JOTARO SAITO Reveals AW22-23 Collection In Tokyo.

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Taking inspiration from street fashion, designer Jotaro Saito reinterpreted the kimono and make it easy to wear daily with contemporary designs that resonate with modern fashion around the world. 
Kimono in Japanese means "a thing to wear". Its popularity declines severely among young people since western clothes became basic wear and Kimono is appreciated by foreign tourists, costumes and special occasions like a wedding ceremony. 
"The kimono is fashion... it shouldn't be presented as old-fashioned, I want to spread the message that kimono can be worn every day, it's something people can wear like they wear modern clothes, not... something that makes them feel like they are in a costume" designer Jotaro Saito said to media after he debuted his collection in Tokyo. 
Tokyo-based Kimono brand JOTARO SAITO by Jotaro Saito, a third-generation son of an old kimono artist family in Kyoto, the old capital city of Japan, brings modernity and contemporary designs through trendy materials like denim and stylish modern traditional motifs. 
The latest Aw22-23 collection was released in Tokyo under the theme "Back to remember the Future" (Mirai Kaisō, 未来回想) at Omotesando Hills, Tokyo. 
The Autumnal colors and seasonal blossoms like Chrysanthemum were reinterpreted with the contemporary design reminiscent of the Kimonos both male and female in JOTARO SAITO style. 
Image: InStyle Asia 

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