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London based tech business Dressipi is offering customers their own personal styling service – with a little help from artificial intelligence. Teaming up with some of the biggest names in women’s High Street fashion, the tech isn’t just boosting revenue but helping customers find the clothes they really want – or can’t possibly resist!

Where Did It All Begin?
Dressipi was originally founded by Donna North and Sarah McVittie upon realising there was a real gap in the market to provide women with personalised guidance while shopping online and instore. 

By showing you intelligent recommendations which complement your shape and style preferences, Dressipi takes the hassle out of shopping – you no longer have to scroll through pages of clothes which just aren’t for you!

“We teach you how to know what styles suit your shape – and to suit your style better, That totally eliminates so many garment choices that you have to make and takes the stress out of that aspect of shopping” – Natalie Theo, Style Director at Dressipi.!

So, How Does It Work?
Unique data sets coupled with a comprehensive set of machine learning and AI tech, Dressipi will let retailers match products which are just right for you. When you’re looking for clothes online, you’ll no longer see general recommendations, it will be a completely personalised experience.

The tech will also look at customer, garment and behavioural data to give insights to brands on why certain items are returned. Ultimately, allowing each store to predict what you’ll like.

Think of Dressipi like a human personal stylist. It will look at your profile, how you shop, your wardrobe and how much attention you pay to the latest trends. They’ll then evaluate what you’re likely to be interested in. The more you browse or shop, the more intelligent it will get.

It’s Not Just Technology, It’s Style
Let’s face it, an algorithm offering style recommendations can seem a little strange. Behind the scenes, Dressipi has built a business where tech and style teams work side by side. The whole system has been created by people who know the fashion industry inside out. 

“We have the best algorithms for fashion, in the world, basically. We are leading in this field” – Nick Landia, Chief Data Scientist at Dressipi.

Where Will You See Dressipi’s Recommendations?
So, which retailers actually use Dressipi? The company actually work with about 30% of the women’s fashion market. This includes huge High Street names like the Arcadia Group (Topshop, Wallis, etc.), Shop Direct, John Lewis and many more. When you’re shopping online with these stores, the recommendations you see will be powered by Dressipi.

What Do Brands Get Out of It?
The benefits to customers is obvious to see but why would companies use Dressipi? In fact, the tech has given a 5% - 8% increase in net incremental revenue per visitor – this is a major reason why so many big names are getting behind it. 

It’s also cutting down on the number of returns and unwanted items – which is great news for everybody. After all, no one enjoys returning clothes they bought online.

The Next Step
80% of fashion is still bought in store. This is Dressipi’s next goal. They want to understand how we shop instore as well as what kind of advice and guidance we want while there. The next step is for customers to take the information from their online profile with them anywhere – even to the changing rooms.

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