Lifestyle: Japanese Actress Kisanuki Maya Stuns In Her Dress At the 34th Tokyo International Film Festival.

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Japanese Actress Kisanuki Maya stuns in her dress at the Japan premiere for the film "Gensan Punch" by Brillante Ma Mendoza, a Filipino director at the 34th Tokyo International Film Festival.
Actress Maya Kisanuki plays the role of Nao Tsuyama's sister in the film "Gensan Punch" by Brillante Mendoza, Filipino director.
Based on the true story of Okinawa-born "Nao Tsuchiyama" a disabled athlete who never give up his dream. Because he uses his artificial leg he was refused to receive the professional boxer license in Japan, his homeland.
Nao went to General Santos City in the Philippines where has long been known for producing many renowned boxers such as "Manny Pacquiao". He trained so hard at the "Gensan Punch" boxing camp before winning many matches and became a professional boxer outside Japan, starring Shogen, Shogen, Ronnie Lazaro, Kaho Minami, and more.
Actor Shogen who was portrayed as Nao Tsuyama also originated from Okinawa as well. "Gensan Punch" was premiered in Japan at 34th Tokyo International Film Festival last week. Another inspirational co-production film between Japan and Southeast Asia, awakening your fighter's spirit during the pandemic days.
Although the coronavirus pandemic impacted all sectors of the business this year, there are many co-production films between Southeast Asia and Japan both directors and actors this year.
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