Fashion: Barbie's Collaboration With Designers Of Colour From Harlem’s Fashion Row .

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 Three designers took part in the initiative, each presenting pieces for Barbie inspired by garments from their own collections.
“Since its inception, Barbie has been a right of passage, an impression of self-awareness for young girls everywhere,” said Brandice Daniel, CEO, and founder of HFR, in a release. “Now, more than ever, Barbie celebrates our differences, and I’m excited that HFR gets to play a part in widely diversifying their style too.”

Image: Harlem's Fashion Row x Barbie, Mattel

Hanifa, Kimberly Goldson, and Rich Fresh were the designers selected for the collaboration. While Hanifa and Kimberly Goldson drew inspiration from the Brooklyn fashion scene, Rich Fresh modelled the tracksuit after their muse, August McQueen.
Fresh, also known as Patrick Henry, said it was “the level of inclusivity” he saw in the Barbie Universe that drew him to the collaboration.
Image: Harlem's Fashion Row x Barbie, Mattel - Kimberly Goldson
He added: “It’s important for kids of all cultures to see themselves. Representation is vital. Involving black creatives gives us the opportunity to contribute to the narrative. The significance of doing this during Black history month is important, but what’s more important is the continued efforts to involve creatives from all backgrounds to help represent themselves within the Barbie Universe.”
Culled From: Fashion United

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