Beauty : 10 Questions With Beauty And Fashion Writer - Tracey Clayton.

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Hi Tracey, tell us a little more about yourself, Education, Hometown etc. And what inspired you to become a Fashion Writer?
I come from Melbourne and I have attended RMIT University, specializing in design. I was very young when I decided fashion is going to be my calling. My mum was a seamstress and she’d make beautiful dresses for me and all the girls in the neighborhood. I’ve inherited her creative gene and, in time, after learning so much about the history of fashion and following its evolving process, I’ve decided to channel my fashion instincts into writing about fashion. I am confident when I say I am currently doing my dream job.

What is your Fashion Mantra?
I don’t mean to be weird about it, but... I’d have to say, “Follow your mood”. The way I dress always reflects how I am feeling at that moment and that dynamic has proven to work well for me. I see fashion as a way of channelling my deepest thoughts, emotions, and reactions; to me, fashion is more of a meditative channel than anything else. So, each time I am about to leave the house, I reflect and detect the dominant feeling for the day, and then – I let the colours of my wardrobe follow. Sometimes (although, not too often), I let my wardrobe neutralize or beat my feelings. For instance, if I’m sad, instead of wearing dark colours I normally would, I intentionally go for something lighter, like pastel solutions or feminine materials like lace and silk, and work with that. I believe a personalized accessory can take you a long way, as well.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start out in the fashion industry?
The fashion industry is ruthless, especially if you’re working in plus size fashion! To endure and succeed, you have to have a skin so thick that nothing can shatter your vision and determination to succeed. Still, the good news is that not all of fashion is cruel; us bloggers stick together and despite being in competition with each other, we still have healthy relationships and respect each other’s paths. The key to building a solid reputation is to be driven, at all times. Stay up to date and find ways to be fresh, innovative and intriguing. Everyone’s fed up with all the same topics we keep seeing around; introduce something new into the fashion world or learn ways to manipulate fashion to fit you (not the other way around) and work with that.

What do you think is a key skill essential to working in the fashion industry?  
Adaptability. Unless you’re working catwalks of Milan, NYC, Paris and other fashion centres, you won’t be setting trends, at least not globally. Because of that, to succeed in the world of fashion, you need to be able to adapt to the currently popular trends all the while staying recognizable. Even if you work in the plus size fashion industry, you should find that one thing that defines you (fashion-wise) and turn it into your signature piece/fashion method/signature colour/etc. That way, you’ll stay trending but won’t lose your uniqueness. 

Who or what are you inspired by, professionally or in life in general?
I am a very creative and spiritual person, so I find inspiration everywhere around me. It doesn’t really matter if I’m making breakfast for my family or working in my studio, I’ll notice something, a flawed plate or an interesting colour in a flower and my mind will immediately go about a way I can use it. Both in life and work, I am actively inspired by the philosophy of Namaste.
What are your top five beauty and skin care tips to achieve a radiant glow?

My beauty and skincare tips don’t really differ much from those you’ve already heard one too many times. But, if I had to single them out, I’d definitely go with: 
b) pay regular visits to your trusted beautician 
c) exfoliate no more than three times a week 
d) use cosmetics prescribed by your dermatologist 
e) try to avoid using cosmetics as much as possible.
I’d like to explain the logic behind the last one a little bit; the more cosmetic products we use, the more our skin needs them and we end up dependent on so many products we can’t even count. But that’s just me.

What is your philosophy in life?
Be happy with yourself. Your inner peace cannot be measured by the amount of money you have, the clothes you own, fake friends or anything else, But it is measured by the amount of love you are ready to give to yourself and others. Hey, I know how hard it is to love yourself in a climate that’s so judgemental, so painfully harsh and brutal but maybe that’s the beauty of it all – to endure even when it seems impossible. When you love yourself, the Universe follows.

What do you consider to be your biggest satisfaction and dissatisfaction with your occupation? 
Like with any job, this one has its ups and downs although, the fact I am my own boss makes things easier. I call all the shots, so if something gets messed up, I’ve got no one to blame for it. Rather, I learn from those mistakes and know what to do in a similar situation the next time around. 
The biggest benefits would definitely be the community I’ve built around my blogs, all those wonderful souls I get to interact with and get inspiration from. There are no dissatisfactions, really; the only thing I’d single out is having to be up to date at all times and be creative even when you need to recharge.  

How do you decide what topics to write about, where do you draw your inspiration from?
It just comes to me. Inspiration is unpredictable like that. Life inspires me, my friends’ lives or even my kids... the way they dress, talk, dance or laugh – they have a major impact on my creative processes so I love to observe them doing the most mundane of things. I know this sounds weird to most people, but everyone who’s creative knows what I’m talking about!

Style advice: What are Three must haves for every girl’s closet?
I am an evergreen girl, so I believe it’s essential that you own:
a) A maxi LBD
b) A blazer
c) Tailored, high-waist pants

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