Exclusive: Elsa Hosk In A Collaborative Partnership with Danish Eyewear Brand Christopher Cloos.

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Elsa Hosk teams up with eyewear brand Christopher Cloos on a capsule collection made specifically for women. She also has been named an ambassador alongside NFL quarterback Tom Brady (who signed on in 2020).
Elsa Hosk has previously dropped two collections one in Jan and one in April, the third drop is launching on the 16th of May - called Cloos x Elsa - Laguna, and stay tuned because on the 30th of May her fourth drop will launch.
Photographer| Zoey Grossman|@zoeygrossman | Elsa Hosk Wearing Glasses from her "Fourth Collection" Which drops on the 30th of May.
Ineffably stylish Elsa Hosk is the new co-owner of eyewear brand Christoper Cloos. The company's first collection was designed specifically for women. As the name ‘Cloos x Elsa’ indicates, the Swedish supermodel is behind the design of each of the pieces.
[In Picture] Elsa Hosk Showcasing The "Fourth" Collection which Drops on the 30th of May.
The Cloos x Elsa collection comes in both sunglasses and blue-light glasses, and each frame is made of biodegradable material. On the inside of the case is Elsa Hosk's signature, and the spectacles cloth contains a special message from her to the buyers.
The Cloos x Elsa line is inspired by the Swedish model’s love of eyewear from the 1960s and 1970s.
Elsa Hosk “A great pair of frames are the perfect accessory because no matter what you’re wearing if you have a perfect pair of frames you’re always going to look and feel cool.”
Cloos x Elsa
A new era begins
After more than a year of preparation, we are proud to present our first global female partnership together with the Swedish world-renowned supermodel Elsa Hosk. With Scandinavian roots and daily life in California, it was an instant match given our own journey from Scandinavia across the Atlantic. Old Hollywood and vintage-inspired designs have made these biodegradable frames a unique addition to the Cloos collection.
Cloos x Elsa - Malibu
A beach time story
Having dedicated our Cloos x Elsa campaign to the California lifestyle, it was ideal to name the second Elsa-frame "The Malibu". An iconic area with incredible beach life, filled with fairytale stories from the last century, it was a given to dedicate this frame to this Hollywood-popular getaway. Made with 100 % eco-friendly and biodegradable Mazzucchelli acetate.

There is more, guess what? The third launch is going live on the 16th of May.
Christopher Cloos Presents:
Cloos x Elsa - Laguna (launches on the 16th of May) 
The summer continues
Staying true to our ode to the California lifestyle, we wanted to travel slightly south and name the third Elsa-frame "The Laguna". Named after the unmatched beautiful scenery of the Laguna Beach area, this frame demanded a unique design and craftsmanship that we believe we were able to accomplish. Made with 100 % eco-friendly and biodegradable Mazzucchelli acetate.
Staying on course with our pledge to vintage design, the Laguna frame blends well into our existing Cloos x Elsa collection, yet stands out for its unique craftsmanship. The Laguna Beach area is known for its iconic and raw beauty, and we believe the frame matches those characteristics well. Made from biodegradable materials to maintain our promise of being a 100 % sustainable company.
We are absolutely excited and can't wait for the next drop.
Photo| Zoey Grossman, There will also be a Fourth Drop On the 30th Of May (Stay Tuned)
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