Christopher Cloos: The Ultimate Sunglasses Gift Guide for Him & Her This Christmas.

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Find the perfect gift for someone you love this Christmas with a pair of sunglasses. Stylish sunglasses can be worn year-round, and they provide important eye protection as well.
Here are some amazing Images of inspiring people rocking Christopher Cloos's eyewear.
Pictured: Tom Brady wearing the Cloos x Brady Collection - Noire|£129 -Buy It
Christopher Cloos is a Danish Eyewear Company originating from the South of France, with HQ in Copenhagen.
Christopher Cloos is a go-to brand for anyone looking to get luxury sunglasses to experience simple, vintage-inspired frame shapes. When searching for eyewear, always go for a product that matches your lifestyle and personality and Christopher Cloos makes sure there is a style for everyone in their various collections.
UV rays from the sun don't just affect us in summer; they are just as harmful in the colder months (and in some cases more so because the sun isn't as strong). Therefore, giving someone a pair of sunglasses for Christmas is the perfect way to let them know you care.
Credit @giorgiogiangiulio
Transform that special male in your life into one of the most stylish guys out there, and get him a pair of Champagne-colored frames.
(Pictured above/below) We see Fashion Model, Consultant, and Influencer Giorgio Giangiulio wearing "Passable" in the Champagne color. 
£109 - Get it here
(Below)Check out the gorgeous Giza strolling the streets of New York, spotted wearing Cloos x Elsa Malibu in the color Noire |£129- Get It Here
Credit @gizawiza
(Pictured Below) American sweetheart Camille Kostek strolling the streets in Cloos x Elsa Glasses -Chocolate. 
£119 - Get It Here
Credit @camillekostek 
Swedish Supermodel and Style Icon Elsa Hosk wearing Cloos x Elsa Malibu in the color Chocolate
£129 - Get it Here.
Credit @hoskelsa
Stylish Carlos in a classic beige look topping the look off with a pair of Passable sunglasses in the color Champagne 
£109 - Get it Here
Credit @Carlos_domord
Eye-wear makes arguably the perfect holiday gift. Functional, yet desirable. Not too small and not too big - it simply fits the box.
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