Men's Fashion - Christopher Korey Collective New York [CKCNY] Launches Iconic Menswear Collection.

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I am excited to announce the launch of  Christopher Korey's Latest tailor-made project, CKC New York online Store. CKC has developed a new and innovative way to curate your style at a sensible price.

With each collection designed to be paired with one another, it’s not a suit or a jacket or a pair of pants, it’s a wardrobe assemblage to help create your own personal style.

"If you look back at the glamour and style of old Hollywood and if you saw those people walking around today, they would look just as good as they did 50, 60 and 70 years ago. As a society, we have gotten away from grace and glamour. Men and women no longer look their best they just look like everyone else. We are trying to bring back some of what made that era and that look special. It’s really just about making everyone the best version of themselves and being the star of their own movie which is their life." 
~Christopher Korey.
[ My Favorite Collection is the Merlot Flannel Collection- Click Image To View More]
Beginning today, the CKC atelier and the online store will provide you with a new and innovative shopping experience.
I would describe Christopher Korey's Fashion Style As- Old Hollywood With A Modern Twist.
So go ahead guys, click the image below and explore, change your style and wardrobe today, believe me, you will be glad you did, I always say if I return as a male in my next life, I better look this good and be this talented.

Congratulations Again Christopher Korey On the Successful launch of your Website.

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