Food : Things to Keep in Mind While Catering for Corporate Events.

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For the corporate events like office parties catering is one of the most vital aspects that need to be carefully looked after. For the event to be highly successful, the catering for corporate events should be outstanding. So if you are planning to do the catering stuff for your next office party, these are some of the things that you need to plan and keep in the back of your head.

The table setting – The thing which you need to look after in the beginning is that whether the necessary table setting has been done or not. Any office event can look beautiful if the table contains elements which look decorative and at the same time is functional. Some of the basic that you need to look after are tablecloths, cutlery items, candle or any other decorative items.
•    Serving equipment – Right after you have set the table whole catering for corporate events you need to see whether the right gears 0are present for you. Classic looking serving items like water pitchers and trays are a must in any corporate event.
•    Buffet equipment – If the corporate event is going to have a buffet system you need to have tongs, chafing dishes, matches, plates, cutting boards, knives, dish clothes, spatulas, etc. try to make the list of requirements from a long time before the vent so that your catering services remain top notch and you don’t forget anything.
•    Bar list – If the corporate party will include alcoholic drinks then you need to look for a different set of items like pitchers, glasses, napkins, garbage cans, ice tubs, baskets, etc. make sure not to disappoint anyone if you took the responsibility of catering for corporate events.

How to Prepare for Offsite Catering Orders

If the project you have taken up is offsite, that is if the corporate event is in some faraway place or like some picnic then you need to rake extra care to handle it properly. You should keep in mind that in situations like these, the supplies available are limited and so you should come to the site well prepared to avoid any bad catering services. Make sure to carry –

•    Aluminum foils – These will help you to cover your foods while you transport them to the place where the event will occur.
•    Hand sanitizer - Water might not be available everywhere so carry these to prevent transferring germs to the food.
•    Insulated containers - No one likes cold food in corporate events. So, keep them warm and fresh using containers which are insulated.  You can even use them to keep the cold food items from getting warm.
•    Water jugs – In case the water on the site will fall short, stay prepared. Carry jugs full of water to the place.
•    Disposable containers – They can store all the food that you need while you are catering for corporate events. Simply throw them away properly so that you don’t have to carry the containers back.
•    Garbage bags – It is not okay to pollute the on-site location due to your catering services, so always carry garbage bags or bins to keep all the wastes in a place. This also helps to maintain the sanity of the place.

For corporate events you need to remember to keep the checklists prepared so that there is no last moment rush after you reach the venue. While planning tries to focus on the details as they are the things that are ignored most often. Avoid rushing take the things in a cool head and impress everyone with your services.


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