Metaverse: OTSM Taking Talk Shows To A Whole New Level Through Metaverse Platform Togerther Labs aka IMVU

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The hottest topic online right now is "Metaverse", If you are not familiar with Metaverse or blockchain technology, you should start doing some research on the subject. I think that it is an incredibly useful market that will play a huge part in the future when it comes to how we run our day-to-day business.
As you all know Facebook’s parent company has a project in Metaverse. If Facebook is investing in Metaverse, then trust me, you want to start looking into it.
Today's article is a follow-up from our previous post giving you a little insight into our sister Brand "OTSM VIRTUAL", which is basically a Virtual 3D Version of our digital magazine, hosted by Linda Bella via Virtual Game Platform 'IMVU'.(Read the article here).
In the article below, you will be reading an interview with 4 Queens, very different when it comes to their passion and hobby and personality but yet the same, especially in their beliefs and inspirational mindset. When it comes to spreading positivity and using their platform to empower others in one way or the other these Queens know exactly how to do that.
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