Exclusive Interview With Real Housewives Of Miami Star, Entrepreneur,Philanthropist And Novelist - Lea Black

Mother, wife, philanthropist, author, television personality, political fundraiser and entrepreneurial titan.
A Texas native, she moved to Miami in the late 1980's and brought with her an unbridled passion and compassion, dynamism and focus, business acumen and civic responsibility, that together has left an indelible mark on Miami. As head of a home, a business and community leader, she believes woman can accomplish whatever they set their minds to and what they are passionate about. Lea has a prominent role on the current “Real Housewives of Miami” and has had numerous appearances on CNN HLN; EXTRA; KTLA; NBC6 Miami; and many other national news and entertainment shows. She also blogs for the Huffington Post.
Outspoken and uncompromising in her beliefs, Lea divides her time between fulfilling her philanthropic missions centered around children and teens and furthering her international business interests with her health, beauty, accessory and jewelry endeavors. 
Lea what was life like growing up and what was your Biggest Motivation as a young woman?
I grew up in a small town – very country. I was motivated to see what life in the big city would be like.
You wrote a bestseller- “Red Carpets & White Lies." What inspired you to write this book and would you be publishing any more books in the nearest future?
I have always written for magazines. I loved just being able to create something from nothing. Also, I had a lot of Miami personalities to work from in creating composites of interesting, complex, crazy, fascinating characters. I am considering the next book.
You host one of the most successful charities in Miami once a year "Blacks Annual gala" with lots of glamour and A-listers; I have to say you are amazing! How did you grow from starting your charity in 1994 in your "Backyard" to where it is today? What was your biggest Motivation?
Watching my husband's clients suffer, children and families suffer because of circumstances or bad choices motivated me. I wanted to try help them at an early age to prevent them from a life of crime.
What inspired you to create your Business Empire "LeaBlack.com"?
I have always worked and been driven. Always had a lot of people I wanted to do things for, and money, when used properly can help a lot of people
Photo By -Greg Lotus Photography
What advice would you give aspiring male and female entrepreneurs hoping to build their own businesses and become independent & successful in their career?
Don’t give up. Do not get in over your head. Be sure it is something you want to do enough, that when times get tough you have the persistence and dedication you will need to see it through. Vet the people who you work with and trust carefully.
What is your definition of “Women Empowerment”?
Women supporting each other and working for them – not being jealous or backstabbing – realizing there is plenty for everyone.
What is your Philosophy and Mantra?
Maintain integrity and character as a foundation for any endeavor.
What are some of your latest and upcoming projects this year?
Filming, details will be announced. Radio, co-hosting on the Jeff Lewis show Radio Andy Sirius XM. Real estate projects. Helping my son get into a college he can thrive in. A new breakthrough in skin care.

What are your top Six Health and Beauty tips on how you keep your skin looking ever so radiant?
No or minimum sun. 
Drink lots of water. 
Minimum sugar and dairy.
Eat clean. 
In the world today, sadly I have noticed women are always very negative towards other females chasing their dreams instead of showing support they derive pleasure in dragging the other woman down and derailing her from her success, what advice would you give to a woman in this situation to help her stay focused on her dreams?
If it doesn’t affect you - why ever think about it. Put your energy into your own projects. Always remember, the only person you compete with is yourself.
You are a very Fashionable woman; tell us about your Personal Style and who is your Style Icon of All Time?
My personal style is basic, simple, practical, timeless and add fabulous accessories. My style icon is Audrey Hepburn, classic, iconic and timeless.

Feng Shui Basics: Easy Steps to Transform your Living Space. #InteriorDesign #Decor

Since our home is where we spend the most time during the day, it’s very important to make our homes happy, relaxing and comfortable, and the easiest way to do so is with Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of harnessing the positive energy from the environment using different decoration and item positions. It is thought that furniture arrangement, colors and certain items can bring prosperity, joy and fresh energy into your home. If you’re wondering how you can do it in your space, here’s a little Feng Shui guide for you.

First things first

Try eliminating as much clutter as you can from your home. When there are too many things in the house, it gets very hard to create balance, and clutter can overwhelm the energy of the room. So, remove all objects that serve little to no purpose but to collect dust, and you’ll automatically feel better. 

Pay attention to your entryway

One of the main areas responsible for good energy in the home is the entryway. Make sure you have a smooth and uninterrupted flow to the front door, also known as the “mouth of Chi”. Since this is where the good Feng Shui enters your home, remove all large obstacles away from your door and see if they need to be fixed or replaced with something more attractive and functional

Bring in the nature element

If you want to introduce Feng Shui into your home quickly and easily, you can bring the outside in. For instance, a potted plant will help you add a touch of color to the space and help freshen up the air. Even a bouquet of fresh flowers, a little succulent or a beautiful branch can energize and rejuvenate the space. 

Light it up

Lighting is the key to achieving good Feng Shui. You should provide your home with plenty of natural light, but also balance it with enough lighting fixtures. You can introduce fire element through candles that will bring warmth to the space and light up the darker areas with standing lamps and track lights. Good lighting will help you both relax and stay active and energized, so make sure to employ it well. 
Let colors work for you
If you want to make a significant change of Feng Shui in your home and boost its results, make sure to use colors to your advantage. The appropriate use of color is very important in Feng Shui, but it’s also quite complicated to get them to work harmoniously. However, when you’re focused on nourishing and straightening the energy of the space with color, you’ll achieve good Chi. 

Fix the problematic areas
If there are some areas in your home that can benefit from better Chi, you can improve their energy by implementing different Feng Shui strategies. You can use the right color, fix the placement of your furniture or place appropriate art. For instance, find an art piece that carries positive connotations and pleasant colors and frame it in your problematic area. Today, there are many companies that offer custom framing, so you can basically opt for any piece, photograph, graphics or quote you think will fit your space and improve its energy. 

Furniture placement for good Feng Shui
One of the most common mistakes people make when placing the furniture in their home is that they place all pieces directly against the wall. However, this placement doesn’t allow energy to flow freely through the home. Another thing you can do is arrange the furniture in a way that promotes conversation between people and face-to-face interaction by placing chairs opposite the couch instead of at the angles.
So, if you give these tips a try in your home, you’ll end up with a space that carries positive Feng Shui energy that will make you feel happy, focused and energetic. 


Olivia Jones
Olivia Still is a professional life coach from Sydney, Australia, full-time blogger, and fitness enthusiast with a great interest in yoga and meditation. In addition to that, she is a proud parent of one extremely cute toddler, and enjoys traveling and Marvel movies.
Currently, she is trying to get more in touch with her feminine side and explore the world of fashion, as well as to expand her business in an online form as a personal coach.

Fashion : How to Reinvent Your Look – Beauty Edition. #FBlogger

Getting a complete makeover is a great opportunity to reinvent yourself and introduce a lovely change into your life. Whether you’ve decided to turn your life around and begin a new chapter as a brand new you or you’re just tired of the look you’ve had since high school, you can restyle yourself without having to go through an embarrassing episode of What Not to Wear. 

Find Your New Style

There’s a world of inspiration in the fashion and beauty field, so dive in and find a style that fits your personality. It’s important that you feel comfortable with a new look, so take some time to discover who you want to be. If you’ve decided to embark on a business venture, you can go with a classic, elegant style. On the other hand, if you want to relieve stress and become a more relaxed person, you can opt for a casual, playful look. This is an opportunity to enter the new chapter of your life in style, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try something bold. 

Revamp Your Wardrobe.

The fashion scene offers so many inspiring outfits and all you need to do is choose pieces that reflect your style. Start by going through your closet and saying goodbye to articles of clothing that don’t fit your new style. Although giving up some of your favorite pieces will be difficult, don’t give in to the temptation to keep them (unless they can fit into your new style, of course). When choosing new clothes, you should invest in classic, essential pieces that you can wear on different occasions and combine into various looks. From shirt dresses and classic designs to statement jackets and close-fitting leggings, you have plenty of trendy options. This is a simple way to revamp your closet without spending a fortune. 

Experiment With Your Hair.

Even the slightest change in your hairstyle will completely transform your look. What’s even better is the number of choices that you have! From simply parting your hair the other way to dying your hair in another colour, you can experiment as much as you want. You can try a completely new haircut, for example, a short yet chic bob. On the other hand, if you want your hair to look longer or thicker, you can use fabulous clip in hair extensions that will add volume to it instantly. You can also make two braids with some casual yet feminine pieces falling along your hairline. Finally, you can also style up your hair with some chic accessories, such as ribbons or floral details

Reinvent Your Makeup

Another simple way to reinvent your look is changing your makeup style. There are some bold yet classic solutions that will completely transform you. For example, if you’re used to wearing subtle lip gloss, why not try something bolder and more seductive such as the ever-popular red lipstick. If you want something playful, you can try a colourful mascara. Not only will this change your look, but it will also accentuate your eyes. On the other hand, if you’ve featured a bold, eccentric look for years, you can tone it down with some subtle, but enticing choices, such as matte lipstick hues or skin-coloured eyeshadow emphasised by an elegant eyeliner. 

Choose A New Skincare Routine.

Reinventing your look isn’t only about changing the visible details, but also about giving your skin a natural, youthful glow. A simple, but healthy change you can make is switching to organic skin and beauty products. Organic products are based on natural ingredients that will provide your skin with numerous nutrients while regular products may irritate it with their chemical-based substances. Furthermore, you should apply more sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation and prevent premature aging. Finally, you should also consider using night creams and treatments that will nourish your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The transformation starts from the inside and, as soon as you implement some changes in your skincare routine, your skin will become healthier.

From simple, but effective changes to a complete makeover, you have numerous options to reinvent your look and yourself. 
Brigitte Evans
Brigitte is a newbie writer from Australia, with a sweet tooth for makeup and everything sparkly.When she is not drooling over the next big thing in the beauty industry, she is reading mystery novels and making plans for her next trip. She is a proud aunt of Sophie, age 2 who rounded her Chanel lipstick but loves her anyway.

Lifestyle - #Smile Like Instagram Influencers.

It seems like everyone and their mother is on Instagram today, and it’s no surprise: it’s a great way to keep your friends updated on what’s going on in your life, or follow the lives of your role models. But Instagram has also been a way for common people to make it big: modeling or sharing their thoughts with audiences all around the world. Women that were living ordinary lives now have millions of fans they cater to daily, and many of those fans look up to them for inspiration and guidelines. One of those being the most important part of any selfie: the perfect smile.

                        Who are these influencers?

As we’ve said, these women are our neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family. They are women who have a desire to share their life hacks, advice and journeys with people online, and they do it in style. These can be models, like Iskra Lawrence and Miranda Kerr, makeup artists like Canada’s Samantha Ravndahl, or young fashion entrepreneurs like the Italian fashion icon Chiara Ferragni. With Instagram giving us sneak peeks of their lives, and, as of recently, a moment-to-moment live feed through Instagram stories, it breaks down the barrier between the celebrity and the fan. They share with us their heartaches, the bad days, the joyful moments – parts of their lives that were in the past reserved exclusively for them. It lets the audience relate to them and see them as real, flawed human beings, instead of worshiping them.

                        How to shine just like them:

Because of that direct link, these women get to show us not only their finished makeup looks and outfits but also how they got there, giving us all of their tips and tricks. These also include how to get that perfect smile that they seem to have in every photograph, and here is how to achieve it:
    Good oral hygiene:
The best tip you can get is the one your mom gave you when you were a kid: brush and floss regularly. There is nothing that can be done that will help your smile more than good dental care.
                        Watch what you eat:
Sure, you might often see brightly smiling selfies of girls holding a Starbucks cup, but you can bet that there is no coffee inside – at least not on the regular. Some food and drinks, like coffee, red wine, dark teas and berries can stain your teeth and make them appear yellow or spotty. Try to cut back on those, or brush right after consuming.

                        Professional help:
Nobody has perfect genetics, and there are certainly many people who don’t have naturally perfect, straight teeth. For example, Australian model Miranda Kerr’s stunning smile inspired many girls to visit a cosmetic dentist in Sydney to get their own version of that look. Whether this means wearing braces, getting teeth whitened or placing ceramic shells, you can have that perfect smile. You should also visit your dentist often to get a check-up, just to make sure there are no health problems, because tooth decay is never pretty.


Besides using whitening toothpaste, a lot of these influencers use different methods to whiten their teeth. Some use store-bought products, while many make their own mixes, usually with lemon juice and bicarbonate soda, to achieve the pearly whiteness we’re so familiar with.


Colors can vary drastically depending on their surroundings, so makeup plays a big role in how your teeth are going to look in pictures. Research which colors will look best on your particular skin tone while also making your teeth look whiter.


We should know by now not to believe everything we see online. And while some filters can be quite obvious, some go the extra mile and specifically Photoshop the perfect smile onto their pictures. So if you are feeling a bit self-conscious about a picture, you’re allowed to alter it to look however you want.

So now that you know all the tricks, there’s no excuse for being serious whenever you see the camera – simply let yourself glow and give the world a #smile.
Brigitte Evans
Brigitte is a newbie writer from Australia, with a sweet tooth for makeup and everything sparkly.When she is not drooling over the next big thing in the beauty industry, she is reading mystery novels and making plans for her next trip. She is a proud aunt of Sophie, age 2 who rounded her Chanel lipstick but loves her anyway.

Exclusive Interview With Christopher Korey - Best Male Entrepreneur And Style Inspiration Of The Year 2017.

 So I had the Opportunity of interviewing one of the Most Stylish And Humble Men on the Planet " Christopher Korey" who is also a Highly Recommended Private Realtor In New York, I have to say I am absolutely blown away by his remarkable Personality, I always say "To understand A stylish man, we must understand the definition of style" and Christopher Korey to me is the perfect definition of "Style".

It’s truly an Honour to have this interview with you Christopher, Please tell us a little more about yourself and what was life like growing up?
The honor and pleasure is completely mine. I have owned my own real estate brokerage for going on 20 years now. I was born and raised in New York City in a time that is very different from today. Growing up during that time in New York City exposed me to things both good and bad that formed who I am today. While you certainly grow up fast, the exposure to so much diversity, whether it be people, food or culture is amazing. And certainly, while it's not for the faint of heart, I wouldn't trade it for anything. From the incredible exposure to so many different things and to the street smarts that it instilled in me, I feel truly blessed to have grown up here. It’s in my blood and always will be.

What motivated you to become a Private Realtor? And how does your business differ from other brokerages?
It was more by accident really. I originally wanted to get into interior design but couldn't figure out a way to get clients.So I thought I had the brilliant idea of going to get my real estate license, sell an apartment and then get the design job. Well, what happened to me, rarely happens in real estate. I ended up selling a lot of apartments right out of the gate. I learned to love it and then I wanted to become as good as I could become at it. So here I am 20 years later still trying to get better.

What inspired you to go into the “style” business? And who is your Style Icon?
Another happy accident really.Working in real estate you become very close with your clients. As the relationship grows people feel more comfortable opening up to you. A lot of the questions I would get concerned clothing, style, manners, and life overall. It just sort of evolved into dressing my clients as part of the business. And as the business grew, and social media grew, it just sort of took on a life of it's own. That part of it is not so much a business as it is just who I am authentically. If I can pass that along to people, and help them in some way then I’m truly humbled and thankful.

Where do you see men’s fashion going within the next 5-10 years?
I mean no disrespect, but quite honestly I don't care. I'm all about style, not fashion. The thing about fashion is that it is fickle and it comes and goes. Trends change with the winds and it forces you to follow not lead. Style, on the other hand, is eternal and helps to express who you are in your life at that time. Cary Grant could walk down the street today in the same outfit he wore 60 years ago and still be the best-dressed man on the block. Style and elegance never fade. Fashion does.

Who are your favorite designers and places to shop right now?
At this point in my life, I generally favor custom made clothing. There’s just more choice and control over what you want. I do enjoy various accessories from designers such as Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Hermes and rare finds in local shops and boutiques. It's a different story for women. I can always find classic pieces from various designers that will look good today and in 50 years from now. Those are always my favorites.

What is your philosophy in life?
Authenticity and putting the best version of yourself out there every day. Not just sometimes. Every day.

What is your fashion Mantra?
"Style over fashion and make it authentic to you".

Your pictures always stand out and you inspire so many young people out here with your style and charisma, so tell us how do you juggle between being A Private Realtor and Also an Iconic Fashion/Style Guru and Men’s Wear Influencer?
I am beyond humbled and honored, truly.I never really consider myself iconic, or a guru by any means. I'm just me trying to be the best me possible. In doing what I do, time management is one of my biggest issues. The hustle of my life doesn't know what a clock is. It's pretty crazy actually. If what I do inspires even one person, then it was completely worth it.

What does the word “ELEGANCE” mean to you?
Humility and respect.

What can we expect from you in the near future? Anything coming up that has got you excited?
I would have to say my recent collaboration with the finest shirtmaker I know, Anto of Beverly Hills is what I'm most excited about these days. We launch on September 21st and I couldn't be more proud of what we've created and humbled by the opportunity. There are a number of other projects in the works that will also be launching soon, that I am also very excited about. In addition to that, the release of my new website where I can go much more in depth about things that inspire me is also very exciting. It’s like a style and inspiration journal and is very personal to me. It's just a very exciting time right now and I am in awe of it all and completely humbled by it.

Your motivational quotes also inspire me and a lot of other fans out there, have you ever thought of been a Motivational Coach or Speaker and where do you draw your inspiration from?
You are very kind, Thank you so much. I'm truly honored. I have had a number of offers that were very interesting however I never really thought anyone really cared that much about what I have to say. Then social media came along and changed my view on that a little bit. The number of emails and messages I have received truly has been overwhelming and extremely moving. Again, if I've helped even one person then I'm happy. It is something I think about for the future and in the right forum, I would be honored to do it.

Speaking of fashion, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “fashion fades, style is forever”. What’s your take on this phrase? Do you agree with its message or do you feel fashion does have its place in a man’s lifestyle?
It is an absolute fact. That being said, Everyone has their own individual style. If you have a love of fashion and accept the fact that it changes rapidly, then I'm all for it. As long as what you do and what you wear is authentically you, There's a place for all of it.

There is a vast amount of stylish men gaining popularity on social media and blogs for their incredible sense of style. You certainly are a part of that amazing gang, but what would you say sets you apart from the crowd?
I truly appreciate that. Thank you so much. I admire and respect those guys and truly appreciate what they do and how they do it. That being said, I never compare myself to them or anyone else. What sets me apart is the fact that I'm me and they’re them, and that's the beauty of it. I am my own competition.

What advice would you give to Male and Female individuals hoping to find their Niche in the Fashion/Style Industry?
Try not to follow trends or copy someone else's work. Do what is authentically you, your vision. The world wants to see who you are and how you see things. If it's authentic and it's true to yourself it will find an audience.

Doing what you do as a private realtor is not an easy job, what advice would you give to aspiring Realtors?
The business is very different now than it was 20 years ago when I got into it. I don't envy young brokers getting into this business now. It's not as glamorous, interesting or as fun as it used to be but it still offers great opportunities if you're passionate about it. One thing that has remained constant in this business or any other for that matter are referrals. If you take good care of your clients they will refer you to their friends and coworkers.Take the best care of your clients that you possibly can as they are your best form of advertising.

Style is nothing without the right attitude and confidence. What would you say to those readers who lack confidence in their own style? 
Stop caring what other people think. They don't have to live your life, You do.Wear whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want and don't give a damn.When you stop looking for the approval of others confidence comes quick.

Wow, I am blown away by you and your personality, Anything else you would like to add?
I am truly humbled and honored by the opportunity to speak with you and for this amazing recognition. I truly thank you so much.

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Fashion : Pantone Colours You Need To Keep An Eye On.

The newest Pantone Fashion Colour Trend Report has been released and it features the trendiest colours for the upcoming spring 2018. Their predictions are considered to be quite accurate, so it’s not a surprise that almost all successful and renowned fashion designers consult Pantone reports while working on their latest collections.
So, if you want to be up to date as well and dressed according to the latest fashion, take a look at the list of colours Pantone predicts to be a true craze this spring.

Classic colours as a foundation

Pantone predictions focus, among other colours, on few classic ones including Sailor Blue, Harbour Mist, Warm Sand and Coconut Milk. They should serve you as a base for building your own style since they can be easily combined with other more vivid and extravagant nuances. Furthermore, if you‘re into more classic looks and don’t feel comfortable wearing some crazy patterns, these four colours will sweep you of your feet.
However, this doesn’t mean that you should stick only to them. Instead, experiment a bit and try out some other colours from the Pantone’s report as well. Maybe you’ll end up pleasantly surprised.

Arcadia, Palace Blue and Little Boy Blue

Arcadia, green with blue undertones, Palace Blue and Little Boy Blue, bright and azure blue shades, are perfect for those who would appreciate a touch of mystery to their styling. Furthermore, the first one is a true mixture of modern and retro which makes it simply irresistible. Just imagine how a nice Arcadia sweater would accentuate your eyes and make you look absolutely sophisticated

Ash Rose, Spiced Apple and Almost Mauve – gentle but attractive

Furthermore, if you are one of those women who want to stay true to their own style, but try out something new as well, colours like Ash Rose, Almost Mauve and Spiced Apple are exactly what you’re looking for. The first two, thanks to their gentle pinkish undertones, are particularly great if you want to look professional but easygoing at the same time. The same goes for the amazing Spiced Apple which will break the monotony and make you look super attractive.
Finally, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get rid of your working clothes, but that you can combine these pieces with interestingly patterned skirts, trousers and blazers in some of the Pantone shades instead. 

Meadowlark, Cherry Tomato and Lime Punch for a crazy night out

No one wants to go out and look exactly like everybody else, but still it seems that a classic black dress is the most usual choice. Well, it’s high time we changed that and the amazing Pantone shades will help us achieve this successfully. No matter whether you go for yellowish ones, like Meadowlark or Lime Punch, or a passionate Cherry Tomato, you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd and that’s exactly what your goal should be.
However, if you find them to be too eccentric for you, you can start with smaller steps, and go for some accessories in these nuances instead. For example, you can combine your outfit with a nice necklace, a scarf or even architectural footwear in order to look modern and elegant.

A few more of Pantone’s colours

We have singled out our personal favourites so far, but, Chili Oil, Emperador (both brown based), Pink Lavender, Blooming Dahlia and Ultra Violet are worth your attention as well. The last three thanks to their different shades of purple and rose are a perfect choice for sunny spring days. Fashionable spring dresses in these nuances will certainly evoke positive feelings and help you look fresh and ready for new adventures.
As you can see, the upcoming spring will bring along so many different choices. Thus, it’s never too early to start experimenting with these colours in order to find which ones suit you the best. However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up completely on your current styling. Instead, consider how you can combine what you already have in your wardrobe with these new trends and we guarantee you’ll look better than ever. 

Sophia Smith is Australian based beauty and style blogger. She is very passionate about natural makeup, latest fashion trends and graphic design projects. Sophia writes mostly in fashion and beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She has contributed to a number of publications including: LA Fashion, Viva Glam Magazine, Just Haves, How to Simplify and Carousel.