Fashion : Black Fascinators – An Integral Part of Contemporary Fashion .

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We come around with a new fashion trend every day and it keeps on changing. It constitutes one of the most globalized markets and people around the world are indulging in some latest fashion trends to update their wardrobe. From an early age, it has been a part of life and one can define it as a way of living. The meaning of fashion changes with different regions, from making a tattoo to facial surgery, everything comes under fashion.
It can be defined as a practice or a form of style, which is followed in clothing, on hairstyle or body, etc. It could be well understood with a fact that every fashion-related event around the world revolves around big designers portraying their talent of making beautiful costumes, which later on is termed as a new fashion. Many other things are considered while we talk about fashion. One such thing is fascinators that have been in trend for several years and constitute a big reason to add up to a beauty of a woman. It is a headpiece, which can be described as a lightweight head covering. Still,l now women wear black fascinators with their informal dresses and they even wear the same at their wedding parties. Today, you can find these fascinators online and you can also customize them according to your needs.

Things to know about fascinators

As been defined above, it is a headpiece, which is knitted beautifully and is used as a head covering. It can further be defined as a formal headgear, which can be used in place of a hat, also known as "Hatinator". Different colors are used to make fascinators and black fascinators are the latest trend.

1) History
The history of fascinators dates back to the 16th century but prominently came into existence in the 17th century when decoration on the head without a hat became a new fashion trend. She was Queen Marie Antoinette who started using ostrich feathers on her head as a decoration and it became quite popular in European royal courts. Afterward, women started using these fascinators on wedding parties, racing events, and on every occasion. Still now, women belonging to the royal families wear some fascinators every day and you can find some designer fascinators in online stores.

2) Uses 
Fascinators are now used during the time of Christian weddings. When we consider modern fascinators, they are now mostly being made of feathers beads, or flowers. This is because lightweight fascinators are more preferable, and people do not want to take a bulky material over the head.

Choosing a right fascinator
One should surely consider her face size and shape before choosing a fascinator, and the points to consider are following
People with Square faces often look a bit masculine, thus using a feather fascinator would look a bit feminine.
If your face is oval, then you can choose any kind of fascinator because an oval-shaped face can easily suit some black fascinators.
People wearing eyeglasses should avoid small fascinators and choose a big black fascinator.
Few Exciting points about fascinators
In an event queen, Elizabeth 2 once wore a fascinator, which created quite hype.
After the wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton, fascinators went into great demand with the sale going up by 300%.
Lady Gaga wears a fascinator during one of his track launches, which again created quite a demand for fascinators.
Thus, fascinators are not just popular worldwide, but largely people also accept them, with varied color combinations including black fascinators and other color variants. All in all, they have largely grown as a new fashion trend.
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