Women Empowerment: Lea Black In An Exclusive Interview With OTS Magazine UK.

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Mother, wife, philanthropist, writer, TV personality, political fundraiser, and tycoon of business.
She is a native of Texas who immigrated to Miami in the late 1980s, bringing with her an uninhibited enthusiasm and compassion, energy and concentration, commercially savvy, and civic duty that have all combined to leave an enduring impression on Miami. She thinks that women can do everything they set their minds to and are passionate about because she is the head of a household, a company, and a community leader. Lea is a significant character on the current season of "Real Housewives of Miami," and she has made multiple appearances on CNN, HLN, EXTRA, KTLA, NBC6 Miami, and other popular national news and entertainment programmes. She writes a blog for the Huffington Post as well.
Outspoken and unyielding in her convictions, Lea splits her time between pursuing her worldwide business goals with her health, beauty, accessory, and jewellery initiatives and completing her humanitarian missions focused on children and teenagers.
Lea Black In An Exclusive Interview With OTS Magazine UK.

Lea what was life like growing up and what was your Biggest Motivation as a young woman?
I grew up in a small town – very country. I was motivated to see what life in the big city would be like.
You wrote a bestseller- “Red Carpets & White Lies." What inspired you to write this book and would you be publishing any more books in the near future?
I have always written for magazines. I loved just being able to create something from nothing. Also, I had a lot of Miami personalities to work from in creating composites of interesting, complex, crazy, fascinating characters. I am considering the next book.
You host one of the most successful charities in Miami once a year "Blacks Annual Gala" with lots of glamour and A-listers; I have to say you are amazing! How did you grow from starting your charity in 1994 in your "Backyard" to where it is today? What was your biggest Motivation?
Watching my husband's clients, children and families suffer because of circumstances or bad choices motivated me. I wanted to try to help them at an early age to prevent them from a life of crime.
What inspired you to create your Business Empire "LeaBlack.com"?
I have always worked and been driven. Always had a lot of people I wanted to do things for, and money, when used properly can help a lot of people
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What advice would you give aspiring male and female entrepreneurs hoping to build their own businesses and become independent & successful in their careers?
Don’t give up. Do not get in over your head. Be sure it is something you want to do enough, that when times get tough you have the persistence and dedication you will need to see it through. Vet the people who you work with and trust carefully.

What is your definition of “Women Empowerment”?

Women supporting each other and working for them – not being jealous or backstabbing – realizing there is plenty for everyone.

What is your Philosophy and Mantra?
Maintain integrity and character as a foundation for any endeavour.
What are some of your latest and upcoming projects this year?
Filming, details will be announced. Radio, co-hosting on the Jeff Lewis show Radio Andy Sirius XM. Real estate projects. Helping my son get into a college he can thrive in. A new breakthrough in skin care.

What are your top Six Health and Beauty tips on how you keep your skin looking ever so radiant?
No or minimum sun. 
Drink lots of water. 
Minimum sugar and dairy.
Eat clean. 
In the world today, sadly I have noticed women are always very negative towards other females chasing their dreams instead of showing support they derive pleasure in dragging the other woman down and derailing her from her success, what advice would you give to a woman in this situation to help her stay focused on her dreams?
If it doesn’t affect you - why ever think about it. Put your energy into your own projects. Always remember, the only person you compete with is yourself.
You are a very Fashionable woman; tell us about your Personal Style and who is your Style Icon of All Time?
My personal style is basic, simple, practical, and timeless and add fabulous accessories. My style icon is Audrey Hepburn, classic, iconic and timeless.

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