MODEL SPOTLIGHT: Discover Our Exclusive Interview Featuring British Model and Actress Pollyanne Hale.

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Hi Polly, Please fully tell us about yourself and your personal background.
I was born in London but lived all over the UK growing up, before going to stage school as a teenager and then settling in the south of England where I live now with my husband and two daughters.
When did you realize you had a passion to become a Model and Actress?
If you look at my childhood photos, more often than not I’m in fancy dress! I’ve always loved dressing up and putting on shows. I wanted to be a ballerina or in the circus as a child, then a pop star or TV actress as a teenager, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do! My grandmother was a Broadway and movie actress and was married to a script writer and my grandfather was a musician; it’s in my blood. 

What is the most rewarding part of your work?
Seeing an idea come to life and the great response I get from satisfied clients. It’s always a team effort and I like the challenge.

What kind of roles do you like or would like to play and why?
I don’t do big roles as they would take me away from my kids for too long. I like playing parts that are different from normal life as it allows more escapism. So rather than ‘buying food at the supermarket’ like I did for one shop commercial, I had much more fun playing parts like where I was at a party in a mansion in the ’70s or a Celtic villager, and I’ve died in a couple of planes crashes too! With modeling it’s about who I’m working with – the rapport between photographer and model is important.

What are some of your latest and Upcoming projects? 
I’m possibly doing some more work for a motion sensor body suit which was different! It took ages to put on and take off and was fiddly to film but it made a change from most of the shoots I do which are more regular lifestyle orientated.
Do you remember your first experience as an Actress in font the Camera?
I was around 8 years old and we shot a few scenes for a BBC kids show at my school. It was great as we didn’t have to do any actual school work while filming haha. 

How big a role does Acting or Modelling play in your life?
It’s my job so it’s a big part! Apart from being a Mum, that role always comes first and I try and fit jobs into school hours if I can manage it. 

Where do you see yourself and your career 5 years from now?
I love what I do now so probably the same! But while at the moment I rarely go away overnight, my girls will be older then so I may start accepting jobs abroad. I would travel now but it would definitely have to be an amazing job for great pay to make it worth it!
What is the most embarrassing or unexpected thing that has happened to you when filming a scene?
Unexpected – while on a film set I had to keep going out for air as I felt nauseous. I thought it was the sushi we were given for lunch and the stuffy warehouse we were shooting in. Turns out I was 9 weeks pregnant but hadn’t realized it yet!

What have been your favorite shoot/campaign/work to date?
I got transformed into Pamela Anderson for The Sun Newspaper after the TV drama about her was aired. I looked so mugshot/campaign like her it was incredible! 

Which characters and actors were you obsessing over when you first started out in the industry?
Well, I always wanted to work with Leonardo Di Caprio haha. It still hasn’t happened…
I was topless in another movie scene and the lead was being really cheeky and taking photos on his phone and winking at me between takes. I wasn’t offended, I found it funny and it was obviously a compliment, though I won’t be naming him here!

What Would You Consider the Most Important Components of Your Style? And Do You Feel You Have A Signature Style?
Funnily enough, I can be quite grungy and goth-like sometimes despite having the face of a classy girl next door, the look I mostly get booked to model, for understandable reasons. And I probably dress more like someone younger than I am. I’m 38 but people say I look much younger and I certainly feel much younger so I dress in a casual fun way, never suits or shirts. If I’m on my way to a shoot I’m always in loose or seam-free clothes that don’t mark my skin, so no jeans or underwired bras.

What, who or where do you draw your inspiration from?
I’m probably stuck in 90’s pop culture if I’m being honest!

Aside from modelling, what’s on your mind these days? Could you provide us with some more insight into the other endeavors you are passionate about? 
I’m learning pole dancing as a fitness activity and I love the community; it’s great getting together with other learners for class each week, and we always have a giggle. I love trying all different kinds of experiences. In my personal life this year I have tickets to musical theater shows, DJ nights, and an industry Xmas party already, and I’m definitely going to Brighton Pride again next year! I love a party! Being a freelancer means my time and income are in my hands – I can be there for every school sports day and parents' evening, and work hard to get extra shoots booked in when needed, so I can enjoy life and take time off when I want.
If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?
You are good enough. I was very ill with anorexia in my teens and have always struggled to fit in with ‘regular’ people. I like being different, I would never live any other way or have any other job, but being different can be isolating too. 

This is my favorite question: In your own words, please define "Women Empowerment" and what it means to you personally.
Doing what I want, without anyone telling me otherwise. Some people would say wearing makeup, having a boob job, or being a stay-at-home Mum, as anti-feminist, for example. I disagree. I think empowerment is doing exactly what’s right for you, whatever that is. I gave up work when I had young babies and it was the right choice for me and my girls I was lucky my husband could provide for us at that time. Now I’m heading on for 40 years old most people my age have settled down with a sensible 9-5 job and a demure sense of style. I’ll happily still be prancing about on photoshoots and wearing sparkly dresses to concerts for years to come and neither of us is right or wrong. Women are often too judgmental of other women’s choices. 

What’s your beauty regime? Would you like to share some of your best beauty secrets?
I’m actually a qualified beauty therapist too! I fancied a change of career when I was 20 though it didn’t last long! My Step Mum got me into good skincare from a young age. Cleanser (once in the morning, twice, and eye makeup remover if I’m wearing makeup, in the evening), toner, serum, eye cream, day or night moisturizer (richer ones at night) and always factor 50 SPF during the day, all year round; my current fave is by La Roche Posay, it just feels like a moisturizer and isn’t sticky at all. I use Obagi retinol intermittently too, to keep pigmentation at bay, and do a face mask once a week. It sounds like a lot but when it becomes a habit it’s actually very quick to do. I still think sleep, exercise, good food, and keeping stress low are the best anti-aging ingredients though.

What have been the greatest challenges you’ve faced in your career so far and in your opinion, what are the main challenges in the Modelling industry today?
I have created the career I have by being business-minded and headstrong, but so many freelancers get taken advantage of, with people bartering for lower rates or pushing them to do things they don’t want to do. It’s quite an unregulated industry and I’ve seen young new models trying to please people by traveling for hours, working without breaks or food, and even working for free. That’s not right, yes getting a good reputation means making effort but you also deserve to be treated nicely. Also, the people who disrespect your rates and boundaries are usually awful people to work with, so I will happily turn anyone rude down these days. I only work with nice people!
Luck or Hard Work, what do you think weighs more in defining a successful Person?
Hard work. Even in a situation where luck has handed you something; say you meet someone who could help you advance your career, it’s still up to you to reach out for that help. I’ve worked really hard to have what I have now. There’s no such thing as overnight success. 

What advice would you give to aspiring actors and actresses or Models out there?
Keep your head up and don’t lose confidence in yourself and your abilities. You will probably get hundreds of rejections and the people who successfully keep going despite this.  That being said always be learning and improving your craft. Listen to constructive feedback from people you work with. Always be on time and have everything you could possibly need with you. I have a work bag that includes a toothbrush, tampons, paracetamol, portable phone charger, and snacks among lots of other things. And don’t be a diva! 
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