Vivienne Westwood| Iconic Facts About Her Designs You Ought To Know And Love.

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One of the most provocative fashion designers we will always love is Vivienne Westwood, known as the Queen of Punk. She Died on Thursday at the age of 81.
Her avant-garde fashion sense has given rise to some of the most iconic outfits on the catwalk and in public. Here are some details of her creations that revolutionised the fashion world.
We are fans of how the British designer airs her grievances with the current state of politics through pieces.
In partnership with Malcolm McLaren, manager of the New York Dolls and the Sex Pistols, Vivienne Westwood operated a store from 1974 to 1980. Their store, which was known as SEX until 1974 before changing its name to Seditionaries, had a significant impact on London's punk scene. One of their concepts was this Bondage Suit without a gender. It is worn over the divisive "God Save the Queen" Sex Pistols t-shirt - the pinnacle of protest attire - and has zippers and straps that resemble a straitjacket.

Haitian voodoo and an encounter with artist Keith Haring served as the inspiration for Westwood's 1983–1982 collection, her final with McLaren. His vibrant, graffiti-inspired artworks have a hieroglyphic quality that gave the Witches series its ethereal moniker. Because McLaren was so fascinated by American hip-hop culture in the early 1980s, the clothing adorned with Haring's artwork was created with a hip-hop aesthetic.
Vivienne Westwood| Iconic Facts About Her Designs You Ought To Know And Love.
Another instance of how Westwood has reimagined the corset to experiment with body proportions is this. This design, which was part of the 1990 oil painting-inspired Portrait series, has a print of François Boucher's Daphnis and Chloe on the front panel. Westwood was the first designer of the 20th century to employ the corset in its original configuration, and in later collections, she also incorporated it into menswear.

Westwood is renowned for her ability to adapt and recreate historical trends by combining traditional textiles with original and modern cuts. Inspired by Westwood's research into 18th-century attire, this "Statue of Liberty" suit from her 1988 Time Machine collection repurposed the corset from undergarments to sexually charged outerwear.
Vivienne Westwood| Iconic Facts About This Queen You Ought To Know And Love.
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Westwood's Anglomania collection included an explosion of tartan in its designs in 1993, and the moniker is still associated with the look today. She incorporates her specially created McAndreas tartan, which is named after her husband and fellow designer Andreas Kronthaler, with her vivid plaid designs to reinvent how the conventional fabric is used.

To honor her memory, her sons and granddaughter have founded The Vivienne Foundation, which will officially launch in 2023, as a way of preserving Westwood's legacy.

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