Featured: Our Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brand of The Month -NYNNE.

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Photo| NYNNE
About the Brand:
After graduating in 2018, Nynne Kunde was named ‘Womenswear Designer of the Year’ and subsequently launched her eponymous label NYNNE - a contemporary luxury brand focusing on craftsmanship and exaggerated silhouettes.
Kunde’s Scandanavian roots play a significant part in NYNNE’s designs, where the clean minimalistic lines are complemented with vibrant colours and details synonymous with London’s cosmopolitan energy. The two cities balance each other out with their distinctive
styles and ambiance, proving the perfect inspiration for Kunde.
Photo| NYNNE
The label’s brand philosophy lies in the exploration of dressing as a form of power, and NYNNE aims to uplift the everyday wardrobe of women globally through glamorous yet pragmatic
clothing meant to amplify confidence. NYNNE maintains a truly global sentiment by encouraging women of every demographic to transcend the endless flow of superfluous and
short-term trends with individual stand-out combinations.

Nynne represents a culture of buying less but buying better. The label does this by focusing on eight key areas of sustainability which it aims to implement throughout its operation; materials, production, proximity, avoiding deadstock, consciousness, durability, packaging, and its own 'Diana' concept. The brand's signature piece, the 'Diana' dress, represents Nynne's way of designing - pieces that are versatile, stylish, and timeless.
At NYNNE, the aim is to implement sustainability throughout their operations, from sourcing the best possible quality fabrics for long-lasting pieces down to their packaging and making sure they use the most sustainable method for it. 
According to NYNNE- "For a young brand it is sometimes challenging to get the contacts and reach the minimums to access sustainable qualities. We believe it is a work in progress and each season we are getting a step closer to fully sustainable sourcing. For AW21 we are proud to say that 60% of all the fabrics used for the collection are recycled or are certified sustainable. For instance, we are using two technical fabrics made out of recycled polyester as well as three of our wools are recycled and certified. We do use leather and sheep shearling fur in our collections. However, all leather and shearling furs that we use are a by-product of the meat industry. Natural leather skins have the unique characteristic to keep the quality and even look nicer with time. We strongly believe and hope that our client investing in a leather or shearling piece will keep it for many years, potentially passing it on to their children."

When it comes to Avoiding dead stock, At NYNNE they have a zero-waste strategy when it comes to their private channels. They sell the majority of their collection by having the customer pre-order the pieces prior to production, which enables them to produce precisely what has been ordered and forecast which styles will be most popular, therefore running the little risk of overproducing and sitting on the dead stock.

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