BTA: Exclusive Interview With Virtual Fashion Designer Liz Lavecchia ,Founder Of The Fashion Brand 'LIZIAAH'.

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Recently we published an article giving you all a little insight into the virtual extension of our brand, if you missed it here is the link.
Today we reveal the BTA of an amazingly talented virtual designer who has been inspiring many for years through her designs in this exclusive interview.
Meet Liz, the fashion designer behind the brand name 'LIZIAAH'. 
LIZIAAH is a Sophisticated Luxury brand, that exudes Femininity, Allure, and Glamour. She is Popularly known for her work via Metaverse platforms: Second Life and IMVU.
Photographer Jorge Mousalli captured the beautiful Liz, exclusively for OTSMAGAZINE UK Interview.
Photographer|Jorge Mousalli @jorgemousalli
Please Fully introduce yourself to our readers telling us more about you and your personal lifestyle.
My name is Liz, born in Aruba, I am a virtual fashion creator for Second life and owner of the brand LIZIAAH. I started to create on IMVU in the year 2005-2011, I took a break from IMVU and decided to continue creating on Second life from 2012 until now. Of course, during those years I took some breaks in between to dedicate time for my family. As for my personal lifestyle, My health is very important and I like to eat healthy most of the time and exercise. I like running, indoor cycling, and hiking. I like traveling and I have a great love for interior decorating and fashion of course.
What sparked your interest in fashion? And What made you go into creating fashion outfits virtually?
Growing up I enjoyed playing dress-up. I played a lot with barbie dolls and liked to make clothing for them until I was 16. When I started creating on IMVU and I discovered that creating clothing for avatars is the same as making clothing for barbie dolls the only difference is that this is done virtually and I remembered the days I enjoyed creating clothing for my barbie dolls, I thought to myself this is a nice way to continue doing what I love especially because, to me, the avatars looked like virtual barbie dolls.
How would you describe your brand aesthetics and Personal Style? Also, is what you do on Second Life and Previously on IMVU similar to your RL career?
I think my style is classy and elegant while being fierce and edgy at the same time. I create a lot of things that I personally would wear in Real Life. I see myself in my virtual fashion. In RL I don’t necessarily follow all the trends that come along. For example, I don’t like to buy every handbag or shoe that is trending at the moment I choose to get classy pieces that will stay in style for a long time. I think a trendy piece will go out of style very fast and look dated within a year. Creating virtual fashion is my RL job and I also do some interior decorating sometimes.
Do You Feel You Have A Signature Style?
Oh yes, I do, My style is classy, elegant, sexy, fierce, and edgy.
LIZIAAH In Elyon Collection Available Via Her Second Life Store
How has your work evolved since you began your own label? And, have your pieces become more appealing to people as a result?
When I joined IMVU it took me a while before I started creating. I spent my time mostly in chatrooms and shopping on imvu, what I enjoyed doing more was decorating my homepage. people who visited my homepage always left me messages with compliments on how cool my page looked and my friends encouraged me to start creating products. At first, I hesitated but then I started with simple tops and skirts, When I first started, I thought people wouldn’t like my work because my sales were low. At a point I decided to create something that has not yet been created, I thought outside the box, so I created the 'Pearl Shoe'. The day after I released the shoe I saw over 50 sales, I was surprised and the sales increased more and the shoe ranked number 1 on the imvu catalog for a long time. This was what motivated me to start creating more products on IMVU. The reason I left my store open when I migrated to Second Life was that I wanted to give people the chance to try my bespoke quality products. Keeping my shop open has given me the recognition I think my brand deserves both on IMVU and on Second Life.
Out of all your collections, which is your favorite and why?
Omg... This will be a difficult task because I created so many collections that I can't even remember most of them until I come across them, It's hard to pick a favorite one however the one that comes to mind is called “Empire”. I remember I started to experiment with meshes for the first time, I was so proud of how this collection turned out.
You use quite unusual materials in your collections, where do you find inspiration for your designs, and what influences them?
I create my own textures from scratch, I used to watch a lot of fashion shows back in the day. My inspiration was from RL fashion designers like Balmain, Lanvin, and Versace. Lately, I don’t like to be inspired anymore by RL fashion designers. I like to create something completely out of my own mind.
Do you think style and fashion play a larger role in today’s world?
YES, definitely it does. I think the youth of today’s world is more focused on fashion and the latest trends than when I was a teenager. I think because of the influence that social media has on the youth (or everyone) these days. Celebrities, bloggers, YouTubers, Fashion influencers. Everyone wants to wear the newest trends. So yes I think Fashion plays a big role in today's world.
Photographer|Jorge Mousalli @jorgemousalli
What does the word 'Women Empowerment mean to you?
Women empowerment gives women opportunities so they can be the best of what they can be and be able to make their own choice and decisions. When women feel empowered, they would be able to lead by example and be inspirations to others.
What sort of aesthetic do you bend towards? Also, how does color influence you, or how does it affect your designs while creating products virtually?
Liziaah aesthetics are daring cuts and fabrics that enhance the female form for a glamorous and sexy alluring look. In the past, I would normally use more neutral colors but lately, I am working with more colors to enhance my designs.
If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career as a virtual fashion designer what would it be? And, What was the biggest rookie mistake you made when just starting out?
Creating is fun I love it but REAL LIFE comes first. I made the mistake of making creating my priority forgetting about RL and the fun things happening around me by sitting almost 12 hours behind my computer, I was a workaholic. I still love what I do but I think spending time with my family and loved ones is more important and must always come first.
What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into your work?
I am fascinated by fashion since the early 2000 and I have definitely used it in my collections lately.
What are your latest and upcoming projects, also Tell us about a project which has been your greatest achievement?
I am thinking about creating Virtual Male fashion in the near future and updating my creating skills.
What have been the greatest challenges you’ve faced in your career so far and as per your opinion, what are the main challenges in the fashion industry today?
After the switch from IMVU to Second life, it took me a while to get used to second life because it was complicated in the beginning, in fact, it still is sometimes because there are always new things coming out and as a designer, you have to keep up. There are so many great designers so that means many competitions. Creating on Second life is also more work than imvu in my opinion. The challenge for the fashion industry, I think… It's harder to create something that is not around in RL or SL. It is harder to be unique these days cause wherever you turn there is something similar already there. It's not impossible but it is harder than it was 10 years ago.
LIZIAAH In Arya Collection Now Available Via Her Second Life Store
Are you superstitious or do you have any rules you live by?
I am not really superstitious but there is only one thing that I believe because it always happens to me whenever the palm of my right hand is itching, I am going to get money, when my left hand is itching, I am going to spend it.
Which entrepreneur/person has inspired you the most in life & why?
I think this will be my mother because she did an amazing job raising me and my sister all alone as a single mother, I truly love her and I am so grateful to her.
What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?
Social media has done incredible things for the fashion industry, fashion trends used to be ruled by designers, forecasters, and fashion editors. However, with social media, consumers and celebrities heavily influence fashion trends and decisions. Also with the help of social media fashion brands are taking cues and inspiration from their audiences.
You have created over 500 items on Second Life, What makes ‘LIZIAAH’ designs different from other fashion designers?
I don’t just color my outfits and put them on sale, I really take time to create something unique and different by using different textures and concepts.
How do you want people to feel when wearing your products?
I want women to feel sexy and sophisticated and I want them to feel that they are wearing a good quality product.
What’s your most-worn piece of clothing?
That will be my silk robe.
Photographer|Jorge Mousalli @jorgemousalli
What is your daily health and beauty regimen?
When I wake up in the morning I drink green tea and I either go for a run or do some workouts. I make sure I drink lots of water. Most of the time I eat healthily I use to be vegetarian but I decided to go back to eating meat however I only eat chicken or fish with lots of veggies. I live on a tropical island I always use sunblock to protect my skin while I am outside or inside the house and especially when I am working on my computer because I think that the UV rays of your computer screen also can lead to skin damage. I don’t smoke. I do love to drink my sangrias once in a blue moon. My beauty secret is my beetroot & carrot juice I always take in the morning because it makes my skin glow.
What does self-love mean to you? 
I think Self-love is loving the body that God gave you, taking care of your body and mental health, and also being kind to yourself and for one to stop comparing themselves to others and be the best version of themselves. If you love yourself, you will feel better and it's also beneficial for the people around you. But I believe in self-love until a certain level because it should not turn into selfishness.
What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
By using your common sense you can achieve many things in life. No matter how educated you are, if you don’t use your common sense, you won’t achieve much.
If you had to give advice to yourself 5 years ago, what would you say?
Don’t worry about getting knocked down. Instead, focus on getting back up as quickly as possible.
Anything else you'd like to add?
It was one of my biggest wishes to appear in a Real-Life magazine someday and my dream has come through so I Thank you so much. I would also love to thank my supporters for their continuous support, Stay tuned for more products coming soon.
To see more amazing designs by LIZIAAH visit her Second Life Store via the banner below.
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