Beauty: Rouje Launch As Les Filles en Rouje.

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Jeanne Damas gives a new voice to her beauty brand with Les Filles en Rouje. A new wave of beauty that gives life to a temperament rather than a definition, to interpretations rather than affirmations, to a state of mind rather than a look. An ever-inspiring vision to embody beauty that is not only about appearances.
In Picture|Jeanne Damas 
Jeanne Damas prefers to speak of charm rather than beauty. Expressing emotions and asserting an attitude has not only defined her signature style, which has made her an international Parisian chic icon but has also shaped the identity of Rouje, the fashion brand she founded in 2016 together with entrepreneur and CEO Jérôme Basselier, who is also the driving force behind the Swildens brand.
"We wanted to offer two different yet complementary brand identities. Our goal is to grow and become a true beauty industry player that can compete with the leading brands in the market," explained Diane Mansour, head of the company’s beauty division, which already has a team of five people. After developing Gucci’s makeup at Coty and working at L'Oréal, the beauty expert arrived at Rouje two years ago to take the project to the next level, working closely with Damas.
The 30-year-old entrepreneur with an established business under her belt wants to extend her success in ready-to-wear to her makeup products. The makeup line renamed ‘Les Filles en Rouje’ aims to become a brand with its own name and identity. Its official launch will be on hold until May 8.
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