Lifestyle : Why Practicing Self-Love Can Help You Live A Healthier And Happier Life.

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Self -Love is the ability to treat ourselves with love,kindness and perseverance. It is only when we love ourselves that we can truly love others. When we love ourselves, we begin to look at life not as something happening to us, but as a reflection of who we are.
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Do you know that being kind to yourself helps you bounce back, live healthier, and stay on track?
Self-compassion and Self-Love is a way of relating to yourself that does not involve harshly judging or punishing yourself for every mistake you make, or every time someone does better than you.
Self-love is not simply a state of feeling good. It is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth.
Good Ways To Cultivate Self-Love:
Be Mindful: People who have more self-love tend to know what they want and feel in life.
They are always mindful of who they are and act on this knowledge rather than what others demand of them.
Knowing the difference between wants and needs: Sometimes we want something in life but we forget to ask ourselves if we really need it, sometimes we see something others have and immediately crave it and want it for ourselves but most of the time we get that thing and realize we never really needed it.So it's important to know the difference between these two things.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle: You will love yourself more when you take care of your basic needs. People that have successfully cultivated the act of self-love nourish themselves daily through healthy activities, like nutrition, exercise, proper sleep, intimacy, and healthy social interactions. Indulge in activities that keep your mind healthy and refreshed, don't forget to rid yourself of any toxic energy that may drain you.
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Lastly, Don't forget to Inhale and Exhale, Meditation is also very important.
Did you know that Meditation Helps Preserve the Aging Brain?
A few years ago a study from UCLA found that long-term meditators had better-preserved brains than non-meditators as they aged. Participants who’d been meditating for an average of 20 years had more grey matter volume throughout the brain — although older meditators still had some volume loss compared to younger meditators, it wasn’t as pronounced as the non-meditators. "We expected rather small and distinct effects located in some of the regions that had previously been associated with meditating," said study author Florian Kurth. "Instead, what we actually observed was a widespread effect of meditation that encompassed regions throughout the entire brain."
Practice Daily meditation because the practice of staying present and mindful for a limited period of time can have numerous benefits for our mental and physical health, When we meditate, we can enhance our focus and decision-making and lessen our feelings of fear and stress.
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Remember every day is a chance to hit the refresh button, practicing self-love doesn't come easy sometimes, it takes practice and perseverance until you feel satisfied. When you wake up every day, be grateful for life, then look in the mirror and say to yourself "You are beautiful, there is no one like you". Treat others how you wish to be treated, love yourself first, and only then can you extend the same love to others. When we feel content and happy within ourselves, we will be able to live a healthier and sane life, never be envious of anyone because we all have different paths and destinations, just be you, do you, and enjoy the little things.
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