Lifestyle: Essential Oils To Promote Self- Care And Self- Love.

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We all know how powerful the effects of scent can be - and it turns out that many of the essential oils that are awesome for boosting feelings of self-love also have additional benefits like skin softening, a boost of confidence and positive energy.

Self-care is crucial when it comes to managing daily stress and nipping it in the bud before it becomes a constant overwhelmed state. It's really important to make time for yourself, even if that means quick breaks throughout your day. If you're pressed for time then try going outside. Get some exercise, breathe fresh air and clear your mind.
Top Five Favorite Oils:
Bergamot has a light and sweet citrusy scent and is gently calming and uplifting. It's also clarifying and healing, making it an ideal option for skincare. It is the embodiment of self-love & self-worth. This oil helps process and release the fear of not being good enough, emotional pain, restraining habits and opens you up to love and self-acceptance.
Ylang-Ylang has a lovely warm floral scent and is often used to help relieve nervousness, tension, and restlessness. It's also really helpful for balancing emotions, creating connections with others, and can even be helpful for PMS symptoms.
The powerful scent of Rosemary stimulates your confidence and concentration. It is wonderful to combat mental fatigue, nervous disorders, exhaustion, and burnout. Rosemary clears the mind and emotions. Its mind-sharpening properties are wonderful for concentration and focus.
Though it's perhaps the scent most associated with love, rose oil has benefits that go beyond just that. The oil promotes relaxation but is also great for your skin - it's naturally balancing, and soothing to irritated and dry skin.  
The King of Oils can be used daily to feel calm and spiritually connected. Apply it (in carrier oil) to your wrists or forehead, depending on how you feel that day. Use during meditation or yoga, or for a moment of meditation anywhere. Frankincense is such an excellent oil for brain function and immune-boosting, two things that are definitely part of self-care.
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Lastly, Let's not forget Diffusers
Diffusers break up water and essential oils into extremely fine micro-particles, diffusing oils into the air as a cool mist using no heat. Using diffusers is the safest and most efficient way to use essential oils. It helps to purify and deodorize the air while aiding in emotional and physical health. You just need to fill up the base of the diffuser with water, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, close the lid and turn it on.

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