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Determination is an essential part of success, Though determination can be a positive and powerful motivator, continuing to feel determined can be incredibly difficult when we encounter obstacles and setbacks. One person who has always inspired me is Rowan Summers, He never stops working and chasing his dreams, I interviewed him a few years ago (see it here) and I was blown away by his amazing personality, as you all know the world went through an experience, things changed, people decided to rebrand and find different ways to stay motivated, I always love to seek new ways to stay focused and motivated so I decided to do a catch-up interview with this amazing model and I hope you learn a thing or two from him. 
Interviewed By- Linda Bella

Photography -Ferch Ugalde
OTSM: Wow, Let’s catch up Rowan, But first of all, please Re-Introduce yourself to our fans and readers, telling us more about you and your personal lifestyle?
My name is Rowan Summers, I´m 32 years old, from Namibia, I speak 3 languages English, Afrikaans, and Spanish. I graduated as a Biochemist/ Chemist in 2014. After that, I went on to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter, model, actor, and businessman. My hobbies include singing, composing, meditating, playing the piano, cooking, exercising, traveling, spending time with family and friends, reading, spending time in nature, and creating art in any kind of way.
My personal lifestyle is always revolved around being a better version of myself and being my authentic self in everything that I do!
OTSM: How has COVID affected you both personally and professionally?
It has taught me that one really has to live each day to the fullest, show your value to this world in the best way that you can, and that if there is time to start making your dreams a reality, the time is now.
Photography- Ferch Ugalde
OTSM: When did you first have any inclination that you might be model material?
I never did, I just always knew that I was meant to do big things in this world and I just strived towards that, and modeling presented itself to me and I took the opportunity.
OTSM: Where are your roots – The best thing about/to do in your hometown? 
I grew up in the capital city of my country called Windhoek. For me, one of the best things to do is to spend time with my family and friends in whichever way we could, back home we love to have barbecues and to go to the beach. As well, spending time in nature with the animals.
OTSM: What do you consider your biggest professional success so far?
A few weeks ago I worked for Esquire Mexico and that was pretty amazing for me, having said that I’ve done jobs in the past that have made me pinch myself and overwhelmed me with gratitude so the list is quite long. I am currently recording my first album as a solo artist and that is quite an accomplishment for me as well.
OTSM: What do you think about the state of fashion today?
I love how the fashion industry has evolved throughout the past years into embracing all the forms and sizes of what is found out there and making people feel more comfortable and confident about who they are authentically and that they don’t need to conform to some generic stereotype of what beauty is supposed to look like.
Photography- Ferch Ugalde
OTSM: What is the most spontaneous and the most difficult thing you’ve ever done?
It was on the 21st of August 2019, when I finally decided to pursue the biggest dream of my life which was to start my career as a professional singer and put myself out there. It was one of the best decisions of my life.
OTSM: So, How has your perception of the industry changed over time?
In the beginning, I was so focused on striving for perfection and right now, I have made peace with the fact that perfection does not exist, and being present and conscious at the moment, giving it your all, is the best way you can nail it.
OTSM: Describe your personal style – Favorite Brands/Fragrance?
My personal style depends on my mood within that particular day. I love Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Givenchy, Levi, Perry Ellis, Ted Baker, and lots more.
Photography- Ferch Ugalde
OTSM: Is there any brand you would love to model for?
It has always been my dream to model for Calvin Klein and I did it so I guess to answer your question, the love would be to maintain working for them.
OTSM: Do you have any special Talents?
I love to sing, compose, and play the piano. I love Mathematics (Calculus) and Chemistry. To cook and bake creatively.
OTSM: Have you always been aware of your appeal?
I try to be the best version of myself every single day and I think through that awareness, it creates how people perceive me.
OTSM: How do you keep in shape?
I work out a minimum of 4 days a week, run once or twice a week, and follow the 80:20 or 70:30 diet rule which means that every day all my meals and snacks follow either the 80:20 or 70:30, healthy: unhealthy ratio structure.
OTSM: What keeps you feeling positive and motivated especially during these difficult times filled with uncertainties?
The first thing I do when I wake up is to meditate. Then I say positive affirmations out loud and then write down everything that I´m grateful for in that moment. I surround myself with like-minded, positive, and successful people who inspire and motivate me. I do early morning mind programming where I read, listen, and watch motivational content to strive towards a better me. I practice mindfulness and discipline myself to be conscious all the time and live in the present. I work a lot with the law of attraction. Through all of these practices, it helps me a lot to stay positive and motivated.
OTSM: What do you consider the most common stereotype about male models?
I have met so many different male models at this point in time that I no longer have the common stereotype in mind. I have been surprised.
OTSM: Is there anything you would like to change about the modeling industry?
I think right now, the industry is doing well with regards to accepting all shapes and sizes so to answer your question, I wouldn't change anything about the industry at the moment because when it comes to change- they are doing it already.
OTSM: What advice would you give to aspiring male models out there?
Be yourself in the most authentic way you can be, give 100% to each job, perfection does not exist so get over that, believe in yourself, and understand that more success comes from failure.
OTSM: Name some of your Favourite photographers?
Ferch Ugalde, Eduardo Garcia, Gabe Araujo.
OTSM: I noticed most brands and potential agents hesitate to contact or collaborate with a model lately especially if the person has less than 5000 followers, Do you think it’s fair that social media plays a big part when it comes to a model booking a job today?
Well, I guess having a strong presence on social media opens up a lot of doors, It gives you a platform to influence society and It's all about treating it as a business instead of taking it personally, however, I think the most important part of it is to not lose your essence as a human being, knowing that real experiences and validation has more value than superficiality and to not become a victim of social media approval because I´ve seen that the obsession to grow on social media and have high numbers of followers is causing more depression in society and is making people believe that your value as a person is based upon your social media stats.
OTSM: I think that is a brilliant answer, I feel it's all about engagement, sadly lately followers can be bought but what we can not buy is -Engagement. I hope most social media users will continue to believe in themselves and their content and not feel the need to compare their platform to that of the more popular models and influencers. Which brings me to my next question - When you look back to the start of your career, what would you say has been the biggest hurdle you had to overcome and how did you do it?
It was to learn how to be myself, to accept that giving the best version of myself was enough, to believe in myself, and to know my worth. All of this was achieved day by day through trial and error, taking risks, living life, making mistakes, learning how to give and accept love, meditation, affirmations, doing everything with passion, staying humble, remaining true to yourself, surrounding myself with like-minded people, making dreams a reality, reading, never allowing anyone to disrespect you, and to disrupt your inner peace.
OTSM: What are some of your latest and upcoming projects?
I am currently working on my first album which is about the trials and tribulations of love and will be releasing the first single in the upcoming weeks.
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