H&M Launches New Clothing Line Called H&M Move Featuring Jane Fonda and JaQuel Knight.

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 H&M has launched a new line, called H&M Move, via which it’s inviting “the whole world to move together with Jane Fonda and JaQuel Knight”.
The new brand debuted worldwide on August 4 as part of a “bold mission to democratise sportswear and get the whole world and everybody moving, however they move”.
And a global workout campaign has been unveiled too, “led by Movers – fitness icon Jane Fonda and acclaimed choreographer JaQuel Knight”. The launch campaign sees Fonda “once again take up her role as a workout instructor and invite the world to move. JaQuel joins her in guiding this intergenerational workout, celebrating all forms of movement and Movers – from the highly skillful to joyfully playful”.

Fonda’s participation is something of an inspired coup, both because of her heritage as a pioneer of the fitness boom several decades ago and the fact that her age underlines the inclusivity of the brand.

The company said the label “offers a more accessible vision of sport by reframing it as movement, celebrating the fact that everyone on the planet is already a Mover, moving in a multitude of ways”.

It’s aiming “to equip the world with stylish and functional ‘move wearmove wear’ that will support Movers of all abilities and skills to move comfortably and confidently”.

The brand’s general manager Simon Brown added that “removing barriers to sport is very much at the heart of our purpose, starting with democratizing sports apparel. We provide a wide range of movewear across several categories that are stylish, functional, and of incredible value for our customers. Combined with our passion to get everybody and everybody moving, together with our Movers Jane Fonda and JaQuel Knight, we are truly inspired for the journey ahead of us”.

Of course, the idea of ‘movement’ rather than ‘sport’ or ‘workout’ isn’t new, and British retailer M&S scored a major hit a few years ago when it unveiled Good move. Its own-brand gym-to-street line went on to be its most successful brand launch ever.

The label is now among the top-selling sports lines in the UK.
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