Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian Wed At A Star-Studded, French-ball Style Ceremony In New Orleans. Congratulations To The Lovely Couple.

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian wed at a star-studded, French-ball style ceremony in New Orleans this week, with the bride opting for a custom Alexander McQueen ball gown to wear for her nuptials.

Star-studded audience: Kim Kardashian (far left), Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé (center), LaLa Anthony (second from right) and Ciara were all in attendance at the wedding

Interview: Derek Blanks [ American Celebrity Photographer,Illustrator,Director And Producer] Covers OTSM’S Entertainment And Lifestyle Issue.

Derek Blanks is a talent unlike others who share his craft. Respected media brands like CoverGirl, ESSENCE, BET Networks, and Sony Music Entertainment, to name a few, frequently seek him for iconic campaigns and cover shoots while celebrities’ request him exclusively for personal photo sessions including the Alter Ego, as made popular by NeNe Leakes of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Hello Derek, thank you for taking the time to talk to us! We’d love to hear a little more about your background in photography and how you got started in the field.
I’ve always had a love for art and being creative. Most people don’t know that I didn’t start out doing photography. I’ve been drawing since I’ve been able to write. I was introduced to painting in the 7th grade through private painting lesson that my dad paid for. And I attended the Academic and Performing Arts Complex in Jackson, MS from 3rd grade through my senior year. I always knew I wanted to be an artist for a living. From high school, I went to the Maryland Institute College of Art. So I’ve been doing some form of art almost all of my life.
My first celebrity job was shooting the red carpet for the Ludacris Foundation. I guess it was a success because shortly after they hired me to shoot for his “Tantra” energy drink. I was extremely nervous, but I worked past my nerves and did the job. Ludacris made it easy for me because he was really cool and easy to shoot. 

When working with celebrities, is there a specific protocol that takes place when you get booked for the shoot?
Typically they’ll call or text me and I’ll have my assistant or my mom, who is the business manager at my studio, work out the logistics and the money side of things. If it’s a commercial job or something coming from a record label, I’ll let my agent handle the specifics.

What has been the best moment of your career so far?
I honestly have so many moments that have been pivotal to my career that I really wouldn’t be able to pick just one. If I had to name one shoot that I was really excited about, I would have to say shooting Gabrielle Douglas for the cover of Essence Magazine right after her Olympic win, was pretty big for me.

You’ve really worked with a lot of artists and entertainers as well. What is it like photographing celebrities and also designing the Photos?
I treat all my clients like celebrities so I look at it the same.  I try to make them comfortable because if they’re comfortable, it will show in their images. As far as designing, I have a graphic design background as well. My first job out of college was as a graphic designer so it’s pretty easy to put it all together. With technology evolving every day, my job gets easier and easier to do.

What are your latest and Upcoming Projects?
I’m most known as a photographer, but I’m also a director.  I just completed a commercial for G-Technology drives. I have a few video projects in the pipeline coming up. I’m doing a power shoot and a few test shoots in Los Angeles. I try to do about 3 or 4 power shoots and at least 2 to 3 photography workshops in Atlanta each year.

What advice would you give aspiring Photographers, Graphic Designers, and People wishing to excel in the Photography and creative design Industry? 
Do what you love. Don’t do something because of the money it can potentially give you. If you do what you love, eventually the money will follow. Once you’ve developed what it is that you would like to do, always be willing to learn more about it. Growth can only help you.

What was the most surreal moment you ever experienced during a photography shoot?
I was shooting Chaka Khan and the studio caught on fire. It was totally unexpected, however, she was so professional, she continued to pose. She had a great attitude about the situation. That’s a moment I’ll never forget. She even jokes with me about her being so hot that she caused the fire.

 Lol ! Yes she is Definitely Hot!! So What inspired your previous Project “Alter-Egos”?
Digital manipulation has always been interesting to me. Wanting to merge my photography and drawing/editing component of my art was something that I saw as a welcomed challenge.

What is your favorite lighting modifier ?
I don’t have a favorite modifier. I try to figure out innovative ways to light things so that I don’t have to use modifiers. I use non-traditional forms of lighting like shooting through blinds or a cut-out piece of board that I created. I think that’s what sets my work apart from other photographers.

Where do you visualize yourself in 6years?
I’m starting to delve into television now so in 6yrs, I can definitely see me directing movies.

What inspires and motivates you daily?
Everything from billboards, magazine ads, walking down the street, etc. Really anything visual inspires me.

What’s your philosophy about life?
Life is short and you have to try to accomplish all your hopes, dreams and goals or you’ll later regret it.

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Interview : OTSM'S Best Actress And Singer Of The Month - Linda Bella Talks About Her Passion For Acting And Music In An Exclusive Interview.

Linda Bella is a Los Angeles-based actress, known for Her Roles In The Movie Filth to Ashes -Flesh to Dust (2011) Monsters in the Woods (2012) and Devil’s Domain (2016). She was Born and raised in the south of France and Is fluent in English, French, German and Italian. Recently she has launched her music career as she recently dropped her Latest single, “Blackest Darkness (Nothing At All).
Tell us more about yourself and what was life like growing up?
I had a pretty normal childhood. I don’t come from a musical family but I was always surrounded by music.  Music has always been a very important part of my life.
How were you discovered and what was your first big break into the music industry?
One of my best friends introduced me to a music producer and we started working together and making music.  I discovered my love for songwriting.
If you weren’t into singing and acting what would be your career choice?
A professional food taster because I love to eat!  That actually would be a really cool job, but joking aside I wanted to be an English teacher when I was in France.  I was very passionate about the English language. 

Fashion Interview: Male Model Carlos José Talks About His Passion For Modelling In An Exclusive Interview With Linda Bella .#OTSM

What is your Philosophy in life? 
My philosophy in life would have to be “do what you love”. I see so many people studying their butts off in an area they don’t like just to please someone or make money fast, but when they graduate, they find themselves empty and lost.  
On the other hand we have people who study because they really want to, because they enjoy what they do, those people are the ones who are successful, they wake up early everyday to do what they love and nothing stands in their way.  I know the times are tough, but I believe that if one really wants it one can be successful in whatever we decide to do in life.
What were the Major Milestones that gave you that extra motivation boost? 
Well to tell you the truth, my motivation doesn’t come from any milestone I achieve.  I mean don’t get me wrong, it feels incredible to have accomplished something big, but I have to say It comes from the people.  Every time I get a positive or negative comment on a photo or any work I do it gives me that boost.  It makes me want to work harder and it makes me feel good knowing that people notice all the hard work and effort I put in anything I set out to do.
What are some of your Tips and advice for aspiring Models?
It’s a tough business and you meet all kinds of people along the way; you have to be able to handle criticism and handle yourself in all sorts of situations.  
My best advice is to have a great attitude. You never know when there is an opportunity waiting for you in a simple handshake or in a friendly conversation.  
It’s all about how you portray yourself and make your presence felt. Make people notice you for the right reasons and they’ll want to work with you.  Another tip is to use your strengths, you might not have the height, but if you have the body, the hair or something “unique” to compensate, then use it!  Every person has something that makes them special, the trick is finding that and using it to your advantage.
How often do you Work out and what are some of your best Health and Fitness tips?
I work out about 6 times a week, I try to divide it in a way that I have my weight lifting, my cardio and the most important thing, “my diet”. 
I honestly didn’t believe in it but when I tried it, there was nothing more to say, “you are what you eat” and that’s coming from a guy who has a real sweet tooth.  
Honestly I could eat just about anything!  But I don’t because I realize that you need discipline to sustain the way you want to look. Diet is key.
What are some of your latest and upcoming projects?
What I can tell you for sure is that I’m working very hard to put myself out there so that other agencies around the world can see me, that’s my main goal right now, to get signed outside Puerto Rico and hopefully do well for myself. 
Since the start of your career what has been the biggest hurdle you have had to overcome? 
I’d have to say my shyness, and some insecurity, when I got into this whole fashion business I was incredibly shy around crowds and new people. If I know people I love to joke around, and spend time laughing and having fun, but those insecurities, killed me, I was always worried about what people thought I was just looking for a way to fit in.  
One day I just decided to stop worrying, I let myself go and that’s when everything changed for me, everything was going my way, I was meeting new people, and making a name for myself. In a way this whole modelling experience has helped me come out of my shell.  
I’m even acting in commercials, TV shows and movies, which is something I never thought I’d get to do!  Modelling, has transformed me, helped me grow and prepared me for new adventures to come. Bring it on!
Name few of your favorite Designers and Photographers you have worked with from the beginning of your career? 
I’ve worked with many great fashion photographers during my short career, each with their own unique style and flare.  Some photographers I’ve worked with are: 
Edwin J. Lebron, great photographer and friend, Jaime Rivera, Abnel Gonzalez, Felipe Torres, Eliezer Hernandez and Christobal Berrios who is a great friend of mine and has helped me out tremendously!  
I’m sure I’m forgetting some (sorry guys!!!) but everyone I’ve worked with has been an amazing professional and a good person.  

Interior Design Interview : Olivia Silk Talks About Her Passion And Love For Interior Design In An Exclusive Interview With Linda Bella.

At OTSMagazine UK, We love bringing you creative insight and perspectives from bloggers and individuals all over the world who are kind enough to share their wisdom and journey with you all.Today we are featuring an interview with Olivia Silk - Interior designer, and Lifestyle Blogger at-
Hi Olivia, Tell us more about yourself, what was life like growing up?
Life was great growing up – I’ve got the best parents, one older sister, we’ve pretty much always had two dogs. I went to boarding school and then went on to study photography at university which has been a great tool for my blogging.
Please describe your blog "Lust Living" and what your motivations were for starting such an awesome endeavour ?
Lust Living is an interior lifestyle blog, so I write about everything from interiors, to travel, to food, to beauty – all the things that I find myself lusting after. I started my blog in 2015, I was sharing updates on my home renovation on Instagram and after a little while I decided to share my interior journey properly online.
Have you always been interested In Interior Design?
Not at all no. Only since I moved into my current home have I fully realised my passion for interior design.
How would you describe your Style?
If you asked me a year or two ago, I would have said Scandinavian and minimal in a flash, but as time goes on I’m realising that my style is constantly changing and developing, Like fashion I suppose. there’s always new trends and a new colour of the year so I suppose my style adapts a little bit each
year. I do still try to keep my style quite minimal – I don’t like too much going on, but then I like to warm it up a bit with pastel shades and a bit of texture like a Mongolian cushion or a warm metallic – maybe a gold lamp!

Brilliant Job on The Marble and Gold Bathroom, Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Thank you! I took a lot of inspiration from trawling Pinterest but I was really going for a luxury classic hotel bathroom feel.
What excites you most about Interior and Lifestyle Blogging? 
The opportunities that I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in. When I first started my blog two years ago, never did I think that I would be featured in GRAZIA magazine… or working on a collaboration with IKEA!
What Makes A Happy Home?
Do you have any design Rules?
  Less is more – I’m not a fan of clutter
So what are your latest and upcoming projects?
The next project is our other bathroom – it needs to be completely gutted and re-designed, a messy job but I’m excited to get that started. 
What advice would you give to Aspiring Interior and Lifestyle Bloggers out there?
Start now, don’t wait. My only regret is that I wish I’d started sooner.
How important is Art in Interiors and Name Three objects that can completely refresh a room?

I think it’s very important, although I am not the best example putting this into practice in the home, it’s something I hope I will get better at with age. 

A feature pendant light – my favourite are the Vita Copenhagen Eos Goose Feather lights (I got mine from
Textures cushions – Mongolian sheepskin preferably, you can normally pick them up in TK Maxx but west elm have a gorgeous range too.
A neutral rug – I’ve got my eye on a Tisca Olbia rug.

What are your top interior design tips?
I tend to stick to neutral colours for the main design of a room – walls, large pieces of furniture etc and then be a bit bolder with accessorising, adding metallic and so on.
What other blogs inspire you? 
My favourites are Only Deco Love,  Stylizimo, Hannah in the House & Cate St Hill
What are your goals/dreams/ambitions for your blog and for yourself?
At the moment I work a full time 9-5 job and blog in the evenings and weekends, but my aim is to be working full time as a blogger in a couple of years time – so fingers crossed!

Fashion Interview : Don Benjamin Talks Modelling, Music And His Career In An Exclusive Interview With Linda Bella.

DON BENJAMIN- Music and fashion have always been intimate bedfellows, but neither world has ever heard or seen an artist and presence quite like Don Benjamin.A notable model whose credits include serving as the face for Guess, Moods of Norway, Tilly's, and Pink Dolphin campaigns and finalist on the 2013 season of America's Next Top Model, he grabs the mic and holds tight on his forthcoming debut album. The rapper ignites slick, smart verses via an impressive flow, relaying personal stories with palpable panache. It’s been resonating too. His track "Across the Sky" [featuring Nikki Flores] saw placements on Big Brother, America's Next Top Model, and various MTV programs. It also landed in the iTunes Overall Top Songs chart, officially announcing his arrival as an artist.
Tell Us A Little more about yourself and what inspired you to go into the Entertainment Industry?
Well, my mother got me into modeling at an early age and I always wrote poetry and rhymes growing up as a hobby. But it wasn’t until I realized I wasn’t going to the NBA that I wanted to chase the entertainment dream seriously. After I graduated high school I did a semester in college and decided to move to LA to chase it for real!

 Who are some of your biggest influences in the Entertainment Industry?
Some of my influences in the industry consist of Jay-Z, Tyson Beckford, Denzel Washington, LL Cool J. They all took their talents to the ultimate level of success.

Who or what inspires and motivates you daily?
The main thing that motivated me is knowing that anything in life is possible if you work hard enough for it. I didn’t have much coming up and I want to be able to take care of my family and know that the children in our family and their children will be straight for life.

When you look back to the start of your career, did you ever think you would get this far?
Honestly looking back at the beginning of my career I always knew I would make it. I just had unrealistic dreams that it would happen overnight lol but the one thing about myself is no matter what happens I never doubt myself or what I’m capable of.

How do you stay in shape? and what are your healthy tips?
Well for the longest I was on the studio diet lol up all night recording and eating bad foods. But I’ve become gluten-free due to an allergy so that shed a lot of body fat and then after filming I got back in the gym. Now I go to the gym 5 days a week.

What other hobbies do you engage in when you are not modeling or singing?
I like playing basketball, bowling, going to the movies, shooting pool.

Knowing what you know, what advice would you give to models and Artist who are trying to establish themselves in the entertainment industry?
I would have to say stay light-hearted and don’t take criticism to the heart otherwise you won’t last long. You have to be able to hear No over and over again before you finally get a yes.


What is your Fashion Mantra?
Less Is More.

What has been the biggest hurdle you have had to overcome since the start of your career?
I think trying to balance music modeling and acting. A lot of people chase one but I have been chasing all 3.

Do you have any upcoming project and tell us more about your track “REAL”?
I am currently working on an EP. I have about 4 tracks done. Hoping to release some next month. My single real was mostly inspired by so many people trying to be something they are not and how that eventually comes to light. Also a lot of people judging me by my looks and not really knowing what I’m about or what I’ve been through. I wanted it to show I’m more than a model.

What is your philosophy?
My life is for a season but my time is forever. Meaning I’m not working so people know who I am for now but my name will forever be spoken about amongst the greats