Fashion Exclusive : MOLIABAL Milano Top Luxury Hair Accessory Brand Takes The Fashion Industry By Storm.

Moliabal is the first Italian range dedicated to luxury hair accessories. Handmade in Italy from the highest quality resin, Moliabal hair accessories are lightweight and comfortable. Silk, chiffon, crystals and beads are also used throughout the collections.Timeless and sophisticated, the core collection is black and white, with some additional pieces in tortoiseshell as well as black and ivory; colour is added seasonally. Monica Masini, Founder and General Manager of Moliabal, has a wealth of experience in the field of marketing & design as a consultant to the beauty industry. Monica’s talent and innovative ideas stem from her childhood background. Her family has been prominent in the beauty business in Italy for over 50 years.

” I have worked for different brands in the luxury perfumery

channel collaborating in marketing and commercial with escada, azzaro,

balmain and many others”

~ Monica Masini
MATTIA (Monica Masini’s Son, Share Holder And Young Energy In the Company)
From the age of five she traveled around the world with her father often attending meetings with him, gaining valuable experience.Monica admits that she is fanatical in her constant search for new materials and is always looking for perfection. Inspiration for her designs is taken from everything around her. Whether she is travelling the globe, listening to music or simply taking a walk, she makes a note of anything that attracts her attention and stores it away for later use.
Whilst discussing her ideas for a new and exciting range of hair accessories with three of her best friends, the name Moliabal was created.Made up of the initial letters of their names – MONICA, LICIA, ABELE, ALBERTO.
Deciding it was time to create her hair ornament collection, she became focused on finding new materials and inspirations from everything she saw around her, thus creating the first Italian line completely dedicated to luxury hair accessories.
Moliabal Milano offers many styles of French pins, snap pins, ponytail holders, combs and claws.

Will Moliabal Luxury Brand expand to creating more Accessories like (Jewelries etc)? 
“Probably yes.because i recently made a nice cosmetic bag collection”

Exclusive Interview With CW's Arrow Actor And Starz series Power Actor - J.R. Ramirez.

J.R. Ramirez is a Cuban-American actor. He is best known for his role on Arrow as Wildcat and his starring role as Julio on the hit Starz series Power. In addition, he can be seen in season 3 of the CW's Arrow as "Wildcat", airing 2014-15. Prior to that, J.R. recurred as "Dr. A.J. Aquino" on the CW dramedy Emily Owens, M.D. next, J.R. stars in the upcoming Paramount Pictures comedy feature film Destination Wedding, executive produced by John Hamburg. He first gained notoriety as "Diego Hernandez" on Tyler Perry's House of Payne, in which he recurred for two seasons. Off-camera, J.R. is the voice for the national Maaco campaign

Shot By- Ernesto Población

Exclusive Interview With Christopher Korey - Best Male Entrepreneur And Style Inspiration Of The Year 2017.

 So I had the Opportunity of interviewing one of the Most Stylish And Humble Men on the Planet " Christopher Korey" who is also a Highly Recommended Private Realtor In New York, I have to say I am absolutely blown away by his remarkable Personality, I always say "To understand A stylish man, we must understand the definition of style" and Christopher Korey to me is the perfect definition of "Style".

It’s truly an Honour to have this interview with you Christopher, Please tell us a little more about yourself and what was life like growing up?
The honor and pleasure is completely mine. I have owned my own real estate brokerage for going on 20 years now. I was born and raised in New York City in a time that is very different from today. Growing up during that time in New York City exposed me to things both good and bad that formed who I am today. While you certainly grow up fast, the exposure to so much diversity, whether it be people, food or culture is amazing. And certainly, while it's not for the faint of heart, I wouldn't trade it for anything. From the incredible exposure to so many different things and to the street smarts that it instilled in me, I feel truly blessed to have grown up here. It’s in my blood and always will be.

What motivated you to become a Private Realtor? And how does your business differ from other brokerages?
It was more by accident really. I originally wanted to get into interior design but couldn't figure out a way to get clients.So I thought I had the brilliant idea of going to get my real estate license, sell an apartment and then get the design job. Well, what happened to me, rarely happens in real estate. I ended up selling a lot of apartments right out of the gate. I learned to love it and then I wanted to become as good as I could become at it. So here I am 20 years later still trying to get better.

What inspired you to go into the “style” business? And who is your Style Icon?
Another happy accident really.Working in real estate you become very close with your clients. As the relationship grows people feel more comfortable opening up to you. A lot of the questions I would get concerned clothing, style, manners, and life overall. It just sort of evolved into dressing my clients as part of the business. And as the business grew, and social media grew, it just sort of took on a life of it's own. That part of it is not so much a business as it is just who I am authentically. If I can pass that along to people, and help them in some way then I’m truly humbled and thankful.

Where do you see men’s fashion going within the next 5-10 years?
I mean no disrespect, but quite honestly I don't care. I'm all about style, not fashion. The thing about fashion is that it is fickle and it comes and goes. Trends change with the winds and it forces you to follow not lead. Style, on the other hand, is eternal and helps to express who you are in your life at that time. Cary Grant could walk down the street today in the same outfit he wore 60 years ago and still be the best-dressed man on the block. Style and elegance never fade. Fashion does.

Who are your favorite designers and places to shop right now?
At this point in my life, I generally favor custom made clothing. There’s just more choice and control over what you want. I do enjoy various accessories from designers such as Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Hermes and rare finds in local shops and boutiques. It's a different story for women. I can always find classic pieces from various designers that will look good today and in 50 years from now. Those are always my favorites.

What is your philosophy in life?
Authenticity and putting the best version of yourself out there every day. Not just sometimes. Every day.

What is your fashion Mantra?
"Style over fashion and make it authentic to you".

Your pictures always stand out and you inspire so many young people out here with your style and charisma, so tell us how do you juggle between being A Private Realtor and Also an Iconic Fashion/Style Guru and Men’s Wear Influencer?
I am beyond humbled and honored, truly.I never really consider myself iconic, or a guru by any means. I'm just me trying to be the best me possible. In doing what I do, time management is one of my biggest issues. The hustle of my life doesn't know what a clock is. It's pretty crazy actually. If what I do inspires even one person, then it was completely worth it.

What does the word “ELEGANCE” mean to you?
Humility and respect.

What can we expect from you in the near future? Anything coming up that has got you excited?
I would have to say my recent collaboration with the finest shirtmaker I know, Anto of Beverly Hills is what I'm most excited about these days. We launch on September 21st and I couldn't be more proud of what we've created and humbled by the opportunity. There are a number of other projects in the works that will also be launching soon, that I am also very excited about. In addition to that, the release of my new website where I can go much more in depth about things that inspire me is also very exciting. It’s like a style and inspiration journal and is very personal to me. It's just a very exciting time right now and I am in awe of it all and completely humbled by it.

Your motivational quotes also inspire me and a lot of other fans out there, have you ever thought of been a Motivational Coach or Speaker and where do you draw your inspiration from?
You are very kind, Thank you so much. I'm truly honored. I have had a number of offers that were very interesting however I never really thought anyone really cared that much about what I have to say. Then social media came along and changed my view on that a little bit. The number of emails and messages I have received truly has been overwhelming and extremely moving. Again, if I've helped even one person then I'm happy. It is something I think about for the future and in the right forum, I would be honored to do it.

Speaking of fashion, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “fashion fades, style is forever”. What’s your take on this phrase? Do you agree with its message or do you feel fashion does have its place in a man’s lifestyle?
It is an absolute fact. That being said, Everyone has their own individual style. If you have a love of fashion and accept the fact that it changes rapidly, then I'm all for it. As long as what you do and what you wear is authentically you, There's a place for all of it.

There is a vast amount of stylish men gaining popularity on social media and blogs for their incredible sense of style. You certainly are a part of that amazing gang, but what would you say sets you apart from the crowd?
I truly appreciate that. Thank you so much. I admire and respect those guys and truly appreciate what they do and how they do it. That being said, I never compare myself to them or anyone else. What sets me apart is the fact that I'm me and they’re them, and that's the beauty of it. I am my own competition.

What advice would you give to Male and Female individuals hoping to find their Niche in the Fashion/Style Industry?
Try not to follow trends or copy someone else's work. Do what is authentically you, your vision. The world wants to see who you are and how you see things. If it's authentic and it's true to yourself it will find an audience.

Doing what you do as a private realtor is not an easy job, what advice would you give to aspiring Realtors?
The business is very different now than it was 20 years ago when I got into it. I don't envy young brokers getting into this business now. It's not as glamorous, interesting or as fun as it used to be but it still offers great opportunities if you're passionate about it. One thing that has remained constant in this business or any other for that matter are referrals. If you take good care of your clients they will refer you to their friends and coworkers.Take the best care of your clients that you possibly can as they are your best form of advertising.

Style is nothing without the right attitude and confidence. What would you say to those readers who lack confidence in their own style? 
Stop caring what other people think. They don't have to live your life, You do.Wear whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want and don't give a damn.When you stop looking for the approval of others confidence comes quick.

Wow, I am blown away by you and your personality, Anything else you would like to add?
I am truly humbled and honored by the opportunity to speak with you and for this amazing recognition. I truly thank you so much.

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Fashion Interview : William McLarnon On Modelling And How He Was Discovered.

Image By- Leonardo Corredor

Interview With CEO Of RAW Talent Worldwide - Roberta Whitney On Life As A Beauty And Fashion Entrepreneur.

Roberta A.Whitney, an entrepreneur, and model who has associated with celebrity and high society around the world. An experienced model, Roberta has appeared in many internationally acclaimed publications and has a wealth of experience in fashion, beauty and social etiquette. It’s through her experiences that she has developed a unique method for teaching her clients valuable skills through Her Brand "RAW Talent".

Image By -Xavier Saer 

    What was life like growing up and who is Roberta Whitney?

 I was born in Cape Town, South Africa but grew up in Wentworth, Durban then at 14 years old my parents got divorced and we moved to Johannesburg, where I attended high school. I think that’s the reason I love to travel so much! I was always on the move as a child. I think at her core Roberta Whitney is a woman who aspires to be the best version of herself despite her start in life. 

    You have always worked in beauty. Can you tell me more about your career? 

I started my professional modelling career with top model agency "Models One". I always had a passion for all things beauty related and opened a beauty salon but unfortunately was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which made it difficult to continue. After managing a London private members club and working for Victoria Secret in London in their Angel Suite responsible for the private shopping experience of high net worth and celebrity clients I was head hunted by global beauty technology company PRIV where I held the title of Vice President of Business Development. My main role was to launch the entire London operation which I successfully did. It was then that I decided I was ready for another challenge, so I started my own company RAW Talent.

Image By -Xavier Saer 

Who is your inspiration or role model?

My inspiration comes from successful black entrepreneurs like Oprah and Tyra Banks. As far as role models go, I would say Victoria Beckham is a role model to me. I respect her so much, the career she has carved out for herself, her beautiful family and the strength she has to always maintain her class in tough situations.

Talk us through your beauty routine...

At my age, it's very important to remain (super) hydrated. 
My morning routine consists of drinking water almost as soon as I open my eyes. Because strangely enough, water is not my favourite thing to drink!
I then cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize then add sunscreen. 
At night I repeat this process and substitute sunscreen for eye cream and rich night cream.

Tell Us More about your Latest and Upcoming Projects.

RAW Talent is evolving and we are going international. Services are now available in Johannesburg. I am also working on a television show concept which I am very excited about. I promise to give you an exclusive when its ready to launch.

What is R.A.W About? 

RAW Talent is a Premium Image Brand development and Model training company. We provide coaching for both male and female clients of various age groups inspiring “The Art of Social Grace”.
We have created an innovative coaching methodology. Our methods have been developed through years of social and professional experience and studious observance of socio-professional environments. We provide advice and training to aspiring models and give them invaluable practical experience both photographically and also on the runway. Entrepreneurs or people working in the corporate sector who wish to obtain that slight edge against their competition can benefit from a bespoke image coaching service. Sometimes not looking the part is the only thing stopping you from that promotion.

Roberta Whitney With Ludacris
What is your number one beauty secret? 

Be a good human. If you are ugly inside it shines through and no amount of fancy cream will help you! 

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be? 

You are enough. Believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible. 

Who’s the most exciting and inspirational person you have met through your job? What have you gained from meeting them?

I have met so many inspiring people over the years and a different lesson was learned from each. The most important lesson has been, my beginning does not need to determine my end.

What are your future plans for the growth of your brand? 

The brand is about to launch in Johannesburg so my focus is market penetration and creating brand awareness. I will also continue working on my television show.

Image By -Xavier Saer
You always have happy, upbeat energy in your posts. How do you keep yourself so positive?

I lost my brother to cancer and ever since then I have had a different perspective on life. My priority is self-love so even when I don’t really feel positive, as soon as I post something and get a great response it makes me feel good knowing I am able to turn someone’s frown upside down.

You have an amazing platform for reaching and encouraging other young women out there trying to find their Niche in the Beauty Industry. What do you say to your fans who are struggling with self-esteem and their dreams? 

It's something I know all too well. Struggle. You have to remember that most people have the same fears as you do. The trick is to learn to talk positively to yourself even if you don’t believe it yet. It's important to remember that every expert was once a novice. Just take one step at a time. Golfing legend, Gary Player once said, the more I practice the luckier I get. Wise words to live by.

What beauty products do you keep on hand? What makes them so great?

I can’t live without my Physiogel A1 cream. My skin gets very dehydrated so I like the way it hydrates and nourishes without being greasy or clogging my pores.

What is your favorite season for fashion/beauty? Why? 

I am definitely a Summer baby. I love the heat of Summer because during Winter my skin gets sensitive and dry. It's great to wear minimal makeup because your skin is glowing beautifully.

How do you combine being a Model, Actress, Beauty Guru and Entrepreneur and where do you draw your strength and motivation from?

Funny enough I don’t see them as separate entities because I’m passionate about them all equally. My strength comes from the need to be successful and to motivate and make my daughter proud.

Who are some of your favorite photographers to work with? 

I have been so blessed and worked with some of the top photographers in the world like Michael Doran, Alan Strutt and Bob Carlos Clarke. Recently I worked with a photographer in South Africa, Xavier Saer who took some incredible images of me.

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Interior Design :Mirror Mirror On The Wall, How I Love The Way You Look. #Interiordecor #Interiordesign #Interiorblogger

Life Is A Mirror And It Will Reflect Back to the Thinker What He Thinks Into It, So Surround Yourself with beautiful Objects That inspire you, I have a big love for "Mirrors" because I believe if you Smile in the mirror and Do that every morning and you'll start to see a big difference in your life, Mirrors have taught me a lot of things in life, I learned, when I look in the mirror and tell my story, that I should be myself and not care about whatever everybody is doing.

However I am Loving  My Latest Addition to the "Mirror Family", A Beautiful Bespoke Gold Framed Mirror Courtesy Of  "Mirror World", Thank  You so much for my Lovely gift, This mirror adds a Luxurious Finishing touch to my Living Room.

 And You My lovely Readers, can take advantage of a 10% discount of all their mirrors bespoke or ready made by either quoting reference QT10FF  at the checkout if ordering via the website at  or call the sales team on 0333 800 8181.

I am completely obsessed with this Mirror, and I would urge you to have a look through their website and you would be amazed at the variety of Bespoke mirrors they have to offer.

 A mirror can make any room look larger and also reflects light making it brighter. Their beautiful designs will be a stunning addition to your home. 
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