Fashion: Craig Green Spring/Summer 2023 Collection.

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According to Godfrey Deeny from Fashion Network: The inspiration was 'Decorated Man'; the location was the Musée de l’Homme; and the result was the show and collection of the season by Craig Green.
Craig Green SS23 Collection
Masterminding disparate elements from WW2 watch dust covers, workerist garments, and comics to Wedgwood pottery, Green presented a brilliant contemplation of men’s fashion, whose influence will extend across all continents.
All the way from his opening trio of all-white looks: with surgeon's smock and wide pants; accessorized by Sam Browne belts; dust cover chokers and wristbands; water bottles; face blinkers and the first of many structural extensions – a motorbike seat built as a front harness. Subsequently, playing in similar elements in a gentle beige, in a collection with a perfect color palette – of anthracite, faded gold, gray-blue denim and rosy rose.
Craig Green SS23 Collection
According to 10Magazine's Observations: Craig kept modifying conventional dresses so these pieces become more useful – like pastel-hued body shields over classic shirts and trousers, which had built-in ladders at the back. A series of metallic patches dotted across utilitarian separates can transform into bags to pack garments away, and a series of chokers and neckties were based on World War 2 dust covers for watches. “I thought it was interesting that we could use them as chokers to protect your voice from the cut-out dust,” said Green, going on to explain that the incased ties symbolize how we strive to be a bigger, more successful man, no matter our age. “At what point in your life do you stop aspiring to be that man? It goes on forever, really.”
Craig Green SS23 Collection
Highlights included fuzzy cut-out tops infused with Japanese knitted paper, and padded twinsets in the most delightful hues, which came stamped with fake school crests based on a sports magazine Green discovered where you could design your own shield for your school’s sports team – “they look so important but mean nothing at all”. Elsewhere, a final procession of vivid, conceptual looks which enveloped the models as they strode through the space actually took their silhouettes from Wedgwood pottery, something the designer has been obsessed with since watching Antiques Roadshow as a child.

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