Exclusive Interview: 'Dripping In Diamonds' Fashion Model Olatutu Claire Is Taking Over The Fashion Scene By Storm.

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Fashion Model, Entrepreneur, and Makeup Artist 'Olatutu Claire' is the star of OTS magazine’s latest fashion editorial Lensed by Photographer Seyi Pixel
'Dripping In Diamonds' Fashion Model Olatutu Claire Is Taking Over The Fashion Scene By Storm.
Model: @olatutu_claire, Makeup:@allurebytutu, Photography:@seyipixel, Styled:@theempressstyling
Our featured cover model Olatutu Claire is a combination of vitality and desire. She is a person of will and energy, yet she is also incredibly calm. She relies on God, love, tenacity, and confidence to achieve her goals.

She wants to be a great and successful woman. She has a degree in mass communication.
She is a well-known fashion model and successful businesswoman from Nigeria who is popularly known for her exceptional beauty, unique features, and sense of style.

She has established a reputation for herself in the fashion world thanks to her extensive expertise in hundreds of photographic fashion campaigns and modeling events.

In addition to the aforementioned, she also has a thriving business in the professional beauty sector where she works as a makeup artist and has a keen interest in cosmetics. She likes to read, write, travel, create short tales, dance, sing, interact with others, and most of all, spend time with her loved ones.

Read her very insightful interview below.
'Dripping In Diamonds' Fashion Model Olatutu Claire Is Taking Over The Fashion Scene By Storm.
How and when did you discover you had a passion for modeling?
In 2016, while enrolled in the National Diploma program at the Federal Polytechnic Bida in Niger State, Nigeria, I became passionate about modeling. I had no modeling experience at the time, but I participated in my first photo session with one of the greatest and most well-liked photographers at school. Despite having no prior expertise, I adorned myself in a bikini and a Fulani hat and posed with such conviction that I believed I was acting appropriately. 
I became well-known at school as a consequence of the images since they were so good and were utilized by the photographer for his photographic banner.
I took a trip from my school to Minna, the capital of Niger State in Nigeria, where I was paid to take photos with some of the top photographers I had heard of, to expand my portfolio. I also took part in the Miss Federal Polytechnic Bida, Niger State (FPB) pageant to choose the face of my institution, and I placed as the first runner-up. I also joined a catwalk agency at school, where we met twice a week, and this helped me hone my cat walking abilities and confidence.
I had a really positive overall modeling experience while enrolled at the Federal Polytechnic Bida's National Diploma program. Despite having no prior modeling experience, I was able to find my enthusiasm for the industry, develop my portfolio through photo sessions with renowned photographers, compete in a beauty pageant, and sharpen my cat-walking techniques with the help of an agency.
'Dripping In Diamonds' Fashion Model Olatutu Claire Is Taking Over The Fashion Scene By Storm.
In your own words please describe your style as a model?
My style as a model, I aim to showcase the boldness of beauty through fashion. I believe that there are no rigid rules to follow in fashion and that the creative expression of one's ideas through fashion is both beautiful, unique, and artistic. I am passionate about exploring unique and unconventional fashion concepts that allow me to express my individuality and showcase my creativity.
Fashion, in my opinion, is a type of art that enables people to express their personalities and ideas to the world. Whether it be via striking hues, daring textures, or provocative shapes, fashion offers a venue for creative expression that surpasses traditional limitations. In my role as a model, I'm dedicated to pushing the boundaries of style and discovering new frontiers in fashion, all the while encouraging people to embrace their own distinctive sense of style and beauty.
Do you remember your first experience in front of the Camera?
In my first experience in front of the camera, I felt a rush of excitement as I wasn't at all shy or scared. In fact, I had always enjoyed being in front of the camera since I was a child. I have always been confident in myself and my abilities, which I believe contributed to my ease in front of the camera. As I posed for the photo shoot, I tried to bring to life various poses that came to mind, which made the whole experience even more enjoyable for me.
Overall, my first time in front of the camera was an exciting and memorable experience. Being comfortable with myself and my body, as well as my love for posing and being photographed, made the whole experience a lot of fun. I look forward to more opportunities to be in front of the camera and to continue exploring my passion for photography and modeling.
'Dripping In Diamonds' Fashion Model Olatutu Claire Is Taking Over The Fashion Scene By Storm.
How big a role does modeling play in your life?
Modeling holds a significant place in my life as it has played a vital role in developing my self-assurance and enhancing my understanding of my personality, as well as uncovering one of my life's purposes. Through the realms of fashion, photography, attitudes, moods, and various styles of posing, I continuously delve into new experiences, transforming my ideas into tangible realities. This journey as a model allows me to authentically express my innermost emotions, feelings, and thoughts, providing a powerful means of communication and self-expression.
What was it like shaving your head for the first time? What inspired you to do it?
Shaving my head was a significant and empowering experience for me, despite dealing with negative comments and discrimination due to my baldness as a young woman. As a child, my father would shave my hair as a punishment whenever I cried, which initially made me feel sad and ugly, anticipating the bullying I would face at school and from my peers. As I grew older, I always wanted to shave my head, but the opinions of others, citing reasons such as my body size, head shape, and facial features, discouraged me.
One day, I decided I could let go of societal expectations and just be me. I fully committed to shaving my head, relishing the feel of the smooth skin on my scalp. When I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I experienced a sense of beauty like no other.
Since I made the change, I have received a lot of support and embraced the uniqueness of my looks.
Who or what is your biggest motivation in life?
My mother has been my ultimate source of inspiration and motivation in life. Throughout my childhood, I witnessed her unwavering determination and relentless efforts as a trader. She poured her strength, wisdom, and unwavering belief into her business, striving day and night to provide for our family. Her sacrifices enabled me and my elder siblings to receive a quality education, wear the finest clothes during festive seasons, and never experience hunger as we benefited from her hard-earned profits. Witnessing her journey has instilled in me profound admiration and gratitude.
Moreover, my mother's dream of owning a completed dream home remains a driving force for me. She has dedicated herself to building this house, and I am determined to help her realize this long-cherished aspiration. Her journey has taught me invaluable life lessons: to be resilient in the face of challenges, to be self-reliant and responsible, to work diligently, to show respect to others, to maintain a cheerful outlook, and to consistently uplift and support those around me. My mother's influence has shaped me into the person I am today, and I am committed to honoring her by embodying these qualities and making her dream a reality.
What advice would you offer to other aspiring models who wish to set their own style and not be like everyone else?
My advice to aspiring models is to have an unwavering belief in themselves and maintain a strong sense of self-confidence and self-awareness. Each individual possesses unique perspectives and thoughts, leading to diverse thinking patterns. It is perfectly acceptable to have role models and aspire to be like others, but it is important not to emulate them entirely. Aspiring models should leave space for their own creativity and collaborate with innovative minds to transform their ideas into reality. They should follow their instincts and develop their own distinctive style, embracing their individuality. It is crucial to overcome the fear of criticism and always remember that nobody thinks exactly like them, which is what makes their uniqueness truly beautiful.
Fashion Model Olatutu Claire Is Taking Over The Fashion Scene By Storm.
What would you consider the most important components of your style? and do you feel you have a signature style as a model?
As a fashion model, my style is characterized by several components, but the most important one is my ability to seamlessly fit into any fashion style. However, what truly sets me apart is my baldness, which serves as the pinnacle of my overall aesthetic. My bald head becomes the defining feature that harmonizes with my outfits, reflecting my individuality and elevating my overall appearance. It stands as a testament to my personal journey and adds an intriguing depth to my identity as a model. 
Additionally, my signature style is shaped by the captivating fusion of my facial expressions and facial structure. Every glance, smile, and gaze I convey encapsulates the essence of my artistic vision, creating a mesmerizing connection with the viewer. Moreover, my distinct facial structure enhances the visual impact of my poses and walking, capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression. Together, my facial expressions, structure, and body form a powerful combination that defines my unique and memorable presence in the world of modeling.
If you could change one thing about the fashion and modeling industry, what would it be? What would you improve?
If I could change one thing in the fashion and modeling industry, it would be to promote and embrace greater diversity and inclusivity. Historically, the industry has been criticized for its lack of representation, with narrow beauty standards that often exclude individuals based on factors such as race, height, body type, age, and gender identity.
To address this, I would advocate for more inclusive casting and hiring practices. This means actively seeking out models from diverse backgrounds and featuring a wide range of body types, ethnicities, and ages in fashion shows, campaigns, and editorial spreads. Embracing diversity not only promotes a more realistic and positive body image for individuals but also allows for a broader representation of society as a whole.
Additionally, I would encourage the industry to prioritize the well-being and mental health of models. This could involve implementing regulations and guidelines to ensure healthy working conditions, including reasonable working hours, access to adequate rest breaks, and support systems for models who may face challenges related to body image and self-esteem.
Furthermore, I would strive for greater transparency and accountability in the industry. This would involve combating issues such as exploitation, body shaming, and unhealthy practices by implementing stricter regulations and enforcing ethical standards. By fostering a more inclusive, respectful, and responsible fashion and modeling industry, we can create a positive and empowering environment for both professionals and consumers alike.
What is the most challenging part of being a model?
Being a model presents various challenges that require resilience and adaptability. One significant hurdle is the frequent experience of rejection during auditions, casting calls, and go-sees, which can be mentally taxing. Maintaining a positive mindset and developing resilience becomes crucial when facing constant scrutiny and judgment based on physical appearance. Another challenge is the pressure to conform to specific beauty standards set by the fashion industry. Models often face body image pressures and may struggle with maintaining certain body types or sizes, which can have negative effects on self-esteem and mental well-being.
In addition to these personal challenges, the modeling industry is highly competitive. With numerous aspiring models competing for limited opportunities, a sense of insecurity and constant comparison can arise. Models must remain focused and confident in their abilities to navigate this competitive environment successfully. Furthermore, the irregular work schedule of a model can pose difficulties, as they may experience periods without bookings or encounter hectic schedules with back-to-back assignments. This unpredictability makes it challenging to plan personal commitments and maintain a stable lifestyle. Despite these challenges, many models find fulfillment in their work by overcoming obstacles, prioritizing their well-being, and finding a balance between personal and professional life.
Exclusive Interview: Fashion Model Olatutu Claire
What's your most memorable shoot?
One of my most unforgettable shooting experiences remains etched in my mind on 1st January 2019. even though it never actually took place. It was supposed to be a picturesque outdoor shoot at a stunning location with a breathtaking waterfall. However, the high level of insecurity in that area turned our plans into a nightmare. As soon as we arrived, we were targeted by robbers who swiftly stripped us of our belongings, including money and gadgets. In the chaos, I was even physically assaulted when one of the assailants tried to wrestle my handbag away from me. The photographer, engrossed in his own fight for survival, was unable to come to my aid. The loss of our valuable possessions and the sense of vulnerability we felt were deeply distressing. However, with the help of a supportive friend we sought refuge and we were able to secure the means to return home, marking the end of this harrowing ordeal.
Despite the shoot never materializing, the experience of being robbed and physically assaulted remains vivid in my memory. Our anticipation of capturing the beauty of the location turned into a terrifying encounter with insecurity.
Oh, dear! I am so sorry to hear this. What are some of the biggest hurdles you have been faced with as a model and how did you overcome them?
As a freelance model in the fashion industry, one of the significant challenges I encountered was securing paid jobs with designers, makeup artists, photographers, and other creative brands. However, I managed to overcome this hurdle through a proactive approach. Instead of waiting to be booked, I took the initiative to build my portfolio and enhance my skills as a fashion stylist and makeup artist.
By becoming my own fashion stylist and makeup artist, I continuously worked on developing my artistic abilities and refining my personal brand. I understood the importance of creating a unique and compelling image that would capture the attention and interest of potential clients. Through dedication and perseverance, I consistently worked on building and expanding my portfolio, showcasing my versatility and creativity.
By taking charge of my own career and constantly creating new content, I aimed to attract brands and professionals in the fashion industry. I realized that by being proactive and showcasing my talents, I could generate excitement and interest among potential clients. This approach not only allowed me to showcase my skills but also positioned me as a motivated and driven professional, increasing my chances of getting booked by renowned brands in the fashion industry.
If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
If I could change one thing about myself, I wish to alleviate self-imposed stress and avoid overthinking by adopting a more relaxed and patient mindset, allowing time and circumstances to unfold naturally.
What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others?
What sets me apart from others are my unique and distinct personal qualities, encompassing the way I think, act, communicate, reason, comprehend, experience emotions, respond, and present myself physically. These qualities collectively define my individuality and separate me from the crowd. My thoughts reflect my distinct perspective and approach to life, shaped by my experiences and beliefs. In my actions, I exhibit a distinct set of behaviors that align with my values and principles. 
When I communicate, I bring a distinct voice and style, expressing myself with clarity and thoughtfulness. The way I reason reflects my analytical and logical thinking, enabling me to make sound judgments and decisions. In comprehending the world around me, I possess a unique capacity to grasp concepts and ideas, gaining a deeper understanding. 
My emotions are experienced in a distinctive manner, influenced by my personality and sensitivities. When faced with situations, I react in a way that reflects my character and temperament, showcasing my individual response. Finally, my physical appearance is marked by unique attributes and features, presenting a distinct outward appearance. Together, these qualities make me truly unique and set me apart from others, contributing to my individuality and the richness of my identity.
What do you consider your biggest professional success so far?
Undoubtedly, my most significant accomplishment in my professional career to date was my participation in the Tozali fashion show held in Abuja, Nigeria on November 26th, 2022. The privilege to walk the runway was an absolute highlight, allowing me to exhibit the extraordinary garments meticulously crafted with unparalleled sophistication and grace by immensely talented fashion designers from Nigeria and beyond. The event served as a platform for showcasing their remarkable creations, and I felt honored to be a part of it. Notably, I was featured in the magazine of the esteemed designer @maison_mohani, further solidifying the impact and recognition of my contribution to the show. This experience stands as a testament to my professional growth and serves as a cherished milestone in my career.
Becoming a model really introduces one major condition into your life which is "Consistency", Do you think this theory is accurate or not?
Embarking on a career in modeling has instilled a fundamental principle in my life: consistency. In my perspective, this theory holds true as consistency serves as the driving force behind personal and professional growth, ultimately leading to tangible results. It all hinges on where we choose to direct our beliefs, time, and effort.
By consistently showing up, putting in the work, and maintaining a dedicated mindset, I have witnessed remarkable progress. This unwavering commitment to my craft has propelled me forward, allowing me to develop and evolve in both my skills and career. The notion that growth is contingent upon consistency resonates deeply with me, as I firmly believe that sustained effort and dedication lead to positive outcomes. Ultimately, it all boils down to what we choose to invest our beliefs, time, and energy into. By prioritizing consistency, I have experienced first-hand the transformative power it holds in driving personal and professional success.
Is there any brand you would love to model for?
Mugler, the brand I aspire to model for, represents the epitome of avant-garde fashion and embodies the perfect blend of elegance, innovation, and daring creativity.
This is a question I always love to ask my Queens during interviews what does the word "Women Empowerment "mean to you? And how does it help women?
As a model, I empower females by embracing diversity, promoting body positivity, and collaborating with empowering brands to amplify their message. Additionally, providing mentorship and support to aspiring models, using your voice to speak out on women's issues, and engaging in philanthropy and activism can contribute to creating a more inclusive and equal industry. By taking these actions, you can make a positive impact and inspire others to embrace their unique qualities, challenge societal norms, and strive for empowerment.
What are your latest and upcoming projects?
I am in the process of developing a modeling website which will be launched soon. Along with this, I have a modeling shoot scheduled with a clothing brand where I will be showcasing their new designs. I am excited to present myself as a model and eager to pursue more modeling opportunities in the future.
What are you doing when you are not working?
In my spare time, when I'm not working on a modeling project or on a professional make-up artist's order, I practice my poses and catwalk, I like to cook for myself and friends who come to visit me, I do sport every day to keep in shape. In the evenings I watch news from all over the world to keep up to date, and also practice aerobic dances.
What is your beauty regimen and how do you stay in shape?
The beauty regimen includes a healthy diet according to a regular daily menu. Also, I make sure to take care of my facial skin with quality products, and of course the rest of my body as well. I carefully do fitness training almost every day, when depending on the day of the week I focus on something different each time.
Any last words you’d like to add?
I would like to add that my dream is to break out of my country in the field of professional modeling. I am ready to model all types of clothing including underwear and swimwear and of course, do runway modeling work. I know that I have to work hard for my success and the success of the client.
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