Exclusive Feature: Meet OTSM'S Female Entrepreneur Of The Month - Mallory Humes [Marketing And Business Consultant].

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OTSM: In a few words, Who is Mallory?
MH: I am a marketing consultant and I teach those who want to have some breakthrough in their brand or business how to take their business to the next level.
OTSM: What motivated you to go into this field?
MH: I want to help entrepreneurs end any marketing frustration they have and create an effective client marketing strategy and plan that works best for them. 
OTSM: What were you into before becoming a "Marketing and Business Consultant"? 
MH: I work best when I am part of a team. I spent the past 15 years in the crazy world of retail in customer service, marketing, product marketing, inventory management, and sales. Through retail, I gained an understanding of the world of customer service. Gaining knowledge in this industry was essential, so I obtained my Associates in Business Administration, and quickly went on to receive my  Bachelor's in Marketing.

OTSM: Tell us about your brand "Mallory Your Consultant".
MH: "Mallory Your consultant" is a service-based business in Redford, Michigan that helps creative entrepreneurs and small businesses create a marketing strategy through effective marketing planning. My mission is to empower creative and determined small-based business owners to solve their current marketing challenges, discover new ways to reach their clients, develop new skills to grow their business and create a marketing plan and strategy that brings them joy, fulfilment and growth. 
Do You need a solid marketing strategy to attract more clients and grow your small-based business? However, are you not quite sure where to start? Or are you spinning around in circles and not sure what to focus on next? Well, the good news is there are proven marketing strategies, systems, and structures you can implement to be successful without the stress and overwhelm. Mallory has implemented these many times before and is here to show you how you can do it too so give her a call today and check out her platform {Here}

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