Metaverse Experience: Introducing OTSMagazine's Virtual 3D Events That Aim At Empowering Individuals Globally.

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Life as we know it is beginning to change, the world is being thrown into chaos, and many are spreading hate, malice, and negativity, but we have chosen to channel our energy and abilities into changing lives and uplifting others in any way we can, OTSMagazine will be Collaborating with our Sister Brand "OTS IMVU" hosted via Together Labs Virtual 3D Platform that was ranked the Best Virtual World Game for Realistic Graphics for 2020 by Lifewire.
The event is called "Empower To Aspire" and it will be taking place on the 12th of March 2022. Empowerment is one of the most important things for improving our world. There is not just one single type of empowerment; we all need to be emotionally, physically, and spiritually empowered, and that is the sole purpose of this event- To Empower Others and to encourage inclusivity.
Art By Digital 3D Artist Kellicia 
The OTSM Virtual Show was founded in 2010 and hosted via Together Labs Virtual 3D Platform, formerly known as "IMVU" by Linda. O. Bella, one of the first internet celebrities to host a talk show online through 3D characters, the show gives people the chance to meet other individuals in a positive space while running an award-winning digital magazine featuring some of our favorite celebrities and TV personalities.
OTSM's CEO Linda says in a recent interview with Dubai-based Radio Host- Jordan Williams; OTS IMVU was born out of the pain, discomfort, sadness, and trauma I was experiencing at the time many years ago, however, I did not want to project what I was feeling on the inside unto others, so I turned my pain into passion and found happiness in lifting others up and making every guest on my virtual show feel celebrated and appreciated. The happiness it has brought me, just seeing others happy and feel inspired via my shows since I started back in 2010 to date brings me joy, I always encourage people to practice the selfless act of love and if we can touch people's lives, not just physically but virtually it is an amazing thing to do; that is why I am happy to see the world finally becoming aware of the "Metaverse Realm", according to Together Labs (IMVU) "A metaverse is just another cool way to call a virtual world, which is a 3D space on the internet where people can interact with each other through their avatars, to enjoy endless hours of fun." This is exactly what happens when people attend my online events- they have "Fun", through my events I have been blessed to meet some really amazingly talented individuals globally, I felt so inspired by my events via this platform I decided to extend my energy to others in the real world and that's how OTSMAGAZINE UK was born in 2011, this way I was interviewing celebrities, models, entrepreneurs, photographers and amazing personalities globally while still hosting my events online, I have interviewed over 100 personalities via OTSMagazine and over 100 interviews with Digital Creators online via IMVU, as a result, a few of these guests have turned into friends in my real life - Do you now see the linkage between the two worlds? At the end of the day, there is a human being like me; at the other end of the computer, they are more than just 3D characters to me, and I am so blessed to have met each and every one of them.
When asked why the name "Ogespanish" is her avatar name via the platform, she says- " lol, It's a very funny story, one I would reserve for another day, but it is a nickname I have carried with me since my teenagehood and I have somehow become one with it, I would still love to learn Spanish though, I hear Spanish men are hot, however, the full meaning of the brand name OTS is: Ogespanish Talk Show, now you understand why I and this name are bound for life.
Back To The Present
The OTSM Virtual Talkshow is truly a life-changing experience and the few people we have interacted with have said nothing but positive things about the shows.
The upcoming event is said to be different from anything she has ever done on her platform, there will be four female guests involved (as seen in the photo above) and she will be joined by a Co-Host digital fashion designer- Minnow who has been previously interviewed by Linda Bella Via the IMVU 3D virtual platform during a "Women Empowerment Event in 2021", the event this time promotes inclusivity and togetherness, that's why the ticket sale was opened to both male and female avatar to be able to participate in this event.
Digital Photography By Linda Bella
Photography By Linda Bella 
Inspiration Behind This Event:(Words By Linda Bella)
In life, it's easy to get lost, so much pain, loss, depression, negativity, toxicity going on in the world it's easy for one to lose their way, people often forget that in life all it takes to put a smile on someone's face is being kind to one another because kindness is free, this event is meant to benefit not only my guests but also myself, the global pandemic took a lot from many of us and left us feeling empty, less motivated and like failures in one way or the other and if we can't find a way to bring ourselves out of that sinkhole things will only get worse. I want to be the reason someone looks down on their phone and smile or have an event to look forward to, yes they can't fly all the way to the UK physically but everything is about "The Mind", Visualisation is Realisation and when you can just close your eyes and visualize yourself in this metaverse world, enjoying the beautiful various scenery I use for my events you will feel somewhat better. I am not trying to brag but I am speaking from my own personal experience, I know how much I personally look forward to seeing the guests and audience, I am so thankful to all of them because they are the reason I continue to feel loved, welcomed and supported, we are nothing without our supporters.
Photo By Christopher Korey -See Interview Here
The quote above is spot on how I feel even writing these words, I used to be hesitant to merge or share my virtual life with my real life that I held myself back for so long, but I realized there is nothing to be ashamed of, many people use virtual games in the world for different purposes but I chose to use mine to celebrate and uplift others, Fear can be interpreted in many ways, but if you choose to face your fears and turn it into something that will bring you positive results go for it, It is hard though trust me and yes some people may judge you but who cares what others think? Explore that idea, bring it to life and if it fails, it fails but if there is even a 1% chance of it being a success my darling do not let fear hold you back, I am sharing an Iota of my virtual life with you all in hopes that someone out there will be as crazy as me and think outside the box and then be open to collaborating with my virtual brand so we can make a formidable impact in peoples lives.
To promote inclusivity within the virtual community and real-life community, I have collaborated with some amazingly talented individuals, they have all come up with motivational and inspirational quotes that are very personal to them be it by a famous person or customized by these individuals, I hope you can resonate with some of these quotes because I personally felt inspired by reading them.
One of my favorite quotes by Stephen King is: You can, You Should and If You are brave enough to start You Will. I know it sounds cheesy, many will read that and say "it's easier said than done, but if you don't start you'd never know the end result and you will be left with "Should I have" or "I should have just". You have to live life with no regrets, chase your dreams hard, work hard in secret and let your success speak for you.
Again, above is a quote by another wonderful soul I have been blessed to interview twice "Anthony Lorca" first in 2018 and a catch-up interview to know how the global pandemic affected him.
This quote above reminds me of a saying by Al Siebert: Resiliency is something you do, more than something you have. You become highly resilient by continuously learning your best way of being yourself in your circumstance. By being resilient I learned to never give up, to continue to invest my time into what I do virtually, it was also a source of healing to me, I remember how I felt one evening waking up to an alert that I had won an award via the platform, I was shocked because I did not create these events to receive a reward, I don't give to receive but it felt really nice to feel appreciated, reading the comments from my previous guests and audience brought tears to my eyes (see post below)
This project brought me joy, I loved seeing how willing these beautiful souls were to support this project and spread positivity in their own special way through these words that mean something to them, One great lesson I have learned from being a part of this community is this- If you use your platform right you can change people's lives in a positive way. Yes, the world is not like it used to be, but what it needs is more love and less hate, people need to open their phones and not see so much negative energy. So, if you can be the reason people look down on their phones and smile why don't you use your platform to change lives and spread love?
The photo below represents the meaning of Love and Hope, it was created by Nat a digital fashion model that goes by the name "Pastel" online, this photo was her own little way of expressing how she feels about the ongoing War and this was her way of sending positive energy to Ukraine.
This Queen above is one of the brightest, kindest, and most inspirational souls I have been blessed to know, you can check out my exclusive interview with her here, while we are on the topic of Queens the beautiful Queen below 'Yalla' is another amazingly talented digital fashion creator I had the pleasure of interviewing her via the virtual 3D shows click here to read about 'How she turned Her Virtual Business To A Real-Life Business'.
If we had our way, We would highlight every single soul on the platform but that is literally impossible, We, however, hope these few quotes above will be able to inspire you in one way or the other, We are looking forward to the Empower To Aspire event taking place on the 12th of March 2022, to keep up with the OTSMagazine Virtual Shows and Events do not hesitate to follow the page here.

We truly hope this mini-article has been able to give you a little insight into the virtual aspect of the OTSMagazine UK, should you wish to inquire about how to attend or take part in the OTSM Virtual events and activities do not hesitate to contact us :
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The Artwork above is by another talented digital artist Jess (Nocte) and this edit was used for the promotion of the OTSM Annual Virtual Masquerade Ball that was held in December 2021.

Article By Fiona Wilson ( Lifestyle Contributor) 

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