Fashion: Munif Al-Shammari, Talented Saudi Fashion Designer, Launches Label -MNF, Which Gained Popularity In The Fashion Industry.

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Munif Al-Shammari, one talented young Saudi fashion designer, is breaking with stereotypes and encouraging individuals to embrace themselves in their own way.
“I firmly believe fashion is genderless and has the power to make our bodies socially noticeable and reasonable,” he said. “My style is contemporary; I choose the fabric and design the way I want. Fashion, for me, is like a gateway.
To the upcoming generation of young designers, Al-Shammari strongly recommends they never give up on their dreams, follow their passion and find their own touch within them.
“As a form of self-expression, fashion can make you and others feel empowered. Most importantly, it is essential to humbly accept criticism and make the best out of it,” he said. “As long as you believe you can do it then work hard to do your best at it. Have positive thinking and surround yourself with supportive people.”

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