Wednesday Motivation: 5 Ways to Get the Creativity Flowing. #Creativity #Inspiration

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We’ve become so overwhelmed by everyday worries and duties that we’ve neglected the artists within us. No longer do we take time to simply express ourselves in a creative way, give substance to our ideas and let our creative juices flow. Even when we do think about taking up an activity that will help us express ourselves creatively, we don’t know where to start or we give up after the first obstacle, feeling discouraged. Yet, we fail to realise that we’re surrounded with opportunities for becoming more creative individuals. Thus, if you’ve been searching for a creative output for some time, here are several ideas that can spark your creativity.

Be mindful of the present

Before diving into the creative tides, you should slow down and become more mindful of the present moment. Expressing yourself creatively requires you to fully experience the present moment. You need to focus on the here and now and connect with your environment and your inner self. Not only will this enable you to experience life more fully, but it will also help you find inspiration around you and within you, discover new thoughts and ideas and commit to what you’re doing. Otherwise, you’ll remain trapped in your own mind and burdened with worries and concerns. 

Discover what suits you

No one is good at everything, so you need to take some time and discover which type of creative activity will suit your personality. It’s important that you find something that truly inspires and fulfils you. When exploring yourself, you should think outside the box and not shy away from the unconventional. If you don’t really see yourself playing an instrument or becoming a painter, you can find inspiration in other, seemingly ordinary activities, such as cooking. In fact, cooking can really boost your creativity by helping you become more mindful and discover your own creative process. What starts as following the recipes ends up as improvisation, experiment and following your intuition. 

Surround yourself with creative people

 By connecting with other creative individuals, not only will you get constructive feedback, but you also may discover things from a different perspective. You can share ideas, overcome creative obstacles and motivate each other. Furthermore, this will also provide you with a healthy dose of competition, inspire you to improve yourself and get out of your comfort zone. For example, if you’ve decided to take a creative approach to cooking, you can organise a dinner party for your friends, get together and develop the skills of a renowned expert for mixology in NYC to spice things up. You can craft cocktails, prepare finger foods and involve all of your senses, which will truly enhance your creative thinking. If you’ve decided to take up painting, you and your friends should involve your hands more and try different crafts. 

Immerse yourself in art

Even if you decide to go with a specific form of art or activity, it’s important that you expand your field of interests and find beauty in other artistic genres. You can listen to new music genres, visit museums or browse the Internet for artsy blogs and websites. This will open up new horizons to you and affect your own creativity. Perhaps you’ll find a new way to express old ideas or give a new dimension to your own work. If you’re a painter, you may get inspired to change your style. If you’re an artsy cook, this may inspire different themes for your meals and cocktails. Inspiration is everywhere, so make sure to keep your eyes and mind open. 

Be persistent

Finding your inspiration and the appropriate medium takes time. You may start off with a bang and then hit a wall after a while or you might struggle at first. The important thing is to stay focused on your goal and be patient. It may take some time before you feel satisfied with your work. However, the truth is that the result isn’t even that important. What matters is the process and your personal expression, so make sure to enjoy it.
Finding your creative output will help you wake up your inner artist and truly enrich your life.


Olivia Jones
Olivia Still is a professional life coach from Sydney, Australia, full-time blogger, and fitness enthusiast with a great interest in yoga and meditation. In addition to that, she is a proud parent of one extremely cute toddler and enjoys travelling and Marvel movies.
Currently, she is trying to get more in touch with her feminine side and explore the world of fashion, as well as to expand her business in an online form as a personal coach.

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