Interview| Olska Green Phygital Fashion Designer and Founder of Ecoolska Talks Exclusively to OTS Magazine.

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Ecoolska was founded by Olska Green, her brand is one of the first phygital sustainable fashion brands based in Portugal. They create eco-friendly physical clothes as well as digital fashion and NFTs, giving life to the possibility of wearing sustainable innovative clothes in real life and being creative in the digital world.
Olska Green Phygital Fashion Designer and  Founder of Ecoolska
In 2020, life for Olska Green completely changed. She started a new journey during quarantine, living between Montenegro and Portugal and taking inspiration from the nature and balanced lifestyles she saw in both places. She began looking at production in a different way and started to feel that a lot of clothing is completely overproduced and unnecessary. Green, the then-founder of ECOOLSKA, decided to meet this challenge with a new kind of Eco-friendly, sustainable brand.
Olska Green Phygital Fashion Designer and  Founder of Ecoolska Talks Exclusively to OTS Magazine.
ECOOLSKA was born organically. The Olska brand team gained great experience in the production of high-quality clothing, the creation of current designs, sales, and the implementation of collections. The Olska team supports a sustainable lifestyle philosophy and has implemented eco-friendly habits in their daily routine since 2017, gradually shifting towards environmental friendliness. They decided early on to produce stylish garments with the right 

They recently participated in Milan Fashion Week, New York Digital Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, IDFW, and other wonderful events!
Lovely to meet you, Olska, Please tell us more about yourself.
It's great to meet you too! My name is Olska Green and I'm a founder and fashion designer of one of the first sustainable phygital brands in the world Ecoolska and we are based in Portugal. I am a fashion innovator and eco-activist. The main mission for me is to transform the fashion industry into a sustainable and digital one.
What was the inspiration behind the launch of your Phygital Fashion brand “Ecoolska”?
The inspiration behind launching Ecoolska was to create a brand that embodies sustainability, innovation, and technology. I love nature very much and I want to save its incredible beauty! Nature, great people, art, and innovations are a big inspiration for me! I use technology to create clothes that are not only beautiful but also sustainable, innovative, stylish, and functional. I believe that fashion has the power to make a positive impact on the environment, and I wanted to be a part of that change.
Could you tell us how you came about getting into fashion and where the inspiration first came about? What influenced you to take a path within fashion design? How would you describe your design aesthetic and style?
I've always been interested in fashion ever since I was a child. I remember spending hours drawing and designing clothes, and as I grew up, that passion only grew stronger. But my passion was not only for fashion but for innovations. It wasn't until I started exploring the potential of digital fashion that I found a way to combine my two passions. My style is a mix of provocative futuristic sport eclectic with a focus on recycling, innovative materials, biodegradable athleisure, and futuristic designs.
Olska Green Phygital Fashion Designer and  Founder of Ecoolska
How do you create — please describe your design and creation process? And Where do you draw your inspiration from?
My design and creation process begins from inspiration with research and experimentation. I start by exploring different materials and techniques and then use digital tools to create 3D models of my designs. I use AI for creating digital sketches to speed up the design process and have pre-orders from customers. I like to work both ways: to create unique Upcycling collections by my hands in the atelier in Milan and also to create innovative sportswear collections that we sew in Portugal. And I like to create digital fashion shows with 3D avatars and create digital clothes for Metaverse, to be sold on digital marketplaces. Sometimes I create my 3D sketches wearing VR glasses - such a great feeling to be unleashing creativity virtually! From there, I can refine and adjust the designs until they are perfect. I love all my ways of extending creativity! My inspiration comes from many sources, including nature, people, architecture, technology, music, and art. I love exploring new technologies and finding ways to incorporate them into my designs.
Which phase of the creative process excites you the most and why?
The creative phase that excites me the most is the experimentation phase. This is where I get to explore new materials and techniques and push the boundaries of what is possible in digital fashion and in real life. The bolder the idea, the more interested I am in it. I love the feeling of discovery that comes with trying something innovative or recycling and seeing how it works. It's a thrilling experience to see an idea come to life and evolve into a beautiful, functional piece of fashion.
Why do you think digital fashion is important today? And what do you think are the most important applications of digital fashion?
Digital fashion is important today because it has the potential to revolutionize the industry in terms of sustainability, innovation, and creativity. With the rise of fast fashion and its negative impact on the environment, it's more important than ever to explore new ways of creating clothing that is both stylish and sustainable. Great applications for Digital fashion are DressX, Zero10, Ntzn, Metaverse Spatial, Zepeto, and Decentraland.
Photo|OTSMagazine :We at OTSM decided to visit Ecoolska's VR Penthouse in Spatial io and It looked absolutely amazing 
How big of a role and impact does 3D design have on sustainability within these realms of the fashion industry and how can that continue to expand going forward?
I would say 3D design has a huge role to play in sustainability within the fashion industry. It allows designers to create and test virtual prototypes, reducing the need for physical samples and production. It also allows for more efficient use of materials, as designers can optimize designs to reduce waste. Going forward, I believe that 3D design will become an increasingly important tool for sustainable fashion. Digital fashion can reduce over-consumption and overproduction by at least 10% or maybe more in the future.  It also opens up new possibilities for customization and personalization and has pre-orders from buyers and customers before production.
What are you most excited about for the future of digital fashion and where do you see it headed?
I'm most excited about the potential for digital fashion to bring more inclusivity and diversity to the industry. With virtual garments, there are no size constraints, allowing for clothing that can fit anyone. It also allows for more experimentation and creativity, as designers are not limited by the constraints of physical production. I see digital fashion continuing to evolve and push the boundaries of what is possible in fashion.
With NFTs and the metaverse becoming more 'mainstream' how do you think digital fashion will evolve?
I think that NFTs and the metaverse have the potential to create new opportunities for digital fashion. With NFTs, digital garments can become collectible and valuable, creating a new market for virtual fashion. Especially NFTs with utility (physical twin, access to private parties, etc). NFT and blockchain will play an important role in the fashion industry as it helps prevent counterfeits. The market for fakes in the fashion industry is as big as the fashion industry itself. NFT is like a passport ID of identification, authenticity of the product,  and its uniqueness and originality. So of course it helps to be more transparent and trustworthy for the whole fashion industry.
In your own words, what does the term “Women Empowerment” mean to you?
To me, women's empowerment means creating a world where women have equal opportunities, rights, and representation. It means supporting and lifting up other women, and eliminating discrimination and inequality.
Stylish CEO and designer Olska Green attends Milan Fashion Week where she presented street-style fashion outfits from the NEW UPCYCLING COLLECTION.
My favorite saying is -“we rise by lifting others up” What more do you think women could do to support each other, especially in this day and age where animosity thrives in the world today, especially on social media?
I think women can support each other by creating a positive and inclusive community, both online and offline. It's important to listen to and amplify each other's voices, and to celebrate each other's successes. It's also important to have open and honest conversations about the challenges we face as women and to work together to find solutions.
What are the qualities of an empowered woman? And how can women be empowered while maintaining their femininity?
The qualities of an empowered woman include confidence, independence, resilience, and empathy. Women can be empowered while maintaining their femininity by embracing and celebrating their own unique qualities and strengths, and by refusing to be limited by societal expectations or stereotypes.
Are you planning to produce more physical garments based on your 3D designs?
Yes, I am planning to produce more physical garments based on my 3D designs. I believe that physical garments are still an important part of the fashion industry, and I want to offer my customers the option to have physical twins of my digital designs very important: I want to show how to be stylish without harming our environment.
It is nice you are producing both physical and digital. If you could design a wardrobe and outfits for a famous movie or ballet — what would it be?
If I could design a wardrobe and outfits for a famous movie or ballet, I would choose the movies Matrix or Dune or Ready Player One, or The fifth element. I would love to create digital garments that transform and evolve throughout the performance, creating a magical and immersive experience for the audience.
What are the possibilities and potential of Virtual Reality for the fashion industry?
The possibilities of Virtual Reality for the fashion industry are endless. VR allows for immersive experiences that can transport the viewer to different worlds and environments. It also allows for more interactive and personalized experiences, as viewers can interact with virtual garments and try them on in real-time.
What are your latest and upcoming projects? Tell us about the inspiration behind your collection  "SARGASSO"
My latest project is my digital fashion show "SARGASSO", which is inspired by the mysterious and magical underwater world of the Sargasso Sea. I was inspired by the Sargasso Sea which is located within the Atlantic Ocean and known as the only sea without a land boundary. Sargasso sea provides a home to an amazing variety of marine species, but first of all -  different types of algae. 
The new digital fashion show «SARGASSO» brings a significant topic to think about: Algae and its sustainable and essential role in the planet's well-being. Algae produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide, act as the base for the aquatic food chain, remove pollutants from water and stabilize sediments. And because our next physical collection will be produced from algae.
What do you think is needed to push the digital fashion movement more into the mainstream? Do you want digital fashion to become more mainstream?
I think that education and awareness are key to pushing the digital fashion movement more into the mainstream. It's important to showcase the potential of digital fashion and to educate consumers about its benefits and possibilities. I do want digital fashion to become more mainstream, as I believe it has the potential to create a more sustainable and inclusive industry.
Would you recommend exploring digital fashion to other fashion designers?
Absolutely, I would highly recommend exploring digital fashion to other fashion designers. Digital fashion is an innovative and exciting field that allows for endless possibilities and creative freedom. With digital fashion, designers can push the boundaries of traditional fashion and create something truly unique and impactful. It also offers a more sustainable and ethical approach to fashion production, which is becoming increasingly important in today's world.
What do you try to express in your digital fashion work?
In my digital fashion work, I try to express the concept of sustainability and the importance of preserving our environment. I believe that as a designer, it is important to not only create beautiful pieces but also to use our platform to make a positive impact on the world. My latest collection "SARGASSO" is a perfect example of this, where I drew inspiration from the Sargasso Sea and its vital role in the planet's well-being. By showcasing the beauty of algae in my designs, I hope to bring awareness to the significance of algae in our ecosystem. Or for example, in my first digital fashion show “Rethink your future” which premiered in the summer of 2021, I showed the problem of pollution of the planet from fast fashion and how we can change our habits and leave the planet clean for the future generations.
Olska Green Phygital Fashion Designer and  Founder of Ecoolska Talks Exclusively to OTS Magazine.
Where do you see the future of virtual fashion going? Is there anything missing, in your view?
The future of virtual fashion is incredibly exciting, and I see it becoming an integral part of the fashion industry. As technology continues to advance, we will see more realistic and immersive virtual experiences, allowing consumers to fully interact with digital garments and accessories. I also see virtual fashion playing a major role in sustainability efforts by reducing waste and promoting circularity within the fashion industry. However, I believe there is still a need for more education and awareness about digital fashion and its potential.
What’s your biggest piece of advice for a new creator about launching their first collection?
My biggest piece of advice for a new creator about launching their first collection is to stay true to yourself and your vision. Don't be afraid to take risks and push the boundaries of traditional fashion. Also, always consider the impact your designs may have on the world and strive to make a positive difference. Finally, surround yourself with a supportive team and embrace collaboration, as it can lead to incredible outcomes.

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