Digital Cover Issue: Exclusive Interview With Model,Music Artist and Influencer Kevin Creekman.

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One of the most well-known social media influencers and models in the industry, Kevin Creekman is an impressive individual to behold. He is a man of many talents, passions, and dreams. He is known as a musician whose personal transformation journey opened many opportunities that may have seemed impossible at one time. Through sheer will, consistency, hard work, dedication and strength, he transformed himself over time into the man we see today. His story is one of inspiration and encouragement for others. 
Join us for this insightful interview with The Creekman -OTSM's Most Inspirational Model and Personality of the Year. 
In this interview, he talks about his journey, achievements, and upcoming projects, he also offers some great tips on how to better yourself while trying to achieve your life goals.
(Introduction by Lifestyle Contributor Siobhan. G)
Exclusive Interview With Model,Music Artist and Influencer Kevin Creekman.
Hi Kevin, please briefly tell us about yourself.
Hi everyone, My Name is Kevin Creekman and I was born in Lucerne Switzerland. I grew up in Cologne Germany. I grew up with a passion for rock and metal music, tattoo culture, and an American-driven dream in my heart. In December 2018 I moved to Los Angeles California where I am currently living. Although I finished my university degree as a social worker, my life went on a very diverse path of many different kinds of occupations.
After playing in an international performing metal band, I created an Instagram profile in early 2015 to promote myself as a musician that was when “The Creekman” was born. Since then life started to change turbulently and brought new opportunities continuously for me to try out and fulfill myself in different directions. So up to this day, I have worked professionally as a social worker, model, musician, actor, personal trainer, tattoo artist, and of course blogger and social media influencer.
You made this statement: “I realized I needed to change. I had a fear that I would live and die alone, so I focused all my willpower on changing and I lost 175 pounds in one year.” This statement brought tears to my eyes in a good way, what advice would you give to someone struggling to turn their life around like you did? What I mean is- what word of encouragement would you give to anyone on the verge of giving up? The world is a dark, sad, and lonely place for many and sometimes all one needs to hear, read or see is that word that resonates with them.
I might quote myself here and say that your biggest weakness is your biggest strength and it's also your biggest potential for growth. What I mean by this is, I personally believe that living an average and comfortable life without any downs and dark times won’t give you the potential and drive to change into something way bigger and better in order to escape the pool of people living an average and comforting life. I am a concrete example, I mentally reached rock bottom which sparked the biggest fire to make this second chance count. I worked so hard to change my life, from living as a lonely and bullied kid that was called ugly over and over again in Germany to being titled the “Sexiest Tattooed Man on the Planet" by Inked Magazine“ and living the American Dream in LA. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without going through those dark times. Everything comes down to mindset. Embrace your dark, sad and lonely times then use them as a spark to change and grow into something way bigger than anyone else out there living a comfortable life can ever imagine.
So we like to look beyond what others see, and when it comes to interviews we try to give everyone the opportunity to be themselves and feel at ease while sharing their truth. Your story is inspirational and I think it’s the realness, the ability to share your experiences openly without trying to sugar-coat or bury your past, but instead, you have turned your pain into art and that is what I most admire. So let’s talk about your Neck Tattoo, It reminds me of the “Sacred Geometry” symbol which means different things to different people especially someone as spiritual as myself.
Having said all that, My question is this - What was the inspiration behind that particular neck tattoo?
I personally don’t have a very concrete meaning behind the flowers and seeds of life that I have on my body. It’s more my general connection and affiliations to a spiritual belief. My whole life is in retrospect a living proof of manifestation and the law of attraction. In concrete Gerhard Wiesbeck designed this tattoo by placing the seed of life pattern in the center of my neck and everything else happened free hand around it.
If there was one artist in the world that you could be inked by, who would it be?
Since I got obsessed with blackwork after I tattooed my neck and legs in that style I have to go with Gerhard Wiesbeck again, since he made by far the cleanest and boldest work on my body.
Now that you have gotten a hang of life as a tattoo model/influencer, what are the pros and cons of being a Tattoo model?
I mostly define myself as a social media creator. Even though I got a few big global campaigns during my career, I barely have the density of model gigs to classify myself as a professional (tattoo) model. Since I was a social worker for over 6 years working 9-5 for different public offices, I can just appreciate the privilege that I have now which is basically making a living by just being myself on social media. Except for the fact that there is technically no day off and all responsibilities are on me, I totally love every aspect of it. We all love to do social media and get that little extra attention and confidence through positive feedback. As I often tried to describe on my social media… It saved my life! It was almost an artificial surrounding to express myself to build the confidence that I was always lacking to become the person that I am now. Yes, social media has two sides and not everything is as pristine and happy as it seems, but I like to always see things with a positive mindset. We shape our own reality and I like to see things in the most positive light. On the bottom line, the biggest pro about having a big social media following is probably all the privileges and opportunities that come along with it professionally and privately.
Photographer|Matt Brady
Your passion for everything rock and heavy metal is evident. Tell us where it comes from and how that affects your style in tattooing.
I started to become obsessed with heavy guitar sounds when I was 11. I started to play guitar at the age of 13 and from there on I was dedicated to rock and metal music. I don’t think it affected the style of my tattoos but the general look of being heavily tattooed. I always dreamed to be a rockstar and obviously, I always wanted to look like one.
I always say “Live life without regrets, because in life there are no coincidences, things just happen the way they are supposed to”. Do you regret any of your tattoos and if you could do it all again, would you cover your skin in tattoos?
I agree with that one!. I don’t regret any of my tattoos. They were all necessary to be where I am now in life. But if I would have another opportunity to start from zero I’d totally get covered again but with all different tattoos.
How big a role does music play in your life?
It’s my biggest passion in all things I do in life. Of all the things that happened in my life the best thing that probably happened to me is stepping into some legit bands and building networks in the rock and metal industry here. Some of my biggest heroes became my friends which is probably my most monumental achievement.
I have got to say -Neon Judas did a phenomenal job on the oversize skull on your stomach, if you could do it all again, would you have skull tattoos on your mid-section or would you go for something else?
I’d probably do something different like I did say earlier. That’s not because I don’t like the tattoo, he did an amazing job, but I think after wearing a certain shirt for almost a decade I think everyone would like to switch it up a little right?
Yep, most definitely. Kevin, In your own words, how would you describe your style as a model and an artist?
I am not really good at these things and like other people to give me their opinion which is probably more reflective of reality. The comments I get mostly are- I look like a Viking, Thor, Aquaman, or sometimes Post Malone haha! I guess the reality might be somewhere in between.
Photographer|Brennen McMurray
Can you tell us about the people who may have influenced your life and career?
I wished I could drop a bunch of amazing names. I know for a fact that I was obsessed with Zakk Wylde when I was 13 which probably led to my long hair and beard. But otherwise, I found my drive came deeply from my own past I wanted to evolve and become the best version I can be. Looking back to where I came from and where I am now, seeing how far I have come is the biggest motivation for me to make further steps in my career. Yes, I think I am my own biggest motivator and influence.
Do you remember your first experience in front of the Camera as a model?
There are two significant paths that brought me into modeling or putting myself in front of the camera. First, I started a metal band when I was 23, and to promote our social media we had quite frequent band photoshoots with our manager. The second significant date was right after my skin removal surgery when I was 26. I became hungry to start a new life and live life to its full potential. so I looked for people who might want to do a photoshoot with me and the feedback was overwhelming. After my first amateur photoshoot, I actually was able to sign with a few very relevant modeling agencies and I got more and more shoots to build my portfolio. Also, I have to admit that I was way less tattooed and 30kg lighter than I am today. My current physique and the density of tattoos don’t seem to be very suitable for most demands in that industry anymore.
Do you get to travel a lot for your work? If so what’s your favorite city that you have visited?
Yes, I have been to almost every European country and almost every state due to touring. When it comes to my favorite I'd still have to go with Los Angeles and Berlin.
Photographer| Molly White
What advice would you offer to other aspiring models who wish to set their own style and not be like everyone else?
I always say this - Try to be the best version of yourself. Also, Kurt Cobain often said: being someone else is a waste of yourself. It’s a simple quote with a lot of truth to it. Maybe that’s a reason I might’ve become a success on social media. I’ve never tried to be someone else or imitate anyone. I got inspired by the quality of content others were producing but I always tried to create the person that I wanted to be and this is being the best version of myself. This is why my look is probably also very consistent. Some people have long hair or a beard as a temporary look and they switch it up back and forth etc. Some people think I try to look like Thor or Aquaman but then forget that I have had this same look and stuck to my brand for over 15 years now. So yeah, find your own self and your own true potential. Everyone else is already taken.
I am absolutely in love with your response, I mean why blend in when we were all born to stand out right? What Would You Consider the Most Important Components of Your Style? And Do You Feel You Have a Signature Style as a model?
I personally think I brought quite a lot of, pensive but also vulnerable moods to the social media game. I might personify to some people as a big tattooed and maybe intimidating man, but I think my picture often kept a certain depth to it showing who I am and where I am coming from. So yeah, I think the shining of my vulnerability through a tough shell might be the most significant style that I was bringing into my modeling.
If you could change one thing about the fashion and modeling industry, what would it be?
I am very happy with how the female body ideal opened up a lot in the industry and very curvy women got a lot of positive attention since the Kardashians, Fashionova, etc. Maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t seen a similar movement for men who have some extra pounds without having a six-pack or being super skinny or shredded, etc. I am an over 100kg man without six packs and I already imagine the experience that I may not be able to pass in any classic model fittings, this is something that needs to change in the industry.
Photographer|Harris Davey Jr.
What are some of the biggest hurdles you have faced as a tattoo model and how did you overcome them?
As I tried to sign with a handful of very relevant agencies, I faced the biggest obstacles due to my tattoos and my size. Both issues cannot be overcome unless I am willing to change myself completely which is impossible. Having said that, I am grateful to be able to model through my Instagram page, which I find more valuable than what others expect me to look like.
What do you consider your biggest professional success so far?
After seeing pictures of me at the Mecca in Venice after Arnold Schwarzenegger and other legendary gym brand faces, I am quite proud of being the face of Gold Gym, which is quite ironic after I was bullied for my appearance and weight.
My face also appeared on Conair's razors and trimmers sold in pharmacies, Targets, and Walmarts throughout the USA. In addition to these model gigs, I'm proud to have played with Tommy Vext on an album that hit number four on the iTunes rock charts. There's also a project I can't talk about yet with Fat Joe... but yeah, a lot has happened since LA, and I'm looking forward to what's next!
How has your perception of the industry changed over time?
Everything is way smaller than expected and everything is achievable. Once you have stepped into the network in LA you realize how small this media industry actually is and how crazy it is to have such an impact on the whole globe.
What are some of your latest and upcoming projects?
I just started a new band called (Drxg The Kids). There is a lot of other stuff in the working like I hinted earlier but I can’t really talk about them yet so you would all have to stay tuned. However, I still keep on moving, finding my full potential in all branches of the media industry while staying true to myself and my brand.
Photo| Courtesy of Kevin Creekman. All Rights Reserved
How do you prep for a shoot from an exercise and nutrition perspective? Any tricks of the trade? For how long?
As far as six-packs and crazy vascularity are concerned, I am usually the only guy without one... So I am the wrong person to ask for advice. However, I still try to diet at least 2 weeks before a photo shoot by adjusting my calories, adding cardio, and maybe even cutting water. Basically, for a casual shoot, I maintain the same physique throughout the year.
What are you doing when you are not working?
Enjoying the good things in life. Going out, having good food, being social, and spending time in nature. Might sound cheesy, but the more money I made in my career the more I realized the best and happiest moments in life are for free. I am learning right now to say more “yes” to every opportunity I get to go out, get social and do something that is different from my usual routine.
Any last words you’d like to add?
Getting to where you want to be is one of life's most exciting and enjoyable aspects in retrospect. Once you achieve something, you are just that much more motivated and ambitious to set new goals. So make sure you enjoy the ride.
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