Canada's Utherverse to feature latest fNFT fashions on new platform.

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 British Columbia-based metaverse company Utherverse has announced that latest functional NFT (fNFT) fashions will be featured on its new platform that is set to launch in early 2023. The company has released a new video clip, previewing meta-styles, to show users the level of detail and calibre of animation in the next-generation Utherverse platform.
The released clip is a virtual fashion show with models walking the runway wearing the latest styles and designs. The quality of the images, the level of detail, and the high-end full-motion video create a hyper-realistic user experience, Utherverse said in a press release.

fNFTs have a purpose and are used by consumers’ avatars for something specific within a metaverse. fNFTs will be functional across all metaverses within the Utherverse ecosystem, and they will be secure and non-replicable. Whereas NFTs of artwork or collectibles can be copied, fNFTs will not function unless authentic. A user who tries to copy an article of clothing, for example, will not be able to put that piece of clothing on their avatar unless it is authentic.

High-end designers will be able to market, merchandise, and sell their fashions in the metaverse while protecting their brand, with users unable to replicate apparel, thereby ensuring the integrity of the brand and designer as well as safeguarding revenues from sales.

“Utherverse has created a virtual reality platform that rivals the real world in terms of its level of detail and the quality of animation. Fashion will play a huge role in the metaverse, and users will flock to their favorite designers just as they do in the real world,” said Brian Shuster, founder, and CEO of Utherverse.

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