternally grateful for it.

Coconut oil is your elixir

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Coconut oil is one of the most amazing things you can introduce into your life – a life hack of sorts which has multiple uses in nearly every aspect of life. When it comes to hair, coconut oil boasts hydrating and natural conditioning properties that rejuvenate hair strands and protect them from splitting. If you want to stop the thinning of your hair, coconut oil is the best and most natural go-to solution. The best course of action is to apply it to your hair before you hit the sack, so it can work its magic overnight. The result is smooth and silky hair that still retains its strength and thickness. 

Keep it simple with the products

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There are countless hair products on the market. Once you walk into a supermarket, you are greeted with an endless array of brands that offer different types of shampoos for a variety of purposes. Try to look beyond the marketing ploys and think long-term. If a particular hair product truly fulfills the promise right now, imagine its effects on your hair in the long run. As we use a variety of products, our hair becomes oversaturated with silicone-based chemicals and other atrocious compounds – and this goes without mentioning that it also becomes desensitized to their effects.
The key tip is to keep it simple with the products. Use a hair growth shampoo made with natural ingredients to stimulate your skin and your strands and detox the top of your head. From then on, use the simplest products you can find on the market – they will not damage your hair in the long run and they are almost always cheaper than their “miracle-working” counterparts.

Coloring should be extremely limited

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Changing our hair color is one of the most popular appearance changes because it shows immediate and drastic results without being invasive. However, if this tweak turns into a habit, you are putting your strands in danger. After all, most hair coloring products are filled with toxins that do not only dry your hair but enter your body through pores on your scalp. Even if you use “organic” coloring products, some ill effects are still inescapable. Natural balayage is a good solution if you truly cannot stand the grays, but limit such procedures to three times a year at most to preserve the integrity of your hair.

A matter of layers

If you want to look better and younger with a cutting-edge hairstyle, go to your designated hair salon and talk to your stylist about cutting layers into your hair. This is a solid solution for aging hair and, just like the avoidance of blow drying, one of the most popular tips for hair care out there. If you sport long hair, there is a chance it is actually framing your face wrong – pulling it down, in a way, and therefore giving you an older appearance. If your stylist cuts layers into your hair, it will frame your face better and you will definitely look younger. The key thing is to find a hair stylist who can do the right job and keep it as subtle as possible. 

As we get older, our hair loses its shine and volume. Hair strands become thin and brittle and they simply will not obey your command. Unless you apply at least a few of these hair care life-changing tips, you can kiss any hope for a hairstyle goodbye. However, it is not only about the specific appearance. Healthy hair will boost your confidence and make you appear younger no matter how you decide to cut it.
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