Mind Blowing Facts About Fashion You Probably Knew Nothing About.

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Did you know the world uses an estimated 80 billion pieces of clothing every year, a 400 percent increase from two decades ago
The affordability of fast fashion brands has led consumers to buy more than they need, with an attitude of disposability towards clothing.
Below are some facts curated by Buzz Feed, As a fashion Intern, I am I always seek out facts, ideas, and concepts, I recently saw some facts about fashion that blew my mind and I wanted to share just two handfuls with you and you can source the internet for your own conclusive evidence and for more interesting facts.
1. Did you know Up until the 19th century, children were dressed as miniature adults.
2. Up until around 1910, it was totally common for little boys to wear dresses until they were around 5 or 6.
3. The inventor of the modern bikini, Louis Réard, named his creation after the Bikini Atoll — where the U.S. did tons of its nuclear testing — because he hoped it would make as big of a bang as the atomic bomb. Réard declared it wasn't a real bikini unless the fabric from it could be "pulled through a wedding ring."
4. Designer Rudi Gernreich took the bikini to the next level in the 1960s with the monokini, which was a one-piece swimsuit with a completely exposed top.
5. Barbie's first outfit? A black-and-white striped one-piece swimsuit.
6. Princess Leia's bikini in Star Wars — probably the most famous bikini in the world — was actually two. She had a real metal one she wore for much of filming, and then a rubber one she wore during action scenes. There's a whole website devoted to her bikini.
7. The first miniskirt was unveiled by designer André Courreges in 1965. It ended a modest four inches above the knee.
8. South Korea used to have actual fashion police who would go around measuring the miniskirt length of women. If skirts were deemed too short, they could be fined or arrested.
9. Bill Nye the Science Guy owns a patent for ballet pointe shoes.
10.Jeans were named after Genoan sailors from Genoa, Italy, who popularized wearing the material.
11.The word "denim" most likely came from a French material called serge de Nimes, which is from the French seaside town of Nimes.
12.According to Buzz Feed;The first pair of Levi's was sold around 1853 for $6 worth of gold dust.
The brand got its distinctive 501 label from the storage lot number it was assigned in 1890. It just stuck.
Additional Fact: Levi's once made the singer Bing Crosby an all-denim tuxedo after he was turned away from a hotel for wearing jeans.
13.Ralph Lauren — real name Ralph Lifshitz — started out as a tie designer.
14. Speaking of, did you know a tie fanatic, or collector, is called a grabologist.
15. Michael Kors began designing when he was just 5; he designed his mom's wedding dress for her second wedding.
16. The most expensive pair of shoes are the ruby slippers designed by Harry Winston, inspired by the ones Dorothy wore in The Wizard of Oz. They cost a cool $3 million.
17. Lacoste's little embroidered crocodile was the first-ever designer logo. He created and manufactured it in 1933.
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