Esprit's New Tennis Club Line Features Joy the Dolphin.

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Recovering fashion retailer Esprit is continuing its reinvention and has unveiled a new brand mascot, Joy the Dolphin.
The company said the new initiative personifies its “essence in celebrating life, love, and togetherness. Dolphins are playful, charming, and intuitive, and are often associated with love, friendship, and kindness. They cherish teamwork and have the innate ability to display a strong sense of empathy – all values that Esprit represents”. 
Joy is also said to embody the company’s “esteemed heritage and values of cheerful, caring and uplifting spirit that are brought to the present through this modern identity”.
Esprit - New Mascot (Joy The Dolphin)
CEO William Pak said: “We hope Joy the Dolphin inspires everyone to harness the power of collective potential in society. Life is better lived together, and we can make the world a more beautiful, harmonious place by being there for each other.’”

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