Lifestyle: Actress Makiko Watanabe Attends The 34th Tokyo International Film Festival 2021.

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Actress Makiko Watanabe as Amazon Primes Japan Awards as a Jury member attends Tokyo International Film Festival's ceremony on 8 November 2021 at Yurakucho area, Tokyo. 

The Amazon Primes Japan Awards winners are shown below;
Amazon Primes Japan Take One Award - "Sunday & Calm Sea" by Kim Yunsoo
Amazon Prime Video Take One Award Special Jury Prize - "Under the Bridge" by Sangoumi Midori Actress Makiko Watanabe is known for many award-winning films and tv series such as "The Mourning Forest" (Mogari no Mori) by Cannes film festival award-winning filmmaker "Naomi Kawase", Himizu, Rurouni Kenshin, Tomorrow's Dinner Table (Ashita no Shokutaku), While the Women Are Sleeping (director Wayne Wang), 37 Seconds, Tokyo MER, The Asadas!
She also starred in the American tv series "Tokyo Vice" (airing in the US via HBO next year Spring and in Japan next year Summer) 

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