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Choosing the right wedding outfits for you and your future husband can be a fun, yet exhausting experience. We can only imagine how hard it must be for a future bride to find her dream gown. On the other hand, the groom's suit is equally important. If you want to look like two peas in a pod and show that you're a cool couple, you can match your outfits just for fun. Traditionally, the groom isn't supposed to see the bride's dress until they are about to exchange their vows, as we all know it's said to be bad luck. However, if you are planning to do a themed wedding, or to get your outfits coordinated, then ditching the tradition would be a step in the right direction. Here are some cute ways you should follow in order to bring together your big day attire.

Fleur power!

Wedding decorations, as well as flowers, represent your great taste and it should be done in major style. The safest way to tie your outfits together is to pick a neutral bouquet that matches the groom's boutonniere. Make sure you use the same flowers that you're using elsewhere at the ceremony. Also, these flowers can match flower decoration on your wedding cake.

Twinning is winning

You could totally have your own 2001 Britney and Justin iconic moment by matching your outfits together. No, we aren't encouraging you to wear denim on denim on denim for your wedding day, but opting for the same attire color would be amazing. First of all, not many brides are into wearing white. Different shades of nude, peach and almond colors are pretty elegant and easy to pair with most men’s wedding suits. Second of all, you could always find a single detail or an accessory that goes with the groom's tie or pocket square, and show the guests you're tied together on so many levels. 

Nail the wedding game

Since weddings are getting more and more modern these days, women tend to think of every single detail that will look good on photos. Some brides like to get pretty creative with their nail art, while others choose to remain simple and effortless. We can all agree that a nail polish is the best accessory, and you should think in advance what shade would work best for you. There's no mistake when it comes to neutral hues such as rose gold, nude, blush or beige. What's more, these colors can match your hubby's boutonniere or bow tie. If you want to bring in that 'something blue', then opt for baby blue pastel nails, and you're done.

A lil' themed party never killed nobody

Today, you can pull inspiration from everywhere, and make your wedding day fun and unforgettable. You can make it either modern or with a vintage touch. Think of a mutual TV series or a movie you both like and make a show. Get into the characters and channel their looks. Think of a fairy tale you could recreate and your guests would surely appreciate your willingness to make it all spectacular and lit. Plus, it's not every day you get to be a princess, so think big.

His and Hers

The right choice of shoes is important for both of you, so find a matching color that is versatile and comfy, and that you could both wear after the wedding. Black is boring and predictable, so make your man have some color in his shoes. Golden ankle strap heels perfectly match the beige cap-toe oxfords. So, show the world you're stepping into marriage in style.

The rings

The rings can contribute to the whole bride and groom look, even though they're not technically part of the outfit. Not many couples opt for the same rings, but it costs nothing to make an exception. White gold rings are universal for both of the newlyweds and they are lifelong essentials.
So, is your big day getting closer? If so, go through the list again and envisage your perfect wedding styling.


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