Lifestyle: 'I Think I'm a Japanese Girl at Heart' ~Svetlana Shlapak Fashion Model Also Known As Sumi The Albino Girl.

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My name is Svetlana Šhlapak, and my stage name is Sumi (it is a Japanese name). I am 22 years old. I am currently based in Serbia where I was born, However, I am Ukrainian. I am currently studying Tourism and the Japanese language. When I am done I will take up a Chinese language course. I love Asia very much, especially Japan. For me, Japan is another world, another universe. I love Japanese tradition, culture, language, and energy. I love Japanese street fashion, karaoke, and anime. I was born with the ocular type of albinism.
I think I'm a Japanese girl at heart. I sympathize so much with the Japanese. I believe in the spirits of nature. They guard me and give me inspiration and hope to move on. My dream is to live in Japan. Although my soul is there the body is not yet there and it will be soon.
I study Japanese as well as Chinese at the Tourism Academy. I will never give up on my dreams. One day I will live there. I also want to show the world that it doesn't matter what nation we are in, but it's about how we feel.
How has 'Albinism' changed your life?
Oh in many ways!. My hair started to turn white from stress and my skin became lighter. At school, the kids were very mean with words like  "you look like a grandmother, a vampire, a ghost, a scoundrel" My childhood was very difficult. Some are still spreading lies about me, saying that I am faking albinism. They say this because I used to have dark blonde hair and darker lashes but it's all white now, my experiences make me think people are either envious or just stupid. Although I don't see how they should be jealous of this because my eyesight is very bad and out of  100%  I have only 2% of my vision for this reason I use a white stick to move around, I try to see the good in people. I deeply believe that everyone can change for the better! When we love ourselves we are able to love others. I definitely suffer from internet violence. However, I know who I am and I will never give up on my dreams. I am a famous model now. I appeared in Vogue magazine in Italy. and I am an ambassador of a fashion agency. That's why I advise people to never give up on their dreams because that is the worst thing that can happen to them.
Sometimes I dream too much, but it is these dreams that give me strength.
I say to myself that I am a child of the moon, but I am also a child of light (the child of light is the meaning of my name) so I guess it resonates with how I feel and how I view the world.
Who or what is your biggest motivation in life?
So when people tell me I can't do something, I'll be stubborn and show the opposite. That's how we Europeans are -haha. I am inspired by nature. As much as man has destroyed it, it renews and grows again and never gives up. My motivation is also my friends who always encourage me and do not let me give up. My motivation is my dreams and the dream I live for. And my only dream is that there should be more empathy in the world and that we should all love each other more. We can make this world feel and look like a fairy tale if we can all work together and spread love.
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