IRIS VAN HERPEN AW22-23 Haute Couture Collection

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 Iris Van Herpen celebrates the brand’s fifteenth anniversary by showcasing the FW22 Couture Collection.
©IRIS VAN HERPEN, Photography by Daniele Oberrauch /
Holding a lens to our intangible identities and shifting society with the metaverse and hyperreality at the horizon, this Meta Morphism collection explores the depths of the body in post-human realities.
Fashion house IRIS VAN HERPEN presented their Autumn Winter 2022.23 Meta Morphism Haute Couture Collection, that celebrates the brand’s fifteenth anniversary, on the 4th July, during the ongoing Paris Fashion Week. The collection explores multiple realities, intangible identities, as well as the depths of the body in posthuman realities. 
The designer also reflects on Ovid’s magnus opus poem ‘Metamorphoses’, and with 16 looks examines the ancient visions of Ovid’s mythology through modern themes of transhumanism. The collection was built around three myths: The story of Arachne – a masterly weaver who challenges the goddess of Athena, and notorious for her craftsmanship – is transformed into a spider through shame, to hang from an eternal thread; the story of Daphne and Apollo – a tale of objectification, Daphne was the first love of the god Apollo, but met with unrequited affection, a parable of lust in the face of rejection; and the story of Narcissus – who falls in love with his own reflection, slowly languishing to death through self-obsession.
“In the collection, the tragedy of Arachne is translated in fine laces that are gradient dyed and trapped in embroidered webs, causing the trapped spiderwebs to float. Other looks are designed as if Arachne is still weaving them, hundreds of unspun threads float and spin around the body. On a deeper layer – emotional perfectionism and personal pressure are expressed in these looks, speaking to a wider societal message and the vivacity of the present age to view our- selves from a far. 
©IRIS VAN HERPEN, Photography by Gio Staiano
Arachne’s digital twin avatar is also spinning a multitude of spider silk threads around her. Her golden threads are snares that defy gravity and loat upwards into a cosmic web above her. Her spinning acts like a musical instrument and while she spins her golden silk instrument, she becomes the composer of her own body.
©IRIS VAN HERPEN, Photography by Daniele Oberrauch /
Designer: @irisvanherpen
Photography: @giostaiano
Headpieces, @lance.v.moore
Ear & Nose jewelry, @_staskauskas
Nail Art, @tomonyan55
Styling: @patti_wilson
Makeup: @chiaolihsu
Hair: @olivierschawalder

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