Exclusive Interview : Model and Fitness Trainer Brian Andraos Talks About Overcoming Hurdles On His Journey To Fitness.

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OTSM: How did you get started with Body Building?
BA: Well it all started back when I was so obese, people used to laugh at me and called me “fat-ass”, girls refused to date me because I had asthma and I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle this made things even worse for me, that was when I said enough! I need to get myself in shape.
OTSM: Where does Your Motivation Come from?
BA: My biggest motivation actually came from people who kept telling me you will never ever become a fitness model. I still remember that moment when my girlfriend broke up with me and got engaged to a friend of mine telling me” you will never become a famous successful fitness model”, all that made me much stronger, more determined to go beyond becoming a very successful fitness model.
OTSM: If you have to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?
BA: Well I guess it’s so easy for me to pick the bench press, lat pulldown and deadlifts, Because I feel those are the most challenging workouts for me where I put maximum weights and could feel my whole body is working at its best.
OTSM: What is your supplementation like?
BA: Well I usually start my day with my Multivitamin pills, vitamin C, B12 AND I drink Green tea upon awake on an empty stomach and I drink coffee especially pre-workout, I also use whey protein with glutamine and creatine and post-workout with some BCAA.
OTSM: Wow! well I am sure I would need your advice after this interview on more ways to get back in shape, So tell us who or what inspires and motivates you Daily?
BA: Ha-ha it will be a pleasure to Train and Whip you into Shape Ms. Bella
What motivates me? hmm. Every day I wake up, I go to the mirror, look myself in the eye and say: today I’m going to beat yesterday’s version of me, today I’m gonna be better than I was yesterday. And about who inspires me, Every time I see someone who has made a great transformation in his life whether, in sport, business, life, and how they suffered a lot to reach their goals, that just spurs me even more.
OTSM: What advice and tip would you give Aspiring Fitness models or people who generally want to look fit and good?
BA: Never give up, nor lose faith in yourself, God, and your dream. the road is very long and hard, and along the way, people will doubt you, ignore you, laugh at you and fight you, but once you get there you will know that all the trouble was worth it, and always remember that every championship legend was once an amateur newbie at the gym, with big ambitions and strong willpower.
OTSM: Looking back to the start of your career as a Model, did you ever think you would get this far, and have so many fans looking up to you, and having faith in you, despite the hurdles you have had to face since the start of your career?
BA: To be honest with you, NO! Never, because all I was thinking of was to become a model, then it happened when I first competed in a bodybuilding contest and won that’s when I knew I wanted to be a fitness model. It is a more challenging career and I found myself in it, but still, I’ve never expected to be an international fitness model when all fitness pages kept requesting to put pictures for me on their pages, it then struck me, that this dream of mine has indeed come true.
OTSM: What are your short-term and Long term goals?
BA: My short-term goal is to launch my website and try to promote myself on an international level. My long-term goal is to become one of the Top Fitness Models in the fitness industry.
OTSM: what do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
BA: Well the first thing I do when I am free is to put on my headphones and go to nature for some jogging. And I love watching movies, especially horror and comedy, I love food shopping, I take lots of time reading labels and comparing stuff 🙂
OTSM: Okay What is your Philosophy about life in general?
BA: Believe in God, in yourself and your dreams, then trust the process. Everyone has the right to dream, so we have to make sure our dreams are big. And there are no limits, we have to push ourselves to it, then try to create new ones and lastly “Discipline” which is doing what has to be done even when you don’t want to.
OTSM: Do you think you would be able to do other kinds of modeling For Example –Fashion, Runway, Catalog, Magazines, or would it just be (Fitness Modelling Jobs)?
BA: yeah for sure!!!, I would love to do all that, but I find myself more in fitness modelling and I wish to get a role that suits my character in any kind of movie because I’m so into that field.
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