Exclusive Interview: Digital Artist JULIAN Van Luyke Takes OTS Magazine’s February 2023 Cover.

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Tell us a little bit more about you and your personal lifestyle.
I am a digital artist with Dutch ancestry who was born in Sweden and has had an extremely adventurous life that has molded who I am now. I've discovered my passion for using technology to create art, which has given me the freedom to express myself in interesting and captivating ways. Each piece of my art is truly unique since it reflects my unique experiences and viewpoint.

Right now, my girlfriend and my dog, who fill my life with so much love and joy, live with me. My partner is my biggest supporter and motivation, and my furry friend is my constant company. We live a basic yet meaningful lifestyle that is centered on our common loves and interests.

Despite the ups and downs, I've experienced in my life, I've learned to value the route that got me to this point. I'm thankful for the events that have molded me and helped me realize that being a digital artist is what I was meant to do.
Digital Artist JULIAN Van Luyke Takes OTS Magazine’s February 2023 Cover.
What is the inspiration behind your love for Digital Art?
As a digital artist, my inspiration for my love for digital art comes from the limitless possibilities it offers. The ability to create anything I can imagine and bring it to life through technology is truly exhilarating.
Did you explore other forms of art first?
I did explore traditional forms of art first, I did some music, and designed bags but the digital art medium allows me to bring my vision to life in a way that was not possible before.
As an NFT creator and digital artist, what does your typical day look like?
A typical day for me as an NFT creator and digital artist involves brainstorming new ideas, experimenting with different tools and techniques, and finally bringing my visions to life through digital media.
What artists of the past or present have inspired you?
I have been inspired by a wide range of artists, both past and present. I daily get inspired by people. People are really creative these days!
How would you describe your brand aesthetics and Personal Style?
My brand aesthetics and personal style can be described as surreal, dream-like fashion, and thought-provoking. I aim to create art that evokes emotions and inspires contemplation in the viewer.
Do you have an essential philosophy that guides you in your creative expression?
My philosophy in creative expression is to always push the boundaries of what is possible, to never be satisfied with what I have created, and to always strive to improve and evolve as an artist.
What do you believe is a key element in creating a good composition?
A key element in creating a good composition is a clear and concise message, balanced elements, and harmonious use of color.
What motivates you as an artist? Is it curiosity, the search for beauty, or meaning?
What motivates me as an artist is a constant search for new and innovative ways to express myself and to create art that has never been seen before. It is a combination of both beauty and meaning that drives me.
What subject matters interest you? What are some of the stories behind your work?
My interests as an artist include exploring the human condition, delving into the unknown, and creating surreal and thought-provoking pictures combined with conspicuous fashion. The stories behind my work often come from my own experiences, dreams, and imagination.
What are some of the tools you use to create your distinct style of artwork?
Some of the tools I use to create my distinct style of an artwork include digital painting software such as Photoshop and Procreate, as well as 3D modeling software like Blender.
What do you predict about the future of this kind of art? Where would you like to see it go?
I predict that digital art will continue to grow and evolve in the future, and I would love to see it become even more mainstream and widely accepted as a valid form of artistic expression
What are the key differences between creating art in the physical and digital worlds?
The key difference between creating art in the physical and digital worlds is the versatility and scalability offered by digital media. In the physical world, there are limitations to size and materials, whereas, in the digital world, the only limitation is your imagination
What sort of message do you want to convey with your work as an artist or creator?
As an artist, I want to convey a message of hope and inspire people to think outside the box and to never stop exploring and growing as individuals, I grow every day and will never be fully learned.
Tell us what is the most challenging part of being an artist?
The most challenging part of being an artist is the constant pressure to create new and innovative work to have consistency and to always be pushing the boundaries of what is possible. 
What are your latest and upcoming projects for 2023?
Doing art that explores the themes of identity and self-discovery, and I am also in the early stages of planning a virtual art exhibition in the metaverse for 2023. Also, some really cool artworks for fusion restaurants and artists and a lot more. 
What was the most surreal moment you ever experienced since you began your journey as an artist?
The most surreal moment has been when I finally decided to really put a lot of time into doing art and doing what I love that was when life started to go my way. If people just start to do what they love and believe in themselves, positive things will happen for them. 
How does color influence you or how does it affect your designs while creating art?
Color plays a crucial role in my work, as it has the power to evoke emotions and set the mood for the piece. I often use vibrant and surreal but obvious color combinations to create an otherworldly but recognizable feel in my art.
What do you see as the future of art in the metaverse?
I see a bright future for art in the metaverse, as it offers a whole new level of immersion and interactivity for both artists and viewers. We are just at the beginning of an era. 
Where can collectors find your work? 
Mainly on Instagram right now, but my website launches this February with art, sculptures, album covers and NFTs, and a lot more.
What advice would you give to aspiring digital artists and creators out there?
My advice to aspiring digital artists and creators is to never stop exploring and learning, to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible, and to always stay true to your own unique vision and style
Do you have any favorite pieces that you’ve done recently? 
A photo of a couple, the color combinations on the purple, silver, and green puffer jackets, I really love it.

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