Okay My Lovelies, here is a sneak peek of my Bedazzled World, many of you know i love everything from "Bespoke to Luxury To Glam", Last year i lunched a series of Sparkly Lingerie and i was amazed at the great and positive feedback, i am glad i could support a few charities with the proceeds.

Why Bespoke? Because i feel we all have to be Unique, i love creating objects and items that are Unique and special call it "One of a Kind", that lovely feeling you get when you open your wardrobe or closet and see a design owned by No other but you, believe me it's the greatest feeling in the world.

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Top 3 Fashion Rules to Abide by in the Spring/Summer 2017 Season. #Fashion #FashionBlogger #Style2017

Spring is to fashion what New Year’s is to resolutions. If January 1st is a time to rethink our choices and swear to shed bad habits and adopt new, better ones, Spring is the time when closet spring cleaning takes place, we leave our foolish fashion choices behind and adopt new ones. As soon as the first heel hits Fashion Week runways, we know what will be in and what will be cast aside in the upcoming season. So, let us see what the near future holds for all the fashionistas.

New Clothes, New Beginnings

If Elle is to be trusted, this spring brings on a whole lot of stripes – diagonal, horizontal, vertical, wide, narrow, monochromatic or colorful – take your pick. And they will make their mark on every single garment from dresses and pants to blouses and shorts and go as far as beachwear. It is safe to say that it is time to get stripy. As for other prints, despite Miranda Presley’s snide “Florals, for spring, groundbreaking” comment, flowers are here to stay, so, go flower power!
As far as other trends go, particularly in the color palette arena, khaki and other nude shades will be huge this season, following a very successful run in the previous one. The color that will be joining all the lovely nudes is yellow, and in all shades, so if you were wondering which shade to pick – you will not be wrong with any single one. And while on the subject of color-pops, pink will be present in every shade you have ever imagined.
Off-the-shoulder pieces are still going strong this season, but unlike the previous, the charm lies in exposing not both, but only one of them. So, choose your more flattering one ladies.
If you love your crisp white shirts, you will adore the makeover they have received for this season – they are now bolder and longer.

What Types of Hair Care?

According to Harper's Bazaar, sleek and shiny is back this season, so you might as well bust out that flat iron that has been gathering dust all this time, that is, if you want to get that Gigi Hadid hair. However, since supermodels not only follow, but set trends, Gigi will be rocking her staple beach-waves this season too, so whichever way you decide to go will be Hadid approved. Other major trends will include balayage, and the only thing that is changing is the colour palette – instead of the caramel and honey hues, more cool, ashy and grey tones will take the stage. Thanks to the likes of Alicia Keys and Kerry Washington, to curly girls we say – rejoice, the time has come to stop smothering your curls, go natural and let the volume out. Finally, bobs and lobs all around the globe will be encouraged, so if you have them, keep them, and if not - grow them out.

Make Me Up


For better or worse, this season appears to be fazing matte out and bringing metallic lips in. Worry not - dark and bold lips are still in. The classic red lip is also safe from extinction, and so is the eyeliner. Dewy finishes enhanced by light strobing are definitely in, as most makeup artists are abandoning the sharp contouring practice and advocating natural enhancement of the face’s focal points. Blush is also back, and bolder than ever, but as far as eye makeup goes, Harper's Bazaar shows that eyes will not be the main focus this season, though strong eyebrows will still be going strong.

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About author:
Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She's passionate about traveling, fashion and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.


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Movies have “taught” us that every single office in the world has the same dress code. In other words, if you are planning on working at the office you should stack up on your pencil skirt and blazer collections. If you are more into jeans, you’ll just have to wait for casual Fridays. The reality, however, is a little bit different.

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Before we start, let’s get one thing straight here. Nobody said that you should wear your micro skirt, shorts, flip flops etc. to work, no. But managers generally complain about younger generations and their dressing habits. The key is in sticking with that perfect line between casual and professional. Why? Simply, as much as clothes don’t make a man, in business world they do. And sadly, people ARE going to judge your professionalism based on your clothing and your entire look.

First things first

Wait. Before we get to the outfit part, there are much more important things to be discussed. Ask yourself:
  • Am I wearing too much makeup?
  • Do I have a visible tattoo?
  • Is my hair neat? When was the last time I dyed it?
You just have to look neat. If you have a visible tattoo, cover it with some foundation. Know that you don’t need a lot of makeup for work, it is daytime and you are at the office - you will just end up looking ridiculous. Some foundation, a soft eye shadow and some lip gloss will do the trick. Next, your hair. Our hair can either frame or completely ruin our entire look, so we have to keep it as nice as possible. In order to make it sleek, make sure you treat it with vitamins and keep simple.

Know where you are

Every workplace is different. At some places you will be able to casually wear your oversized T-shirt, while at other places everyone is going to look at you like you are some sort of a clown just because your tie is a little bit brighter. You have to look around and be completely aware of the dress code in your company. By that, I mean looking at people you admire, and people you want to be sitting in a meeting room within a few years.

Fashion Interview : Naima Mora” [ANTM Cycle 4 Winner] Talks Fashion,Modelling and Music. #Fashion #FBlogger #StyleBlogger #ANTM

Photographer-Curtis Moore

Hi Naima,Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what was life-like growing up?
Hi Everyone! Well I grew up in Detroit city… I grew up in a musical household as both of my parents are musicians. They really allowed and supported us in developing creative sensibilities that led my sisters and I to purse careers in the arts. My sisters and I had this hub of love and art at home, but we also grew up amidst dangerous surroundings. Detroit has some of the highest violence and illiteracy rates in the country. Albeit that the case, my parents also raised us as Nichiren Buddhists which gave me a sense of strength and courage to pursue my dreams despite any circumstance.
Amazing! So how did you start Modelling and what inspired you to go into the fashion industry?
I think I was naturally drawn to fashion because of the art within it. The art of design, photography, makeup, styling and even performing on the runway. I kind of stumbled upon being a model. When I moved to NYC to be a ballet dancer, my good friend who is a makeup artist asked me to do some tests shoots with her. And from there on I was very intrigued with Modeling. A couple of years later after being rejected by many agencies in the city, I was scouted for America’s Next Top Model
What was your first big break in the modelling and fashion industry?
My first big break in the fashion industry was of course winning ANTM. With that I landed being one of the faces of CoverGirl Cosmetics. I was a spokes model for the company. 
If you weren’t modeling, your career choice would be?
If I weren’t modeling I would be doing exactly what I’m doing now. My career is not limited to modeling at all. I have actually been performing as a singer for the last several years. Of course, I would like to explore more of the performing arts like acting per say. I published a book as well. I went to college for Creative Writing and I really got to put those skills to the test with my first book “Model Behavior“.
How did it feel to win ANTM Season 4 and what impact did it have in your life?
I never imagined winning a hit reality TV model competition. Winning ANTM changed my life dramatically. I think I was a little lost at what I would do in life. I had just left the ballet company I had been performing with right before filming. I didn’t know where life would take me. But after winning I became a role model, using my career to inspire people and to keep growing as an individual.
Photo by Kaboo Vang.
What advice would you give to aspiring Models trying to find their Niche in the Modelling and Fashion industry?
Aspiring models always reach out to me asking advise on how to break in to the industry. The first thing I tell them is to never let rejection get to you. You really just have to find your own niche in the industry. A lot of people have the misconception that modeling is limited to high fashion editorial and runway modeling. But commercial modeling has a lot more outlets to be able to express your career. You can start at your local level in your city modeling for professionals that are also in the industry. I got my start really just modeling for a friend who thought I could do well at it.
What are some of your latest and upcoming projects, also tell us more about your First Single “Hour Glass” which was released last year?
So in the last two and half years I’ve been a busy bee. I won ANTM and took a couple of years to really develop as a model. Learning how to do my job well. That was really important to me, because people look up to me for my success in that part of my career. But I strongly believe that the creative mind has to have many outlets. I published my book “Model Behavior” and toured it successfully in five major cities including some renowned universities. I gave a TEDx Talk which for me was a life changing experience.
I also released my single HourGlass. That was a really cathartic experience as music and art can be. It’s a universal language. I had the pleasure of working with Stadium Music Enterprise and producer Josh Stevens who really brought out the best in my music. I had the pleasure of touring my single as well! I opened for LA Style Fashion Week, Reno Fashion Week and Santa Fe Fashion Week to audiences of 1000 plus people.
Also, I’ve recently done a soft launch of a brand new project, my clothing line “Naima x Hitoma”. It’s a collaborative project between myself and my good friend Geo Hitoma. We’ll be debuting at Orange County Fashion Week and launching officially in May 2016.

Who or what inspires and motivates you daily?
Love inspires me daily… I, like many people, have had to learn to love myself through and through. When I wake up in the morning that is what inspires me to get out of bed and keep pushing towards pursuing and accomplishing my dreams. And my love for other people too. For my family, my friends and my loved ones. I have to succeed for them too.

What do you enjoy most about modelling and the Fashion/Entertainment industry?
The best thing about fashion and modeling as a career for me is traveling. I LOVE being able to travel and meet new people… see new things and really connect with new experiences. It’s really fulfilling. I get to expand a network of friends in so many states and countries around the world. It makes me really happy!

In regards to the fashion industry, what are the aspects you love about it? What are some aspects that you don’t about the industry?
Like all careers there are great things and not so great things. I love the art in fashion. I love the experience of a photo shoot, a runway show, being involved in the creative process. I love the design behind it all. I love the orchestration of so many elements to create one beautiful image…
Then there are things that I don’t really like as much about the fashion industry. It can be racist at times and sexist as well. The perceptions of beauty can become a skewed. There is a very unhealthy demand on young women being uber thin, and I think that hurts the consumer as well.
As people who work in the industry, we have to really find a delicate balance of pop culture and what we are selling as to what is perpetuated from a negative sensibility. I believe it is our responsibility as artist and as creators to be very aware of how we are influencing pop culture and those people who buy it.

photographer- Nia Mora

What inspired you to write the Book “NAIMA Model Behaviour” and should we be expecting more books from you soon?
I really wanted to create something tangible for my fans all over the world. People have reached out to me expressing their love and support of me for being a winning contestant on ANTM. I hoped to inspire people and a lot of people have said that I have done so. But I wanted to create something real from being on reality tv. So I wrote ‘Model Behavior”. It is an inspirational book for young people who have conversations about healthy relationships, self-expression and healthy eating. It also has a chapter on modeling tips. It’s a sort of coffee table style book filled with images of some of my best photo shoots. And yes, I am working on another book as we speak… coming perhaps by the end of the year…. fingers crossed.

Yay! Excited to see what you come up with – If you could change anything about the Fashion and Modeling industry, what would it be and why?
If I could change anything about the fashion industry, I would want to change the exploitation of youth and youthfulness. As a young model I didn’t realize at first what that meant. But after having been in the industry for several years now, I can see that a lot of young people are taken advantage of and treated poorly. Some of these agents, talent reps and casting directors treat the models as dispensable objects. Utilizing their youth to sell an idea of beauty that isn’t always relatable. As a woman now, when I see ad campaigns with a girl of 15 or 16 being sexualized, I can’t relate to it all. Most women don’t and infact it makes most women feel guilty at not being that. I hope that in my career I have managed to transcend that to some degree and inspire people from the work I’ve done as a model.

What do you believe is the key to success for a model? What qualities does one need to succeed?
To be a successful model, you must have courage and love. Love for yourself… A LOT ,have lots of love for yourself. Also you must have courage to face your fears and take a leap of faith in pursuing your dreams… it’s what has kept me going and surviving.

photographer- Curtis Moore

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Beauty : Loving My Latest Beauty Obsession By Natural Glow. #Beauty #Skincare #BBlogger #StyleBlogger

Thanks To Natural Glow @natural___glow for my Lovely Beauty Goodies , ​Natural Glow offers delicious body food for your skin. They Offer a wide range of skin food from facial scrubs to herbal bath teas. All made by hand with organic ingredients.

Here Are Some Of Their Amazing Products and their Details

Clay Body & Hair Mask

Our clay face mask is bursting with lots of beneficial nutrients. It contains ingredients such as Bentonite clay and Aloe Vera.

Soap with Kon Kon

Natural bar soap made with Coconut Husk is perfect for gentle exfoliation.

Coffee Soap

Natural bar soap made with rich African clay is perfect for gentle exfoliation.

Herbal Bath Tea

‘Sweet Dream Stress Relief Herbal Bath Tea’, Is a peaceful, calming blend of organic botanicals that promotes physical and mental relaxation to relieve stress before bed or anytime. It also has skin pampering blend of soothing and softening botanicals, oats and Sea salt helps with dry skin, rashes and itchy or inflamed skin.

 Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs is the most natural way to soften, exfoliate and to freshen up the skin. Sugar is a natural sweetener that can also be used as a natural beauty regimen. Its fine texture gently exfoliates the skin without leaving harmful residue that can clog the pores. It has moisturising properties that prevents the skin from dying.
Sugar scrub or facial scrubs help maintain a younger looking skin. It tones and tightens the pores of the skin.

Whipped Lemon Body Butter

Ahhhhh Sweet, sweet body butter…. The rich texture, the wonderful scents, the ease with which you can make it. Especially in winter, when the skin needs an extra hand hydrating, a whipped body butter recipe is an essential in every girl’s beauty bag.

Lemon oil is astringent and detoxifying in nature, and rejuvenates your skin. Its antiseptic properties help in treating various problems. Can be use for your whole body

Use as a normal Body Cream.

Whipped COCO Calming Body Butter

Our whipped butter has it all, I mean everything such as: Shea, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, and everything else to keep your skin soft and nourished. Can be use for your whole body.

Use as a normal body cream

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Detox” has become a trendy phrase lately. However i feel detoxification is serious business. And given that we are eating, absorbing and breathing many more toxins daily, we all need a little help with detoxification now and then.

Detoxing with various beverages is a great way to help give your body the nutrients it’s really craving! You can give your digestive system a break from having to break down and digest food.

Once you start your detox journey Stick to foods such as: Grains, Herbs and spices, Oils, Nuts and seeds, Fish, Beans, pulses and legumes, Fruit, Vegetables, and Quality meat.


Lemon Juice + Water and Apple Cider Vinegar Shot is one of my favorites.